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User talk:SilverThunder/Archive/2004-2005

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2004 - 2005

Archive of User talk:SilverThunder

Setori Oct. 16, 2004

Hi Sterling

So then I should put Schauberger in the Directory section? if I put it in the Vortex technologies section

what is going on here|Directories it seems there are so many sections under D but really they should be seperated.....

I understand what you mean by including the categories in the text. But I dont quite understand what is going on in the Directories section.

surely after a while it will become a confusing mess?

or is it designed to be like that?


Retrieved from ""


actually I think that vortex technologies should be put under Implosion and not Horse Power/Torque ... Both Ram implosion wing and Schaubergers work falls under Implosion...

Well I hear what you have to say.


Sterling's reply

Hi Setori,

We are using a wiki in a way it is not usually used. Most wikis place all their content in the root. Hence their entries in "category" will be alphabetically listed.

However, we are using our wiki separated into many different departments. Encyclopedia, directory, open sourcing, academy, news, library, etc.

Each entry will fit into one of those categories. That is the more important level of organization, ahead of the convenience of having most listings come right off the root, which is what you have in other wikis.

We need to keep that compartmentalization. It will serve use well when we are larger.

As we get larger, we will have the funding to hire programmers to tidy up our category feature so that the subject becomes the alphabetized unit, not the directory preface.

Until then, we'll live with the small inconvenience.

As for implosion, I agree with your suggestion.


Ideas for Site Development


I understand and thank you for explaining it to me.

If you would like to hear some ideas of mine.

I feel that maybe at some point it would be great if this site could set up a kind of complete development cycle, whereby right from idea to mass production the invention could be nurtured and grown.

This Wiki software is truely great but I feel that there could be many improvements that would benefit your organisation as well as the free energy movement. An improvement could be a forum style feature for the discussion section. A ecommerce section where one can purchase machines.

Maybe even a work load measure feature.

Even create sections where people could list their companies that could render services such as 3D modelling and CNC prototyping, and mass production aswell as assembly lines.

Well a thousand possibilities! the world is our oyster!

I am pretty sure that many of these features can be easily incorporated into this site. Have a look at Open for Business.



Sterling's Reply


Thanks for sharing your ideas. Some we already have on our platter, others arae worth considering.


Editing Navigation Bar - left side

First : I am posting from german, and my english isn't the best so have fun ...

Second my question :

I'm trying to install a privat Mediawiki, perhaps later to publish. Now I see, that you have changed entries and added new entries in the navigation bar left of this. I now know how to change name and url of existing links but not to add new links.

I would be glad to get a hint how doing this or where to get a link with a desription about this.

Thank you


Peter Finke, Cologne, Germany

Sterling's Reply : This is actually fairly easy. You need to retrieve and modify your file from your /wiki/templates/ folder. Give me your email address and I'll send you a copy of my file so you can see how I've configured the code. It is quite particular, so be sure you always save a good back-up copy of a known working version before updating the file and test the browser as soon as you update the file, to make sure it works.

Peter's Re-Reply :thanks for your prompt answer. I'm going on searching and now a got an answer at this adress:

:maybe this fits to Mediawiki Version 1.4 ff. '' --Peter 16:25, 31 Mar 2005 (EST)

Tesla's DTG

Tesla's DTG seems foo-bar'd. THe link to existing copy gives an error. Is it just me? or is it something else? Reddi 14:58, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT) [delete this after you see it]

Sterling's reply:

I don't understand your question. By the way, thanks for all the work you're doing on the PESWiki site. SilverThunder 15:59, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT)

:: The link gives "The page cannot be displayed" page. May be a cache thing on my side or it could be something else. If you'd check the page and everything is ok (it displays and doesn't give a error), then it must be me. You may want to edit it to see if it can be resaved. Reddi 16:28, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT)

: Sterling's Reply: I also got a file not found error message when I attempted to edit but after that, the page pulled up okay. Let's see if it just goes away. If not, I'll pass it on to our tech crew to see if they can't trouble shoot it. By the way, I hope you don't mind, but I am going to give you sysop access to this site, considering your interest and participation. SilverThunder 17:05, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT)


I'm having a problem with the skins. I changed mine and the phpo is giving me a error message. If I log in I get a error message. Is ther a way to reset the skins? or can the tech ppl put in different skins?

