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Ion Fusion Reactor

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R.P.E a new phenomena in thermodynamics

Heat can be produce in hundreds of ways, desirable or undesirable, but for generating cold, i mean really cold(cryogenic), there are very limited ways.

The RPE is based on a simple idea but very complex maths. in this method your input is gas with pressure and your output is the same amount of gas but tens of degrees colder(depends on the pressure).

This is the first time that we can make gases very cold without losing the heat.

The reason is above simple idea: How we can convert the 3D temperature kinetic energy of an atom or a molecule to only one directional velocity vectors in the same system? It sound crazy but it is possible and actually very simple!!.

By doing that for equations for input and output to be conserved, it is necessary for pressure and temperature to be drop down.

Images below are some of many CFD(Fluent)simulations with common thermodynamics equations(the input pressure is 4atm).


:In the above image open environment temp is 40C and in lowest temp gas which in this simulation is Air reaches to -63C.

This system contains two stages: first one in the back is a vacuum air amplifier and the second stage is the chilling part.

the output air volume is 4 times more then the input(because of that new air amplifier).

In the image below we can see the velocity of gas molecules overcome the Mach number(1.31 mach=1563.16 kilometer/hour)

This velocity helps them to be ionized too, which is subject for another discussion.


The image below is a 15 centimeter diameter and designed for car cooler and of coarse for car the temp would be optimized.


Air Jet Amplifier

As the word amplifier pronounces, this device amplify the inlet air to higher volume an velocity of air by collecting it from environment.

In the image below the blue lines are input air to the device and other colors from the back are collected from environment and accelerated and amplify to much higher velocity at outlet vortex.

Most of the air amplifiers functioning based on Coanda Effect but my device is based on the geometrical trajectory paths(GTP) used in RPE in a different way.

As the one already knows velocity is derivative of space in time and acceleration is the derivative of velocity in time. The GTP and RPE both functioning based on third derivative of space or derivative of acceleration in time, called JERK Which is possible in vortex motions and I found two different solution for generating it.

The outlet velocity is supersonic and in this case it reaches to 399m/s in X direction and much more in trajectory paths, while the env, speed in zero and input speed is 100m/s.

Another aspect of this device is its output trust that in scale up(100Cm diam) simulations it achieved 3100 newton. Now we can call it an air jet, cause it acts as a jet turbine without any turbine blades or fuel to be burn.


Hydrogen Bond Breaking

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