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Videos:Jack Durban:Steven Marks TPU

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Directory of videos available from Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator regarding Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator, a solid state energy generation device that had it's zenith more than a decade ago, and which never materialized into the market. Several groups are seeking to replicate/resurrect the technology. The realize of the original video footage by Jack Durban in April, 2008, marks a major development in the process.

Feel free to add links as you know of them.

Video Links

HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban

Video 3.4GB (compressed and split to several files)

Download from MediaFire (April 14, 2008)

Visit original forum topic at - posted by Jason Owens (Thread commenced April 14, 2008)

Video 4.18 GB (Uncompressed .vob files - ready to burn to DVD)

Download torrent file - Created by Orbs (June 20, 2008)

NOTE: The video files from mediafire are missing pieces, do they don't uncompress, and the torrent file no longer exists at the address listed. Updates would be appreciated.

Brief Description of the video contents

As far as footage is concerned, all the video is the same as what is available online now, with the exception of the greater image quality. There are three video clips from the available TPU videos online that are included in the footage. The first part of the video contains the first 16 minutes of the UEC video that was posted:

The second clip is of the first open TPU that Steven pulls from the plastic case (same as this video here:

The third clip shows the two demonstrations of Steven's larger Open TPU, the first of which is shown in the following clip:

Video Tech Specs

Format: Raw DVD (.VOB)

Run Time: 1 hr 14 mins 37 secs

Resolution: 720 x 480

Frame Rate: 29.97 fps

Audio: 256 Kbits Dolby Audio

Screenshots for Quality Comparison
Image:Open TPU low quality.jpg

Open TPU 1 (Low Quality)

Image:Open TPU high quality.jpg

Open TPU 1 (High Quality)