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Hi Folks

Hi folks,

My name is Rich, I use Gn0stik as my pseudonym on the internet. Gnosis is the greek word for knowlege, and the 0 in place of the o in the word represents the zero point, or the sea of energy in which we swim daily, yet are largely ignorant of, also known as the aether. I became interested in radiant energy and zero point studies after I built my first crystal radio. The fact that this thing was able to pump sound out with absolutely no discernable input power source, stored or otherwise, was fascinating to me. My goal since then has been to learn as much about "radiant energy", as possible. Tesla, Sweet, Moray, et al, are my heros. Many people have stumble across the ability to draw immense amounts of power from the atmosphere or the aether with unconventional circuitry. Some have understood what they were doing, and some have not. Currently I'm studying Steven Mark's TPU, and am stumbling into some very promising information regarding the workings of devices like these. My favorite stomping grounds are probably (Bill Beaty's site),, American Antigravity, pesn and peswiki(duh), and I have also tinkered with Magnetic Motors, such as the Kundel motor, and the Torbay motor.

I have a hard time with people who buy any story that comes down the pike, or buy into any crazy whim.. For example, I'm not a big fan of the current thinking on the Joe Cell. I don't believe in "orgone energy". Life is a biochemical process, and the energy that keeps us alive is not a mystery. I think that promoting stuff like that hinders the process of understanding what is REALLY happening in devices like the Joe Cell, which I do belive works, albeit unreliably(and sometimes possibly dangerously). Continuing with the very unscientific, and frankly silly assumption of orgone being the driving force behind the Joe Cell in my opinion is neglegent, and perhaps dangerous.

Although many of us have the best intentions in mind, we are playing with fire here, and one bad assumption can get people hurt. Especially when playing with a device that has shown strange effects, like weather changes, spacetime distortion, and the like, depending on what "stage" it's in.... What happens when you reach stage 4, or 5, or 6? I don't know that I would want to take the risk without knowing exactly how stage 3 is doing what it's doing, and being able to predict the effects of stage 4.

John Hutchison's discovered effects are wonderous and amazing, but the man himself scares the living crap out of me. I have a feeling, he's going to find himself fused into the floor of that apartment someday. I hope this is not the case, but the whole thing smells strongly of "philadelphia experiment" to me.

At any rate, sorry for the soap box. I just think that when tapping the unknown energy sources of the universe, we need to take care not to boil the oceans in the process. This stuff is real. And there is more energy for the taking than is in all the nuclear bombs on the planet, a million times over. We want to tap the dam, not blow it to smithereens, there are people downstream.

I believe in FULL DISCLOSURE, of any free energy device or process. I think that if you find a way to make practical use of an undepletable energy source, and don't share the information, it's kind of... irresponsible. I believe if you ask for investment monies without disclosing first, you are suspect. I believe if you drag around investors, and miss demo dates, and disclosure dates, constantly putting off things till "patents are granted" or "a goal is reached" and constantly claim you need to refine your process before going public, you are a despicable con-artist, who distracts from the real work that is being done in the field. I favor dealing with these men.... harshly. However, it's not legal to go all "Jack Bauer" on them, and get them to disclose, or admit they are frauds, forcefully. So we have to sit and watch, and sift through the BS perpetually.




Rich Weber (gn0stik)

email: []

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