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Your comment/question [archive]

<pesn type=


I am editing PESWiki:Verifiability.

I would like you to maybe review it. It need more work, but it is an evolving page.

Reddi 15:53, 1 Jan 2007 (EST)

Have a look @ these

If you can, have a look @ these ...

PESWiki:Citing evidence


PESWiki:Point of view

PESWiki:Original research

... and give me some feedback. Reddi 19:04, 1 Jan 2007 (EST)

[from my talk]

The policy pages are only rough drafts .... i thought too that they would be good addition to the site. I will try to loosen the requirements. I canged the verifiable sources thing, with a focus on original source material. I hope the stance the article has now is better ... a stance toward something that is more conducive to the "bleeding edge" material ...

I am not sure if there is a way to not link the policy pages prominently in the support material before you have an opportunity to review them. I can put a pending tag @ the top of the page though ... will do that asap

Reddi 11:20, 2 Jan 2007 (EST)

[from my talk]

I'll do this ...

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|style="text-align: center"|

Image:Nuvola apps important-50px.png

The following page is under consideration.


| style="text-align: center"|

This page is in the process of being modified to meet PESWiki standards. It is being discussed and modified, with pertinent issues being considered. This temporary statement will be removed once the necessary adjustments have been made.


... Reddi

What do you think? Reddi 12:23, 2 Jan 2007 (EST)


No worries about the changes, they are for the best. I was just trying to add some stuff from the hopper, but I really didn't have any experience doing so. I will learn as time passes in the future I will try and better emulate how other news is posted. Nseidm1 21:53, 2 Jan 2007 (EST)

That is a rather snazzy "under construction" image above. Nseidm1 21:54, 2 Jan 2007 (EST)

Your welcome

Thank you for your warm welcome. I will be glad to contribute in whatever I am able I'll study the guidelines you mentioned with care. Regards. --Utad3 06:27, 3 Jan 2007 (EST)P.S.:My English level sometimes is not formal enough to edit good articles, so you're welcome to correct my sentences whenever you think it is appropriate. :)

:Btw, may you help me with the following request?: the special page "Book sources", in order to search the books with the ISBN number, contains but not is it possible to add the last one to this special page? I am requesting this link because of the new article on the recent book Creation: The Physical Truth, which is available at all Amazon sites (.ca, .fr, .de, .jp, .uk) but not at .com (donnot know why). Thanks. --Utad3 06:50, 3 Jan 2007 (EST)

<pesn type=


PESWiki:Book sources done. Reddi 00:10, 4 Jan 2007 (EST)

top 100

Hydrogen-Boost is #51 on the top 100 list. #51 should also reference other companies using the same concept. At least Eagle Research, and a few other companies that specifically mention the requirement of varying the air/fuel mixture after enhancement. Nseidm1 20:38, 4 Jan 2007 (EST)

Nature's wheelwork

Just a set of community pages ... centralize discussions .. and keep them seperated ... Reddi 22:40, 5 Jan 2007 (EST)

ala .... Welcome to Nature's wheelwork newcomers and oldtimers! This is where PESWikins raise and try to answer PESWiki-related questions and concerns regarding technical issues, policies, and operation in our community.

Reddi 22:44, 5 Jan 2007 (EST)

Something Despised

I really desipse those HydroStar ads appearing on google. They are extraordinarily misleading, and a blatent attempt to capitalize on the gullibility of the general public. I would like to recommend removing it from the main page. It is obviously your discression, but the ad personally urks me. Although the sub page defines the situation well, having it on the homepage is kinda perpetuating the manipulation inadvertently.

Some Other Thoughts

Recently I have become quite savvy with html coding. It would be a pleasure to have a crack at the homepage. I can download the html code from Internet Explorer as all html code is easily retreivable. I will send it to you once I have something substantial. Obviously your discression and opinion is of the utmost importance.

: I actually just sent an email about the html stuff. In addition a link to the html is below. As I recommended in the email, load the version below, and the actual homepage and flip back and forth to see the difference.

Free Energy News

Articles related to Aspden

Dear admin SilverThunder, please give a look into this user recent contribs Utad3 16:41, 7 Jan 2007 (EST)


It was not and it is not my intention to edit here on the Spirituality subject (not in PowerPedia which is oriented to Science and advanced scientific research), as I have already provided the tiny amounts that I am acquainted with in a multitude of related articles for the past two and such years :-) being aware that those editions changed-opened forever the perception of many individuals worldwide.

