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Videos:New "Energy from the Vacuum" Documentary Series DVD release - John Bedini

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EFTV2: Bedini conducts a tour of his lab and explains how every motor works, in addition to patiently answering a whole host of questions pertaining to 'radiant energy'.

EFTV6: Bedini talks about his view of transients and radiant energy, and shows the Oxford University mathematical physicist David Clements Ph.D. how to capture the radiant spike both on the bench and the blackboard.


Energy from the Vacuum™ -- A Documentary Series: PART 2: JOHN BEDINI - Intro page at

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Energy from the Vacuum(TM) -- A Documentary Series: Part 6: INSIDE RADIANT ENERGY - Dialogues with John Bedini - Intro page at

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View Part 6 Trailer (YouTube) - series home page.

Announcement for EFTV1

On May 23, 2007, Directory:Tom Bearden wrote:

Well, here it is, clocking in at 2 hours 13 minutes. The second DVD in the acclaimed "Energy from the Vacuum"TM Documentary Series.

The film's primary focus is the enigmatic addition to "conventional" EM energy that has been banished from our circuits. The phenomenal and counter intuitive properties of this "negative" energy have been hidden from public view since the time of Tesla, who called it "radiant" energy.

The film features an intimate tour of John Bedini's lab and his experiments, conducted by the maestro himself, with additional on camera explanations by brilliant physics conceptualist Tom Bearden, filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki, and edited by Oxford University mathematical physicist David Clements Ph.D.

A whole host of John's motors and devices are shown in action, with instrumentation, as John waxes eloquent about the subject for which he is world famous - capturing and harnessing negative (radiant) energy, a form of energy that is such a boon to consumers that the harder a negative energy device is worked, the less current it draws!

This phenomenon is demonstrated on camera.

And John also shows us the research path and the clues that he has relentlessly followed for over 40 years, from reading and studying Tesla's body of work, to the concepts embedded in his beautiful looking machines, embodiments of John's lifetime of accrued expertise.

The Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" also takes a drubbing from John for their botched attempt to replicate a Bedini Motor on national television.

By this generous sharing of his intellectual property in this film, we will never again be able to claim ignorance about this wonder of nature, heaven sent to power humanity's progress with the ultimate "renewable" energy source - one that is infinitely renewable, clean, and cool running. And practically free for the taking.

But we have to think backwards to comprehend it.

This DVD is the perfect companion to the Bearden/ Bedini best-selling book - "Free Energy Generation, Circuits & Schematics," and, of course, to the Part 1 DVD in the "Energy from the Vacuum"TM series.

This latest DVD shows that John Bedini is certainly one inventor who will not be taking his secrets to the grave with him! And there is more to come in later DVDs.

Running Time: 2 hrs. 13 minutes


Anthony J. Craddock

Executive Producer

Energetic Productions LLC

The Tom Bearden Website/ Cheniere Media

Announcement for EFTV6

On September 26, 2008, Directory:Tom Bearden wrote:

We are pleased to announce the Sixth DVD in the "Energy from the Vacuum"TM Science Series.

This one features John Bedini, and is entitled "Inside Radiant Energy - Dialogues with John Bedini." In this film, John fields a whole host of questions about what his perception of Radiant Energy is, and then he demonstrates its capture and performance on the bench.

Finally, in a candid give and take discussion, we get to see how John Bedini designs a circuit from scratch thinking about nothing but potentials. This is a completely unique experience, and there are several "AH-A" moments when realization of this new paradigm's foundations are revealed, coupled with admiration for John for his ability to truly "think outside the box" in an almost completely uncharted field.

In fact the existing crippled subset of electrical theory steers everyone well away from this whole arena, and John Bedini, standing on the shoulders of Tesla, has thankfully come up with a successful methodology for harnessing radiant energy that, with incredible generosity, he is sharing with all of us.

The DVD is available at


Tony Craddock

Web Administrator

The Tom Bearden Website


May 26, 2007

This Energy from the Vacuum volume 2 DVD is the best energy video I have ever seen. Knowing a little about what happens behind the sceens I can see that a great deal of work was involved in putting this together so well. The video is not just a monologue, but as John tells his stories at the end of the day, Tony continually brings you back to John's lengthy experimenting throughout the day to fully illustrate each important point. Many pictures are also interjected to help the viewer understand just what is being talked about. Having watched the unedited video I am amazed at just how much better an already excellent video has become. Having visited John's shop in person I can tell you that this lengthy presentation was just like visiting. John is at his best. He is natural, inspiring and enjoying himself while he explains so many things.

There are several very lengthy displays of totally different setups, where the process is not only fully explained but John also shows incredible load testing that totally defies conventional efficiencies. For example, a handful of D cell battieries in series at 14.5 volts charges in 5 minutes (to bring its little capacity and voltage down to only 14+ volts) a huge diesel battery that is able to power a 100W bulb for 5 minutes after being disconnected from the machine. Another load test shows 2.4kw of bulbs being powered for some time while the input was only 240W.

During the course of the end question and answer dialoge the camera reverts back to several other energizer setups showing many of the unique phenomena that result from this technology. John shows how a neon bulb can be lit just connected to the frame holding his batteries for example. He shows how when you load down the monopole with a big load, like a fan, that it draws less current from the primary. He shows how you can charge a 24v bank of batteries with a 12v bank. And many more facinating things.

What is also very helpful is that the video is in two parts. The beginning has an old (2000) Energenx promotional video which gives an excellent explination of what the Bedini's company has done and is capable of doing. Several older models are presented and explained. This is followed by more continued dialoge (from the volume 1 in this series) with Tom Bearden who tells us more about John's unique childhood of grinding rocks to make numerous transistors, and later some of his training and early work in the service and audio industry.

The last thing I will mention of importance is John's answer to the skeptics. John gives us his view of who they are and why they ignore this kind of technology. He responds to the fictional show MythBusters which deliberately tried to debunk Bedini free energy claims along with all other free energy claims. He explains how they did this right when the Bedini_SG group was at its peak, but they did not even deal with that setup, and instead made his earliest prototype without even having magnets on the magneto part of the generator (or contacting him at all)! So we find out in this new video why people do such things, and even get MIT 'experts' to go along with this abuse of science.

I could write all day about so many details in this 2 hour and 16 minute video. You just have to pay attention to every detail. Even though I am very much familiar with this technology I find myself watching it now for the third time, and continually pausing it and rewinding it over so many points to see each detail. I never expected this video to have so much.

Rick Friedrich

Owner of the several Bedini forums on yahoo groups, as in the one mentioned in the video: