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I'm an (award winning) alternative energy inventor.

I focus my attention on ways to create 'free energy' whenever I get the

chance. In this quest I've gathered an impressive dossier of knowledge and


I acquired my knowledge through a combination of growing up on a ranch in the bush (no electricity), on the job training, science courses, college and a lot of independent


I've had a rather eclectic life which has made me a competent Jack-Of-All-Trades.

In 1984 I became a full time self-employed inventor/writer/consultant. In addition to successfully marketing several of my innovations, I've spoken at many Conferences, Symposiums and been featured in newspapers, radio and TV shows. I've helped my consultation clients save millions of dollars.

Along the way I've accumulated some impressive experience in the specialized areas of fuel saving and Brown's Gas mostly as spinoffs from my prime path of alternative energy.

I got into Brown's Gas in 1991 after gathering all the information I could, performing some experiments and then writing Brown's Gas Book 1.

BG Book 1 led to opportunities to further advance the technology and I wrote Brown's

Gas Book 2.

BG Book 2 led to the production of the World's most practical, and efficient, commercial Brown's Gas WaterTorches of which I've sold hundreds worldwide.

I have been saving fuel in vehicles since 1974 and publishing how-to books on the subject since 1984.

I am a certified automotive technician with specialized experience with combustion and fuel system engineering.

I've successfully built, tested and marketed several types of fuel savers (mostly of my own design). I've written several best-selling books on fuel saving techniques and sold them worldwide.

I look forward to helping YOU!

May the blessings be.

George Wiseman