: I'll ask our tech if he knows how to do this. I'll need your username, probably. It would be good to document your experience with more detail so we can submit it to mediawiki for bug fixing. -- SilverThunder 16:56, 21 Jun 2005 (EDT)

:: Still getting the "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class skinmonobook in /home/peswiki/www/skins/MonoBook_default140.php on line 25. My username is User:Reddi.

::: Tech guy told me how to fix this in an email, but it is pushing my comfort zone. Fairly involved. Keep reminding me. -- SilverThunder 19:33, 15 Jul 2005 (EDT)

::::Still getting the "Fatal error" when loggin. Can you could just put in some stylesheets (aka., the "skins"), wouldn't that solve the problem? Or just populate or duplicate the existing skin in the directory. It seems like it looking for "MonoBook_default140" and not finding it (is that what they told you?). I'd like to log in, but can't. Sorry for being a pain.

::::: So you are able to post regularly, but can't log in? What can't you do regularly that you need to do logged in while we're trying to trouble shoot this? -- SilverThunder 20:20, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT)

::::: Yes, I can post unsigned. No problem on the editing while unsigned (I've been offline anyways I get online through the library and my friends access). I was looking for the watchlist, my contributions, and a sig to my posts. It's not that big of a thing I am still getting the error, though. Mabey I could make another account and/or you could delete the old account. Sincerely, There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]

:::::: Have you tried in the past 24 hours? We've updated the software. SilverThunder 19:07, 22 Aug 2005 (EDT)

::::: Yep ... just now. It still gives me that error. Can you just delete the account? mabey that would be the best to just fix the problem.

::::: I know that my preference value name="wpSkin" needs to be set to value="0" (@least that is what the default is in the prefs @ You can mail me if you do: or

::::: Sincerely, J. D. Redding (user:Reddi)

:::::: I'll give it a try. -- SilverThunder 15:28, 11 Sep 2005 (EDT)

:::::: I've been able to delete User:Reddi from the database back end -- finally. -- SilverThunder 14:30, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT)

:::::: GREAT! =-] I was able to reregister. Thanks for the sticking with me. I do think that mabey PESwiki should remove "skins section" from the preferences ASAP (till you can get that worked out). I do not know if you can do that or not. I won't be changing any prefs right now.

:::::: Anyways, thanks again ... Sincerely, Reddi 10:49, 15 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Note about Trans Information

Well you passed the first test in quality adminship. You moved a crummy page to a subpage of that user, with a polite note instead of deleting it (hehe).

I know you all are serious scientists and my background is more along the lines of new age kook but if one studies the history of scientific discovery one starts to notice a great many 'inspired' discoveries. Many times it seems as if a scientist already knows the answer in his heart and only does the research to prove it to the rest of the world.

If there is any scientific endeavour in desperate need of 'inspiration' right now its Free Energy (Over Unity, Aether, whatever). Over the past 50 years many authors have codefied various artificial methods for receiving such 'inspired' information, thanks largely to the availability of printed books, and now the internet.

My 'Directory:Trans Information' was simply an attempt for poeple who might have had such dreams, visions, or inspirations to share them with others. Also some well know mediums, channelers and whatnot have already made statements about unknown technologies that might prove worth examining, especially by scientist that are used to looking at things in a 'non-classical' way (like those here).

Of course a lot of these people are 'special' (ok most of them, and me too probably) but a few might actualy have some useful information and where else are they to put it on record for others to see? I bet every time Coast to Coast AM even mentions Free Energy thousands of people have dreams about it, and maybe dozens could be really useful. After I get my visions organised (in about two days) and posted it may become more clear what I am driving at. After that I probably won't have much to contribute (unless I have more visions).

P.S. Perhaps I could put the Trans Information stuff at the top of the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3]. Categories have a top page part and a bottom generated part.

-- Arantha 12:24, 4 Dec 2005 (EST)

Silver Thunder's Reply

: Hello again, Arantha. One of the reasons I am so tolerant is because I was treated so brutally at Wikipedia, and I would never wish that on anyone.

