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User:Touko Pouko

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Personal opinion

I was surprised that someone still takes this Mylow thing seriously after the last video ( ). Some most obvious points:

the "engineer" brother doesn't know what a millisecond is I don't know about USA but in Finland a 10-year old kid knows what a millisecond is

the disc isn't horizontal but installed in an unbalanced position - is there perhaps something inside the bearing assembly so that it doesn't fit?

the whole concept of gluing six magnets on a spinning disk and having two stationary magnets and claiming it spins forever or even over 1 round (without startup speed) is just ridiculous is the six a magical number or would it work with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 magnets too? Why did two magnets produce a totally different "pulsing" effect?

the guy is reluctant to let the disc go in the end because the motor inside is still on it's very obvious that he knows it will start spinning again if he lets it go, which actually happens for a little moment

the video ends abrubtly to hide that the disc starts spinning even if the magnets are nowhere near the field of stator magnets

transcript of the end:

Tony: do you want me to stop this or do you want to keep it on there?

Mylow: no, keep it on there, we'll go to the... through...

Tony: through the whole ten minutes?

Mylow: go, go ahead and stop the motor, go ahead and stop the motor


Mylow: ok thank you everyone, i just wanted to show everyone how this thing is going, and uh, that's about it, you can let it go Tony


Mylow: you can, you can let it go

Tony (quietly): won't stop (?)

Mylow: well, you can g... uh.. whatever... let it go. Thank you everyone for watching my video...(stopped the camcorder)

why do they have to discuss this? Why do they seem so concerned about letting the disc go?

is this the first of Mylow videos that stop abrubtly while he hasn't finished saying the last word? Most of his videos end a few seconds before the 10 minute limit, in this case the limit wasn't near, but he stops the camera while his last vowel is still forming.

Game over

Rosphere on got the idea that Mylow's behavior might sugggest a fishing line as power transport.

Analysis of the high-res videos revealed this to be true:

Some more freeze frames at http://


Why did he do it?

Fun, prank

Unlikely. The saga has been way too far to be just a harmless prank. He has shown his home, face, brother to the world in fradulent videos, so he certainly must have a reason.

Ridiculing and discrediting the FE scene, revenge

There is evidence (some family members on YouTube) that he is a real person, lives in the house shown, and has been a FE/OU hobbyist for years. It would be strange if he wanted to damage the whole scene. Perhaps he just wanted to damage a single person or group of people.

Mental illness

If this was some kind of psychosis, how can his relatives on the videos be explained? His brother most certainly has been in it. He (especially if he really was an engineer) would have instantly figured out the devices aren't real. In the end of the yin-yang video he seems to very well knowing that he can't let the disc go because it starts revolving itself.

His wife would also have noticed the 12V battery and motor on the couch and hear it running. In the video where she comes home while Mylow is demonstrating the motor, this kind of conversation can be heard (not sure if audible on YouTube quality, but it is on the original videos):

Mylow: hey honey, I'm trying to do a video on that crazy spinning thing, just... bear with me. Come here hun

wife: I ..... ... (unintelligible) ... ... help you do it?

The choice of words might suggest she knew what was going on. The only way she "helped" was verbally. She assured the viewers it's real and there is nothing "hooked up to it." One person's insanity wouldn't make his relatives participate the fraud. Instead they would probably try to limit the damage and stop him from posting the videos.

By the way, his brother doesn't seem like a real engineer. His way of "measuring" the rotation speed seems very impractical. He doesn't know time units (milliseconds) and is clumsy at using the caliper.

Monetary gain

He might not have gained any money yet, but perhaps he thinks he could have become rich after a while if the phenomenon expanded further and he would have got more followers.

Also, there's a theory about Howard Johnson's legacy and a prophecy he may have talked about. Mylow may have tried to fulfill this prophecy to access the legacy.

This would explain the trip to Howard Johnson's grave and faked emotionality there. There is also an excess of continuous references to Howard Johnson (and even using the word "legacy" at least one occasion) and wishing well his family. Many of the videos end and start with an obligatory Howard Johnson reference like "welcome to my Howard Johnson's latest video". Also heard from Mylow: "May Howard Johnson's spirit guide you." If he respected Howard Johnson so much, why did he deliberately keep repeating his name in fake videos, making it look like Howard Johnson was a fraud too?

Starting a religion, becoming a legend, gaining honor

Maybe his plan was to go underground after a few convincing videos, claim that men in black destroyed his equipment and that the evidence would remain indecisive forever. Soon he would be some kind of legend who would mentioned like some other "perpertuum mobile" inventors: "he had a working device, proved by several videos, until he was silenced."

Some of his reported stories to Sterling indicate he may have believed that a real over-unity technology is about to be revealed (maybe a university, maybe he believes that Steorn, Inc. will publish a working prototype). If he could have prolonged his show until then, he could claim he was first and used "exactly the same" technique, and perhaps get his name as a side mention in history books.

Forced by MIB

This is a "grasping straws" argument by some of the hard-core belivers, who think Mylow's first "stonehenge" model was a real working device. If he was told not to post real motor videos, why did he post anything at all? Did the MIB say he must post now and then, but not the real thing? If it is so, why did he post videos (at least one) of the "real" motor after MIB encounters?

The atmosphere in the yin-yang video with his brother is relaxed and humorous. In the glass table videos he seems entusthiastic and not a bit unconfortable or scared. If he was doing these false videos against his will, why did he act so well? If he was forced by MIB to post videos, one could imagine they'd be short and include just what they required and nothing extra, no smiling, laughter and jokes. He kept closing his YouTube account and removing the videos as a protest to the skepticism, which doesn't fit the claim of MIB threat at all.

If the MIB wanted the show to go on and mislead the public to the maximum, why didn't they give Mylow a piece of the superior technology they have access to, in order to help him create flawless fake videos?

The only thing Mylow seemed negative about was the skepticism. If he was doing the videos against his will, he would have welcomed skepticism and be relieved when the foul play was discovered. Instead he is trying to prolong the fraud by any means. In addition to fake motor videos he has been posting a lot of other videos - instructions for replicating (staring straight to the camera to make it look more credible), a video about his cat and bird, answering replicators' questions, talking about magnets... He has been trying to maximize the credibility and create a believable story.

The pretended sensitivity to skepticism was a way to suppress and silence any comments expressing doubt, and to turn the community against those who don't take the videos and his word for absolute truth.

According to Sterling, Mylow first claimed that I have doctored the videos in order to show non-existant fishing lines. When the truth is too obvious to be denied by even the most hard-core believer, Mylow and the brother apparently admit they faked the bar magnet videos but still claim the original stonehenge model was real. Again, if he worked under MIB pressure, why did he first try to accuse me of doctoring the videos? He should have been relieved that the truth finally emerged instead of trying to hide it further.

After the hoax was discovered, Mylow has, according to PMMTester, stated he has been too "ashamed" to answer Sterling's phone calls. This tells what is going on: if he was forced to post the fake videos, there would be no reason for shame. Nobody could blame him for doing what they say if he and his family was threatened. He realizes nobody will buy this explanation for long and perhaps wants to work on fixing the story line before answering phone calls.