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Directory of videos related to Solar Collectors, Flight, Heaters, Photovoltaics, etc.



(1.04 Minutes) Solar Energy Basics for Your Home

A basic explanation of how your solar panels will work when they are on your home... This video answers the question, "How is solar energy used?" Affordable Solar Energy For Homes Information (YouTube Nov. 10. 2007)

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Solar Makes a Comeback


(4.01 Minutes) Solar Energy – How It Works

A project on solar energy. (YouTube May 28, 2007)

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(2.04 Minutes) Solar Power 101 - how does sunlight turn into electricity

Short and concise explanation of solar photovoltaic systems. How do they work? Do I need batteries? Produced by the on-line local action network. (YouTube Nov. 11, 2007)



(62.40 Minutes) The Market Value and Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Electricity

The high cost of power from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels has been a major deterrent to the technology's market penetration. Proponents have argued, however, that typical analyses overlook many of the benefits of solar PV. Some of those benefits are in the realm of environmental and security externalities, but others occur within the electricity markets. In this talk, Prof. Severin Borenstein will do a more complete market valuation of solar PV. (YouTube March 18, 2008)

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(57.43 Minutes) Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation...

Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation from an Industry Expert. Google TechTalk (GoogleVideo Sept. 12, 2007)

Solar Cars

Solar Cars Race Across Australia Oct 27, 2007)

Collegiate Solar Car Challenge 2005

Winston Solar Challenge 2001

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(.14 Minutes) triple action solar car robot kit

Sundance Solar

(YouTube Nov 18, 2007)

Solar Chariot


(3.29 Minutes) Solar Chariot the Hippy Gourmet interviews Bob Schneeveis

Check out how clean powered engine drives these legs and rollerblades in such a human-like fashion...amazing! This thing actually has a lot of kick to it and is capable of covering all kinds of terrain it seems. (YouTube May 28, 2007)

Solar Collectors


(1.16 Minutes) Inflatable Solar Collectors

CoolEarthSolar has a patented idea for inflatable solar collectors that are much cheaper than polished mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto Photovoltaic chips. Their design is 400x cheaper than polished aluminum mirrors, will withstand 130 mph winds, lasts a year, repairs with tape, takes 15 minutes to change out, costs $2 per balloon, or 18 cents per watt, compared to $5 per watt for conventional installations, and has a minimal effect on the ground underneath the array!" (YouTube July 10, 2007)

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(3.47 Minutes) Solel Solar Concentrators

From Israel. CBS News Report (YouTube Aug. 22, 2007)

Solar Decathlon

Image:SolarDecathlon 95x95.jpg

The Solar Decathlon: A video interview with the Department of Energy's Richard King - The Director of the Solar Decathlon has been working in the DOE Buildings Program to work more closely with professional builders to develop cost-effective zero-net energy homes powered by solar energy. (SPIE Aug. 11, 2008)


(2.59 Minutes) Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon Video By Millennial(YouTube Nov. 28, 2007)

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(3.40 Minutes) Winners of the 2007 Solar Decathlon

A team of students from Technische Universität Darmstadt of Germany won the 2007 Solar Decathlon with a house powered by SunPower high-efficiency solar panels. The all-black panels were used by nine of the 20 teams competing in the event, including this year's third place winner, Santa Clara University from California. (YouTube Nov. 26, 2008)

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(9.5 Minutes) Solar Decathlon Home by Home 2007

Current scores and standings and the events going on in the solar village were updated every fifteen minutes on the Department of Energy's official Solar Decathlon website at

(YouTube Oct 18, 2007)

Solar Flight


(4.04 Minutes) Helios

Helios flew with 5 pods and had a full solar array. The fuel cell version was made by removing the center pod and replacing it with the fuel cell pod. That is the one at the end of the video. (YouTubeFeb 8, 2007)

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(8.48 Minutes) Solar Electric Powered Flight

Glenn Pew interviews Eric Raymond. Eric has been flying his battery launched solar assisted sailplane since the late '80s. He knows the road to progress doesn't come as bolts of lightning in time but through years of small steps. Glenn Pew caught up with Eric to learn about Sunseeker the Solar Impulse project and more...

