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Video: David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Superseding the Reptilian Brain

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Page first featured June 21, 2009

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Alex Jones is one of the most courageous spokesmen on the subject of the intentional erosion of freedom by a cabal who is seeking to establish a New World Order that would essentially be a global socialist dictatorship, for which President Barak Obama has been putting the U.S. on the fast track.

I recommend that you subscribe to his YouTube channel, and listen in once in a while.

One of the most amazing interviews he's done on his show, from a spiritual point of view, is an interview he did on June 15, 2009, with David Icke, former professional football player, reporter, BBC television sports presenter, author, popular lecturer and New World Order researcher. See David's website at

Here they talk about the "reptilian brain", which is a mainstream scientific term for the brain stem where the primitive animalistic instincts are found: fight-flight, knee-jerk reactions, fear, lust, survival instincts. In contrast, the enlightened "consciousness" component of advanced humans, can supersede this animalistic foundation, and will ultimately be what enables civilization to rise above the present central-authoritarian-control-based society (New World Order) that is based in the reptilian brain instincts, both in terms of the controllers and those who allow themselves to be controlled.

It's a fascinating dialogue between two pillars in the freedom movement and well worth your time to listen to it.

This subject is highly relevant to the emergence of free energy technology as well, because it describes the "mindset" (reptilian) of those who seek to suppress the emergence of these technologies that would not only make oil obsolete, but would remove one of the primary methods of maintaining control over society. Distributed energy and free, individualistic, enlightened expression go hand in hand. That is our destiny.

-- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, June 21, 2009

June 15, 2009 Interview Series: Dark Forces Behind of the NWO & Your True Destiny Revealed

Each of these segments is around ten minutes.

You can view all ten segments by going to the play list we created here:

Or you can view them one at a time below.

Part 1 of 10

A war for the souls of men.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 2 of 10

Introducing the Reptilian Brain


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 3 of 10

Media's use of the reptilian brain to advertise, appealing to the animalistic drives.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 4 of 10

Near the end, Alex says that being here in the flesh is sometimes like torture, compared to the mind-expanding experiences he's had contemplating higher consciousness.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 5 of 10

Consciousness is far more powerful than the illuminati controls. Compares reptilian brain to computer programming, enabling the controllers to manipulate civilization.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 6 of 10

Optimism that freedom and enlightenment and consciousness will prevail. Overcoming challenges.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 7 of 10

Commentary on Rolling Stones article in favor of the New World Order claiming that it is a glorious inevitability. Clever versus wise. Warm-blooded versus cold-blooded reptilian thinking. Reptilians terrified of those who become conscious, which can overpower the programming.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 8 of 10

Parting of the ways between those becoming more programmed, versus those becoming more conscious. Propensity of those in power to buy into the reptilian programming, some even getting to the point of becoming android automatons for the NWO.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 9 of 10

Ritualistic ramifications, conditioning people. Awakening. Consciousness can overcome the programming.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)

- - - -

Part 10 of 10

Elites view populace like cattle, disposable.


David Icke and Alex Jones (YouTube June 15, 2009)


Websites - Alex Jones' site - another Alex Jones site - broadcast site

Reptilian Brain

Quoting from

: The brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It evolved hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the 'reptilian brain'. Various clumps of cells in the brain stem determine the brain's general level of alertness and regulate the vegetative processes of the body such as breathing and heartbeat.

: It's similar to the brain possessed by the hardy reptiles that preceded mammals, roughly 200 million years ago. It's 'preverbal', but controls life functions such as autonomic brain, breathing, heart rate and the fight or flight mechanism. Lacking language, its impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It's concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating. It is also found in lower life forms such as lizards, crocodiles and birds. It is at the base of your skull emerging from your spinal column.

: The basic ruling emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment emanate from this first stage of the brain. Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation.

: Our intellectual capacity for complex rational thought which has made us theoretically smarter than the rest of the animal kingdom.

: When we are out of control with rage, it is our reptilian brain overriding our rational brain components. If someone says that they reacted with their heart instead of their head. What they really mean is that they conceded to their primative emotions (the reptilian brain based) as opposed to the calculations of the rational part of the brain.

See also, on Reptilian Brain:

Google > Reptilian+Brain

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Project Camelot Interviews David Icke


Sedona, Arizona, February 2009. This is not an interview specifically about the information he's researched and presents so lucidly in his famous long presentations, and in his many books - all of which are packed with references, anecdotes and encyclopedic detail. It's more about the man behind his mission what makes him tick, and what keeps him going the source of his inner resolve and, notably - anyone who mistakes David for a doomsayer, take note - his vision for Planet Earth: "The idea that this might not all have a successful outcome", he told us, "Never occurs to me." (YouTube March 31, 2009)


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