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Free Energy,Antigravity,and Faster Than Light Travel

Freedom and Slavery

When I was a child I hated my father. It seemed that no matter what I wanted to do, his answer was always 'no'. Now that I'm older I know that he loved me and was just being cautious. Around the time I turned 18 I noticed that my government acted in almost the exact same way, except that my government did not love me, and any loss of freedom on my part was the government being cautious in its defense not mine. It was readily apparent that my government would gladly imprison me forever, or kill me, if I even attempted to do something that was forbidden. Even worse than banning actions that might endanger the government, it even went so far as to criminalize actions that could never possibly be any danger to anyone simply because it had so much excess power (and prison space) to throw away on such theocratic frivolity.

Everything I've seen since then has only served to strengthen the feeling that I exist for no other reason than to render service unto the rich like some peon vassal in medieval times. The idle rich, and religious zealots, get everything they want while everyone else who works for a living and values freedom gets nothing. It's about this time that someone with a southern drawl says, "If'n you don't like eeet, you kin jus' get the hell out of America!"

This is often said by some Fox News junky who just recently voted for the party that shipped all his jobs overseas, flung open the borders for illegal immigrants to take any jobs left, destroyed his labour union, gutted every environemental and work safetly law that was keeping him unmaimed until his retirement, only to find out that the pension he paid for all his life is gone because his billionair CEO boss declared bankruptcy while making millions, and then learn that there is no social security left.

But these 'knuckle draggers' do make a good point: Why not leave? Why put up with it? There was a time in America when people did leave. They went west into the vast uncharted territories. They figured that it would be better to live hand to mouth on a farm than in virtual slavery in northern factories and slums, or sharecroping on southern plantations. Entire groups of people went west and had no intention of ever coming back. A good example of this were the Mormons who were tired of religious persecution. The Mormons are a good example, because like Native Americans, they had no intention of ever becoming a part of America, and like the Indians, Alaskans, and Hawaiians they were 'persuaded' into joining the union at the barrel of a gun. When California became a state in 1850, there was nowhere hospitable left to which to escape. Sure one could live on a mountain in the Yukon, or in the middle of a desert in Mexico, but every decent place where one could support oneself and one's family while being left alone was forever claimed by a country.

Every hospitable place on earth is currently under the control of some government. You can pay 80% income tax and get sex and drugs in Amsterdam. You can forego real democracy if you value Islamic Sharia Law like in Iran. You can live in a Catholic conservative wonderland of no taxes, no social services, rampant poverty and corruption like Mexico. You can live in the most powerful and affluent country in the world as long as you don't mind killing 10,000 to 100,000 (foreign) civilians each year through funding of right wing corporate death squads, right wing dictatorships, and of course sept-centinial wars for profit, (always) based on lies. Since 1850 no matter where one goes, one must inevitably deal with the confines of a government that one has no real control over, and which inevitably, will serve the insiders, elite, party bosses, and high priests at the expense of everyone else.

Free Energy

If cheap, virtually unlimited, Free Energy were to become possible the entire world would open up to colonization like the wild west did in the past. Free energy could pump and desalinate water to every (uninhabited) desert in the world or simply extract it from the air. Every section of permafrost from Antarctica to Northern Europe and Canada could be made hospitable with nothing more than a space heater. Add some grow lights and such regions would be totally autonomous. From deep below the earth to deep below the oceans to the tops of the highest mountain, free energy would solve the real underlying obstacle to human colonization. For people fed up with systems that only serve to enslave them, and extract capital from them to be redistributed to those who contribute NOTHING to society (the upper echelons), it would provide a means of escape, much like people used to escape from the tyranny of the former Soviet Union.

Free Energy would also serve to 'level the playing field' between rich and poor countries. Poor countries need not expend valuable capitol on power lines, electric generators, or dams. Nor would they need to enslave themselves and all future generations to the IMF and World Bank (the control tools of the wealthy elite) in order to fund such projects. The entire world from the very richest to the very poorest would instantly get a 25% (or more) cost of living reduction, but those at the very bottom (in all countries) would realize the greatest benefits. Access to gas, coal, and oil fields (enforced with armies) would no longer guarantee economic prosperity, while denying access to such natural resources would no longer cause economic hardship. Countries that actually produce goods, services, and research would grow wealthy while those that do nothing but sit on energy reserves would become impoverished like the world sycophants that they really are.

