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Sterling D. Allan's PESWiki User Page

Sterling Allan is the founder of PES Network, Inc., which established this PESWiki site for collaborative cutting-edge energy technology information gathering.

:: "Thanks for your interest in PESWiki. With your help we have build this into one of the most valuable tools for new energy research and promotion." -- Sterling D. Allan<pesn type=" str="Recent contributions by There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] at PESWiki"></pesn> - computer-generated list.

Biographical info

Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan - member bio page

Mr. Allan's profile page at

Other PES Network Sites

Other sites in the PES Network founded by Sterling D. Allan include] (hosted here at PESWiki) - established to review the leading energy technology claims and assess which are the most promising - daily energy technology news and directory - original stories, radio, and press release publication - corporate site also includes earlier open source projects and academy course development.


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User talk:SilverThunder for PESWiki matters.

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