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Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

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Page first featured December 29, 2008

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The one hour documentary A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy is about the search for 'perpetual motion' and 'free energy', which conventional science claims is impossible.

Generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself. The world's reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on. "A Machine to Die For" showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.

The film was produced in 2003, hosted by There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], in association with Eliot Jarvis Productions, Exploration Production Inc. and Film Finance Corporation Australia.

We should note that here at PES Network we have broadened the meaning of "free energy" to refer to devices that harness clean, inexhaustible energy sources, including solar, wind, geothermal, tide -- all of which are "free" for the taking. We generally hold to the maxim that energy is neither created nor destroyed but merely converted from one form to another and we believe that even in exotic energy cases, it will be but a matter of time before science is able to identify and quantify the source of energy that is being harnessed. See our new directory page: Directory:Galactic Sea of Energy.

Our own There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2].

The documentary gave the appearance that the wheel was turning quite well, continuously, on its own, and that Eric's dismissing it as possibly due to wind or solar effects was quite weak. However, Eric has informed us of the circumstances of the filming and of his review of the device and why he does not give the design any credence. We have posted his observations on the Directory:Aldo Costa's Gravity Motor page we've made.

Notwithstanding some weaknesses,

: "The documentary could be used as a resource when studying motion and simple machines in Secondary Science and Physics. It could also serve as a springboard for discussions about inventors and inventions and the history of scientific endeavors. It would be suitable for teachers of middle to senior secondary students in Science (Physical Sciences), History and Materials Technology." (MiniNova)

The Documentary

The whole production at Google Video


(54.58 Minutes)

A Machine to Die For The Quest.for Free Energy (Google Video Dec. 23, 2008) 774 MB

In Six Parts at YouTube

The Quest for Free Energy part 1-6


(9.50 Minutes) (YouTube December 21, 2008)

- - - -

The Quest for Free Energy part 2-6


(9.48 Minutes) (YouTube Sept. 30, 2008)

- - - -

The Quest for Free Energy part 3-6


(9.49 Minutes) (YouTube September 30, 2008)

- - - -

The Quest for Free Energy part 4-6


(8.42 Minutes) (YouTube October 1, 2008)

- - - -

The Quest for Free Energy part 5-6


(8.48 Minutes) (YouTube October 2, 2008)

- - - -

The Quest for Free Energy part 6-6


(7.55 Minutes) (YouTube October 2, 2008)

- - - -

Pages at PESWiki that Address Topics in the Documentary

Here is a listing of topic pages here at PESWiki that address many of the subjects covered in the film. Along with the listing is a brief synopsis of the technology.


Directory:Aldo Costa's Gravity Motor - Not what it appeared to be in the film not unequivically powered by static gravity alone.

Directory:Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile - One of the most interesting and convincing anomales we've found so far.

Directory:Joseph Newman Motor - The technology seems to hold promise, but the excessively eccentric inventor is the primary obstacle to the progress of the business.

Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) - Quite promising, in process of being reproduced by Searl.

Doug Konzen - Not a very careful scientist he flies too fast to pay attention to details that would convincintly prove or disprove the system.


Congress:Member:Eric Krieg - a founding member of the New Energy Congress, in good standing. He is featured in the documentary as a skeptic. A valued (mostly) role he also plays at the NEC.


Directory:Gravity Motors - A couple of commercial ventures appear quite intriguing.

Directory:Magnet Motors - Promising.

Directory:Galactic Sea of Energy - Gives explanation for the possible source of some of the exotic energies.

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PowerPedia:Perpetual motion



Directory:Buyer Beware

Offsite Links Relevant to Topics in the Documentary

Eric Krieg's Free Energy Challenge - Offers a $10,000 prize not yet awarded after nearly a decade.

Daniel Dingle, 82, gets 20 years for ‘estafa’

Daniel Dingel


Docuwiki:A Machine to Die for - The Quest for Free Energy

In the News

Image:VideoMachinetoDiefor95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Videos > Directory:Free energy >Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy - One-hour, Discovery-quality documentary addresses several of the better known technologies that appear to defy known laws of physics. The film features Congress:Member:Eric Krieg, NEC, as a skeptic who investigates technologies that could perhaps meet his as-yet-unclaimed, $10K Free Energy challenge. (PESWiki Dec. 29, 2008)

A Machine to Die For - Perpetual motion is the holy grail of science It has sent many an obsessive and eccentric inventor to madness and suicide. A successful perpetual motion ... (ABC Australia 2004)


See Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy