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: Noah Seidman recently joined the New Energy Congress. See his profile page: Congress:Member:Noah Seidman.

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My full name is Congress:Member:Noah Seidman. I am a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, which I received from Hofstra University on Long Island in New York State. I am an inventor, but more so a conceptualizer. I enjoy coining new novel ideas that have been hitherto un-pursued or un-addressed. I like taking a different approach to things, while keeping my focus on the same results that other want to achieve.

For the past several years I have been deeply involved with Brown's Gas and common ducted electrolysis technologies. They are technologies that have a slew of stereotypes about them, and I have been focusing on squashing un-necessarily circulated misconceptions. My purpose is to clarify things, which is not limited to only Brown's Gas and common ducted electrolyzers.

I have a non-debilitating urge to share information, conduct research, and debate in a civilized fashion with other intellectuals.

I require the satisfaction that comes with contributing to a communal effort, which is why adding to Wiki pages makes me happy.

I am a humanitarian in that I feel the pursuit of technological innovation has the potential to help people. I invent, experiment, and conceptualize in an attempt to better the understanding of knowledge, society, culture, and humanity in general. I invent, and conceptualize to help people lead better lives by being well informed. And last but not least, I invent and conceptualize because it is satisfying.

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