: I too believe in a spiritual dimension, and that knowledge can be downloaded from the "unseen" world to this one. Like with the scientific method, such downloads need to be subjected to the same rigors -- repeatability, verifiability. If a person's "downloads" are shown to have a good track record, then they will have more credibility. I personally would love to see a closer harmony between the intellectualism of the West and the intuition of the East. That yin-yang synergism could really propel science.

: What I'm saying is that I support your endeavor and wish you will.

: As far as PESWiki is concerned, I think we could allow the formation of such a section as long as the application of developing energy technologies was prominently mentioned.

: Tell me why you have chosen the name "Trans Information" and why that best describes this approach.

: Whatever name we go with, I would suggest a directory arrangement something to the effect: "Directory:Trans Information:sub-page", with possible abbreviations or shorter words. For encyclopedic entries, it would be "PowerPedia:Trans Information:sub-page"

: It seems to me that the amount of "noise" could be pretty high, so some kind of filtering committee would be good, to identify the most promising items, similar to the New Energy Congress and those recommended items could then be conveyed over to the Congress for their consideration, so they don't have to wade through all the noise.

: -- SilverThunder 13:24, 4 Dec 2005 (EST)

Arantha's Reply to Silver Thunder's Reply

Well I'm done, and you can get a general idea of what I mean by 'Tran's Information'.

Trans Information

The term 'Trans Information' is just a term I made up for any information derived from 'otherworldly sources'. If one reads as many books as I have one would start to look past the physical trappings and to the 'real' causative effect. Whether it's Native American Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic Druidism, Divination, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Channelling or Meditation, once one strips the 'superfluous style' away it's really all the same stuff. The only distinction I might make is if the information comes from oneself or some other entity. Even then, another entity might just be one's subconscious, higher self, or future self. I originally wanted to use the term Meta Information, (like Metaphysical) but that term is already used in HTML, and meta is a common physics term (Meta States). Perhaps you could have a 'Name This Phenomenon Contest',

Let me just state about my 'visions' that I was operating on the premise that the universe is filled with intelligent life, much of it probably thousands of years more advanced than ourselves. Why should we do all this trial and error when the knowledge has already been discovered by someone else? I just focused in on that premise like so:

"This already exists somewhere in the universe. Show it to me please."


There is no real way to verify Trans Information except by building something based on it. As long as the parts are common (and not suspiciously special and only available from one company), only testing the information will validate it. I've seen a lot of guys do really weird experiments on the web, the same kind of people who build Tesla Coils, Marx Generators, and Lasers. For instance, this one guy had a coil of like 60 kilometres of wire, and he sent a very short pulse through it that would end before it got to the end of the wire. Sure enough an LED at the end would light after the pulse had completely stopped. It was seeing people do this really wacky stuff that made me think of combining 'otherworldly' information with eccentric builders willing to give it a go.


I'm sure the noise level would be massive (if it ever caught on). And there would be no real way to 'filter' it. 'Special people', attention hounds, and general trolls would probably abound on such a sub directory. One of the reasons I (will) write "Trans Information Methods" is so that the builders themselves can seek out this information on their own. Still many non-technical people (like me, I've barely figured out Volts, Ohms, Amps and Charge so far) might be able to come up with something useful. It could all just be a bunch of bunk. Unless you are hard pressed for HD space I would just leave it all and perhaps collect the gems or interesting entries into a 'best of' or 'most interesting' subcategory.

About Wikipedia

Your comment about Wikipedia made me think of this guy. I nearly busted my sides when I read that page. A lot of people can use the Internet for years and never get exposed to certain facets of it. Some people act on the internet exactly like they act in real life (and they expect others to do the same), but others let their 'inner twerp' run amok, especially when presented with the godlike powers of admins.. Wikipedia has all that AND you must mercilessly defend anything you write. Uncyclopedia is like this as well. For instance it's almost not worth submitting an article about a country because someone will always get offended (and ignore the other 200 countries that get lambasted) and blank the page. In Wikipedia's defence they claim 'No Original Research', so technically you can have your friend submit your results for you and that's ok [sic].

(I act the same on the internet as in real life, unless my team mate shoots me in the back of the head with a rocket. Then I call him a moron and start a vote to kick him off the server for an hour, but otherwise exactly the same. Oh, and I don't generally mention my imaginary friend Arantha, it's a real deal breaker on dates [sic].)

P.S. You may want to start There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] your talk pages. Yea I'm long winded.

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