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User:John Q. Public

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: "John Q. Public is one of the most frequent, long-standing and prolific contributors to PESWiki. We deeply appreciate his contributions to this site." -- Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan (July 25, 2006)


Latest contributions by John Q. Public

Key Pages

John Q. Public does a great deal of work on this site, especially in the fuel efficiency and home generation sets of directories. More recently, he has been populating the News page with most of its content, as he adds energy resource listings to the various PESWiki index pages.


Directory:Fuel Efficiency


Directory:Fuel Efficiency Vehicles

Directory:Electric Vehicles

Directory:Hybrid Vehicles

Directory:Electric Scooters

Directory:Alternative Fuels

Directory:Hydrogen from Water


Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Explanations

Directory:Hydrogen Peroxide as Fuel

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Retrofits

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Additives

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Technologies

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Skeptics

Directory:Home Generation

Directory:Home Generation:Air Conditioning

Directory:Home Generation:Space Heater

Directory:Home Generation:Hot Water

Directory:Home Generation:Lighting

Directory:Home Generation:Solar Heating

Directory:Home Generation:Water Softener

Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump

Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine

Directory:Home Generation:Solar PV

Directory:Home Generation:Cogeneration

Directory:Home Generation:Fuel Cell