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I am a co-author of Secrets of the Aether, a book that quantifies the Aether and subatomic particles and provides a proper Unified Force Theory. This theory is the Aether Physics Model and may be useful for explaining the alternative technology on the PESWiki site.

I'll be contributing to the Aether Physics Model and interpretation for the various technologies presented at PESWiki. Feel free to contact me with any questions related to the theory or the experiments that I have done.

Dave Thomson


Image:Aether unit Quantum AetherDynamics Institute 95x95.jpg

Paper:A New Foundation for Physics, by Quantum Aether Dynamics Institute - The Aether Physics Model quantifies quantum structure within an Aether/angular momentum paradigm (as opposed to the mass/energy paradigm of Einstein). It is destined to merge with Quantum Mechanics and provides the means for tapping Zero Point Energy.

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Directory:Aether Physics Model - Dave is the primary author of this page.

Directory:Grand Unified Theories - There is a link there to Dave's work.