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I'm proud to announce the opening of my business! (Fall 2007)

There you can buy our first product, the Battery manager for Recreative Vehicules!

EnergiePlus made a wonderful step forward into batteries management for campers, boats and all 12Vdc based vahicles that use additional set of batteries to power accessories for long periods of autonomy. The "Batteries Manager" is proven 100% reliable and started making happy campers in Fall 2007! OR

Stay tuned for more products related to energy management and battery recharging systems!

I like to hear comments, questions are also welcome! write to dude_buggy , in the wonderful world of Hotmail!

Energieplus a fait faire un pas en avant à la gestion des batteries pour les campeurs, bateaux et autres véhicules basées sur le 12Vdc qui utilisent des batteries/accumulateurs pour fournir la puissance aux accessoires en mode autonomie. Le "Gestionnaire de batteries" a fait ses preuves et fait des joyeux campeurs depuis l'automne 2007! OR

About gravity and anti-gravity

Not a lot of people knows what it's all about. I'm giving you my understanding:

Gravity and Anti-Gravity is a relational force. It's a property of matter that is the result of all the elements and magnetic configuration that surrounds this matter. The gravitional properties of objects on Earth is defined by the global Solar System configuration. Remove/move an object from the Solar System's configuration and all objects from this system will react and modify their properties to a new equilibrium. ie: removing the Sun (ouch) , removing the Moon, etc...

If you want to modify gravitational properties from an object, you have to "trick" the relational behaviour this object has with the surroundings (the whole Solar System's environment). That implies modifying the vibrational synchronicity signature this object has with his peers. In other words, removing it from the global gravitational equation of the Solar System. If you do so, any force applied to that object will be perceived as raw acceleration.

Above is my theory behind gravity. Now for the receipe to reach your objective:

It is possible to get an object to believe he's no more part of the Solar System's equation. Any object as to relate to a system in order to exist and have properties Nothing can exist ONLY by itself, everything exist because every bits of the Universe responds according to the rest of the Universe. (LIGHT cannot exist without it's counterpart DARKNESS. How would you see LIGHT if there was nothing to get it compared with? )

Your solution is the make this object believe he's part of another Solar System. If you succeed doing so, then your object will be soooooo far away from that system that it won't manifest much gravitational effect. Exactly like everything we send into space get zero-grav as soon as the whole Earth stops it's effect on it.

Look at the behaviour of the oceans, seas and big lakes when the Moon is acting on them... Gravitational behaviour changes on the area. So, just "registering" your object as part of the Lunar system (a small system compared to the whole Solar System) should cause your object to drop it's gravity to 1/3...

Easier said than done, you'll say. I will reply: "It's not hard to do at all, you just don't have a clue how to do it". Think about it, then let's have a chat over E-mail. Give the comments, new ideas and suggestions. Let your spirit wander through the possibilities to get this done...

Pensées et Découvertes Personnelles

Printemps 2005:

- Qu'est-ce que l'Énergie?

... C'est ce qui rend possible Tout,

: La Réalité et le Présent.

... Tout, La Réalité et le Présent forment

: la différence entre l'attraction des forces exercées.

- D'où vient l'Énergie?

... L'Énergie provient de la Conscience.

: ...La Conscience de tout ce qui existe dans l'Univers


Il est donc clair que l'Amour est le médium que possède

: La Conscience(Nous et/ou/contre/avec Tout )

:: pour se manifester( ÉNERGIE) dans le Présent

::: (Différence entre les potentiels).

-- Monsieur Bonheur (printemps2005)

Automne 2005:

Pour comprendre ce qu'il se passe vraiment dans

: l'énergie et l'univers... Y faut élargir notre

: conscience au-delà de la mathématique de 2D et

: apprécier le fait que notre cerveau "proportionalise"

: beaucoup mieux que les maths les plus avancés peuvent

: faire en temps réels et même irréels.

-- Monsieur Bonheur (automne2005)

J'aime discuter, les commentaires sont bienvenus

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