(YouTube June 15, 2007)

Solar Hydro


(7.24 Minutes) IBEW Hour Power Feature Story: Solar Hydro Home

A tour of a home that is powered by only solar energy and hydro-electric energy. (YouTube June 6, 2007)

Solar Lighting


(5.18 Minutes) Hybrid Solar Lighting

A Discovery Channel segment on Sunlight Direct's fiber optic sunlight transport system. (YouTube Sept. 18, 2006)

Solar PV


(4.36 Minutes) How It's Made - Solar Panels(YouTube Jan. 8, 2007 )

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(1.17 Minutes) How Solar Works

How home solar panels work -- a video from BP. (YouTube Oct. 24, 2007)

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(5.5 Minutes) Lumeta: peel & stick solar - 2.25 kw in 34 minutes

Lumeta PowerPly modules are the world's first commercial-scale, "peel and stick" solar modules. Designed by engineers at California's leading roofing contractor, the Lumeta Powerply uses industry-standard roof adhesives compatible with most commercial roofing systems - making it the easiest-to-install commercial solar module on the market. (YouTube May 6, 2008)

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(2.51 Minutes)

The Multi Solar System (MSS) by Millennium Energy in Israel generates both electric and thermal energy using a single integrated collector, allowing the photovoltaic cells to be cooled by water/air which increases its relative efficiency. (YouTube May 5, 2008)

Solar Thermal


(5.27 Minutes) Renewable Energy - Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

This video was created by Bowdoin College students in cooperation with the Maine Energy Investment Corporation. (YouTube July 16, 2007)

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(6.31 Minutes) Solar Air Conditioning

Shows the vacuum tube heat pipe solar absorption cooling air conditioning system installed by solar engineer Les Hamasaki at the Debs Park Audubon Environmental Center in Los Angeles. Les Hamasaki describes the 10-ton solar chiller and we conclude with a note about how solar chillers not only eliminate the need for air conditioners, but the need for entire power plants.

(YouTube March 4, 2007)


(2.32 Minutes) Generation PV - Solar Hot Water

Generation PV's solar hot water overview video Apricus Canada (YouTube May 22, 2007)

Solar Thinfilm

'''Cheap Solar Power Is Almost Here

Solar: Thin film or silicon? - Looking at advancements in solar at the 4th Annual Energy Tech Investor Forum in San Jose, Calif. (4.51 Minutes)

_ _ _ _


(2.05 Minutes)

Installing clean, reliable, inflation-proof solar power is easier than ever, thanks to the invention of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) laminates that can be bonded directly onto metal roofing panels. Unlike crystalline PV material, there's no need for obtrusive racks and heavy, expensive glass. Instead, unbreakable thin-film PV is produced using amorphous silicon, encapsulated in Teflon and other polymers. ETA Engineering (YouTube Jan. 4, 2007

Solar Trackers


(2.40 Minutes) MecaSolar Trackers

(YouTube Oct 2, 2007)

Purchasing A Solar Electric System

Verde Systems



(2.26 Minutes) Solar inverters: Turning DC to AC power

This video, produced by Frank DiMassa and T.H. Culhane, shows how inverters work to turn solar (or wind) DC electricity into house current (AC electricity). (YouTube Jan 24, 2007)

Solar PV Installation


(9.49 Minutes) Solar Installation Video

How it used to be done…ABC Solar (YouTube June 11, 2006)


(3.47 Minutes) Solar Installation Video - Infinite Solar Hands-on Training

Professional hands-on solar panels installation training Solar Training (YouTube December 11, 2011)


(3.47 Minutes) Solar PV Hands-on Training by Infinite Solar

Professional hands-on solar panels installation training Solar Training Online Solar Training (YouTube December 11, 2011)

Solar Power Conferences

Final Day at Solar Power International -'s reporters were on the show floor talking to companies about their latest offerings. (Renewable Energy World Oct. 17, 2008)

Long Beach, CA Sept. 24-27, 2007

Spray On Solar


(3.05 Minutes) Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

Ted Sargent is working on solar nanotechnology with the potential to make solar energy very cheap and allow society to collect it on a huge scale. (YouTube April 30, 2007)

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