For these reasons alone it is glaringly obvious why the power elite countries of the world would all actively conspire to suppress free energy. Not to mention those that would lose TRILLIONS of dollars in invested energy infrastructure capitol. But for every dollar lost by the current energy oligarchy, the entire world, along with almost every other company would gain five dollars.


In my previous writings it is obvious that I believe that Free Energy and Antigravity are intimately related, and any discovery for one would quickly lead to a discovery in the other. All the global repercussions of Free Energy would apply a hundred fold to Antigravity propulsion. Namely, any country capable of producing automobiles and ships would almost overnight be able to produce Antigravity vehicles.

First off, any places that might have escaped colonization on earth would now be wide open. Many governments would naturally use this technology to exert tax and moral control on those areas previously out of reach. The end result however would be to push 'outlanders' even further away. With unlimited free energy to heat and live in any location, Antigravity would enable colonization of the entire solar system. After just 30 years probes would begin to return from the nearest solar systems with information about their suitability for colonization (which would be immensely easier with Free Energy). If even one planet showed any similarity to Earth, one could expect large groups of people to construct 'super colonizers' and leave Sol and it's sycophantic oligarchy behind. Even if Faster Than Light speed is not possible it would still 'only' take 5 to 8 years (of onboard ship time) to reach the nearest systems. On a ship the size of a small city, this would not be an unbearable hardship in return for an entire virgin planet for oneself and one's progeny. Religious zealots and radical libertarians would be the first to depart en mass.

Much like Free Energy, Antigravity would 'level the playing field' between rich and poor countries. Yet another capitol outlay that would be unnecessary for developing countries would be road construction. Transportation of products and materials would no longer be limited to roads, waterways and oceans. Gravimetric Super Freighters would travel the globe and the entire solar system, and be able to land in any location (coastal or inland) built to accommodate them, or even built to load and unload while airborne for use in underdeveloped locations.

Far more radical than energy and infrastructure transformation would be military transformation. The 'levelling of the playing field' for military technologies would be nearly catastrophic for the current military elite of planet earth. Right now, airborne craft require huge capital expenditure in research, development, education, maintenance, and materials. A typical jet fighter costs literally millions of dollars per hour to operate when all factors are taken into consideration. The military elite of the world have known for quite some time that they can rain death upon their enemies with virtual impunity from ineffectual land based counter attack. When an underdeveloped country is able to fight back effectively, it is usually because it is backed by another developed country, such as when America supplied Stinger missiles to the Taliban for use against the Soviet Air Force (I bet they wish the Soviets had won now, eh?). With Free Energy and Antigravity, any country that can construct a VW bug (the good old ones) can produce a working Combat Air Vehicle. Even assuming the industrialized nations were decades ahead in Antigravity combat technology, countries like India, China, Argentina, Brazil, and various African Nations could field Air Forces with MILLIONS of manned CAV's. Even with vastly superior technology, the current military powerhouses could easily be overcome by 'quantity over quality' strategies. One would think that with unlimited free energy, and vast virgin territory for colonization the necessity for war would be greatly reduced, but do you believe that's how it will work?

This is the main and utmost reason that BOTH Free Energy and Antigravity are currently suppressed. While Free Energy only threatens billionaire campaign contributors, Antigravity (which is irrevocably intertwined with Free Energy) threatens the current financial, military, and technological control structure of the entire developed world over the undeveloped world. Free Energy/Antigravity would put Argentina on parity with Britain, put India on parity with Russia and China, and put every Middle Eastern nation on parity with Israel. The end result in every case is disturbingly deterministic. Namely, the eventual use of the only trump card remaining to the developed world nuclear weapons. If it became clear that the 'FE/AG' 'cat was out of the bag' for good, certain countries might decide to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes rather than fight legions of CAV in the near future.

Faster Than Light

While I don't believe that true FTL (Faster Than Light) is possible with the systems that I have outlined previously, I do believe that 'relative' FTL is possible with such a system. To be more clear, a ship could travel from Sol to nearest star (4 light years) in a few weeks FOR THE ONBOARD CREW. Outside observers would 'observe' the flight as taking 6 or more years. While being militarily useless (especially for trans system warfare, thank god), it would, none the less, remove one of the last roadblocks to interstellar colonization, and forever destroy the 'captive slave mentality' that the ruling elite have for the rest of us. Those at the top know about this technology, and they also know that their power derives from the masses' inability to escape from their perpetually rigged prison planet system. Like the petty tyrants of a tiny island, their power (and subject population) would evaporate overnight if the people knew that a vast virgin land was just a few days canoe ride away.

:::"You can't rule in Hell if everyone knows where the exit is."