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Image:NREL wind farm 95x95.jpg

Directory of videos of various types of wind turbine technologies.


The Wind Business (5.5 Minutes)

Energy Policy TV


See Talk:Directory:Wind Farms


(9.46 Minutes) AWB: Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project

AWB Vice President Richard Davis sits down with Dana Peck, Project Manager for Horizon Wind Energy, and Chris McCabe, Governmental Affairs Director with AWB. They will discuss the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project, which is waiting approval from the Governor. (You Tube) Sept. 11, 2007



(23 Minutes) Winds of Change

American Wind Energy Association - Wind Power Advocacy Video.

(Google Video)

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(26 Minutes) Full Focus: Wind Power Project

If you’ve ever driven to Campo & experienced the fierce wind, you know it’s one of the gustiest areas. Now the Kumeyaay Nation is harnessing this power for a renewable energy project.

(Google Video) Feb. 7, 2006

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(24 Minutes) Nature's Energy: Wind Power

Planet Earth: Our Loving Home - Episode 363.

(Google Video) Sept. 14, 2007

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(16.56 Minutes) Rhett Snow on Wind Power

In The Pipeline.

(Google Video) Feb 21, 2007

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(7.04 Minutes) Aerotecture


(You Tube) Dec. 21, 2006


Bahrain World Trade Center


(9.50 Minutes) Part 1 of 5

Bahrain World Trade Center - (1de5)

Video educativo sobre la construcción del Bahrain World Trade Center. El primer edificio integrado con turbinas eólicas del mundo.

(YouTube March 27, 2008)

- - - -


(9.50 Minutes) Part 2 of 5

Bahrain World Trade Center - (2de5)

(YouTube March 27, 2008)

- - - -


(9.50 Minutes) Part 3 of 5

Bahrain World Trade Center - (3de5)

(YouTube March 27, 2008)

- - - -


(9.50 Minutes) Part 4 of 5

Bahrain World Trade Center - (4de5)

(YouTube March 27, 2008)

- - - -


(7.54 Minutes) Part 5 of 5

Bahrain World Trade Center - (5de5)

(YouTube March 27, 2008)



(.48 Minutes) A Vestas wind system fail and crashes

A Danish wind turbine suffers a brake failure, and collapses near Hornslet, Denmark. Fiberglass tower sheared by loose blade. Two technicians survive without injury. (You Tube) February 24, 2008

_ _ _ _


(1.40 Minutes) Lackawanna NY turbine gear failure

For a couple months now, most of the windmills on the old Bethlehem Steel property haven't been turning at all. Norman Polanski, Lackawanna Mayor, "They're not turning plain and simple that's what everybody keeps callling me about, the windmills aren't turning." ... A Clipper Vice President tells me the plan now is for a crane to arrive next week to take all of the gear boxes down send them back to the factory in Iowa, and then replace them one by one throughout the winter. The towers will still stand but the blades will have to come off of all eight wind mills. It could be March or April before the job is finished.. (You Tube) December 12, 20078

_ _ _ _


(.17 Minutes) Turbine Blade Break Wayne County PA

Blade to utility-scale turbine shredded in high wind conditions.

(You Tube) December 04, 2007



(3.18 Minutes) Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project

This advocacy video was used to persuade Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire to step up and clear the way for a wind power project being stonewalled by a small group of NIMBY obstructionists.

(You Tube) July 21, 2007

_ _ _ _


(.40 Minutes) Windmill on Fire in Palm Springs, CA

While driving down the I-10 near Palm Springs, CA, we noticed one of the windmills were on fire. Here's the video of it. (You Tube) June 24, 2007

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(5.05 Minutes) John Stossel Wind Power and NIMBY

From 2003, NIMBY and NRDC attempted to block wind farms off of Nantukett.

(You Tube) Nov. 13, 2007

_ _ _ _


(1.55 Minutes) Manmade Forest - Crazy Windmills

In the middle of nowhere in the Southern California desert are thousands of windmills providing electricity to surrounding cities. It's a magnificant sight against the beautiful mountains.

(You Tube) Jan. 28, 2007



(1.19 Minutes) climbing wind turbines landed in Swaffham, Norfolk, to climb the UK's only wind turbine open to the public.

(You Tube March 27, 2007)

_ _ _ _


(55.29 Minutes) Windbelt Cheap Generator Alternative

GoogleTechTalk: Shawn Frayne talks about his low cost windbelt and consists of a membrane that resonates like a guitar string, with a pair of magnets that oscillate between coils. Wind Energy Reinvented

(Google Video) Dec. 14, 2007

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(2 Minutes) Voith Wind Power

Voith WinDrive – WinDrive technology.

(Google Video) July 5, 2007

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(1.19 Minutes) The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) Cartoon version with product map.

(You Tube) May 10, 2007

Vertical Wind Turbine


(2 Minutes) SRI Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Presentation by John V. is an in formative video about VAWT development at SRI in 2006. (Google Video) Oct. 28, 2006