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My name is John. I live in Northern California, U.S.A.

I speak conversational level Japanese (I received a B.A. in Japanese.)

I work as a Software Engineer in text and international related areas for a famous computer company whose CEO routinely taps a mysterious energy field to "distort reality." (so they say)

My wife is a Traditional Chinese medicine Doctor from Xi'an, China with her own successful business. I have 2 daughters.

I am a long time Apple Computer, Mac OSX user and Linux fan.

I became interested in "Free Energy" research this year after seeing Peter Lindemann's videos on Google Video. I had read about Dr. Tom Bearden's work years ago, and on occasion had also stumbled upon JLN Lab's excellent web pages before, but this year I got more serious.

I am well versed in Unix/Linux/Scripting/Programming and I offer my services in any way I can help here at PESWiki or the affiliated organizations. I can be reached at my user name plus ""

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