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| style="text-align: left" | "In our civilization the chasm that stretches between mind and heart yawns deep and wide and, as the mind flies on from discovery to discovery in the realms of science, the gulf becomes ever deeper and wider and the heart is left further and further behind. (...) Only when that co-operation is attained and perfected will man attain the higher, truer understanding of himself and of the world of which he is a part only that can give him a broad mind and a great heart."


|"The Etheric Region of the Physical World. As soon as we enter this realm of nature we are in the invisible, intangible World, where our ordinary senses fail us, hence this part of the Physical World is practically unexplored by material science. (...) It does not really know that ether exists, as the ingenuity of the scientist has not, as yet, been able to devise a vessel in which it is possible to confine this substance, which is altogether too elusive for the comfort of the "wizard of the laboratory." (...)"


| style="text-align: left" | — Max Heindel in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception



A few details about me

:Location: Portugal, EU

:Professional activity: Systems and networks administration in Education

:Interests: Philosophy, Religion and Science (ie. physics and cosmology) literature

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