That is why I am not able to understand where you saw an inclination to spirituality in my previous editions here :) It may have been in the reference "worlds", "material world" and "etheric [world]" in both articles (?) however, I have studied, still not deeply enough I know, both fields and they just describe exactly the same "object".

Now, I took part in the past in the edition about the Russian astronomer/astrophysicist "Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev" and I sense that his almost unknown huge work has also amounts of useful and pioneer data to give to to science (i.e. in physics and cosmology fields) and has already influenced other current researchers in these "frontiers" of knowledge (related to the aether, tensor fields, causal mechanics and theory of time, etc.). As soon I have some spare time, I would like to edit a more brief an article on him, is it ok? --Utad3 18:46, 7 Jan 2007 (EST)

:I have opened one exception regarding this issue. I think there's nothing more I can add to this Pioneer site, PESWiki, at this moment. Thank you for your friendly and warm welcome. See you! --Utad3 16:16, 14 Jan 2007 (EST)

I noticed

I noticed that you changed the HydroStar add, cool. When I was tweaking the html, my main intention was not to remove the HydroStar add, but to align the header slightly different. Please do take a peek at the html that I created, the header is align differently. The link to the Ebook, that is currently on the right, is centered on the screen right above the main text. I can also reinclude the additional google ads if you want, technically I can do anything you want. I can also go through the rest of the code to make it W3C compliant, which is the internet html standards that help with many things. When html is W3C compliant it works better in web browsers, and may actually get indexed better.

Tweaked Homepage

Nseidm1 20:54, 7 Jan 2007 (EST)

Radiant Energy Antenna System

I posted Mark Eldridge as the discloser. the primary inventor as far as i can understand is related to nikola tesla. mark gave permission to share this information, but since then it seems there's at least bruce a perrault, this qiman person, and lawrence rayburn who have also disclosed "something similar to this". i watched the lawrence rayburn thing, and while yeah, both use antennas, they are hardly the same. i dont know who is a project coordinator, me? who is the project coordinator of the rotoverter? :) me?

Esaruoho 10:41am, 11 Jan 2007 (GMT+2)

: As far as PESWiki goes, I suppose you are the project coordinator, so feel free to post a link to your user page and/or email address under ==Contact== just before = See also = at the end of the page. Have a section for "competing claims" or "related designs" and explain the Perrault / Rayburn situation, with links, if possible.

: Please refer to one of the other OS project pages such as Bedini SG or Joe Cell to see the sections that an OS project should have, and to see how to format a right-top-navigation column, once several pages exist in the project, to tie them together. Use - OS

- News:Open Source

- Main Page

- PES Network Inc. at the bottom of the page as the last "see also" item.

: It is important that we make sure the project is free of significant claims to prior art. Until such due diligence has been satisfactory, a memo at the beginning should state: "A search for impinging designs with "prior art" IP claims is under way, and so far does not seem to include any significant competing designs. Please see 'Related Designs'."

: Thanks -- SilverThunder 10:39, 11 Jan 2007 (EST)

I have been kicking the same idea around for abit now .. it's nothing new .. and goes as far back as the 1850s - 1860s (go the patent if u want it) ...

I term this earth There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] stuff as RED ELF for, alternatively:

: Radiant Energy Devices Extremely Low Frequency

: 'Radiant Energy Devices Electrostatic Longitudinal Fields

It is related to Nikola Tesla. I read about what Perrault is doing .. but he is following Plauson's lead with radioactivity IIRC ... Never seen mention of "Lawrence Rayburn" have any info / links on him? I'll have to look him up ...


A Thought

I really love what Steorn is doing. They are taking the fringe straight into the mainstream with big bucks to back up their credibility.Nseidm1 14:13, 15 Jan 2007 (EST)

Based on Your Edits

I usually learn best by example. I can clearly see what you mean by the changes you have made to the news postings. I now have a ever better understanding on how to format news. My next attempt will most likely be completely on point.Nseidm1 09:56, 16 Jan 2007 (EST)

Magnegas Comments

I have compiled by opinions on Magnegas and HHO on the following page.

Magnegas Comments

Not quite sure where to put it, or where it belongs, but the comments are reasonable conclusions based on observed behavior of the technology and companies involved. The very lat sentence really puts the pieces together.

: The difference between Plasco Energy, Star Tech, and Magnegas is that Plasco and Star Tech dont try and patent the produced gas. Magnegas goes too far and not only patented the production method, but also the produced gas (Magnegas). Theve done the same thing with HHO. Its ok to patent the generator, but trying to patent the gas is simply misleading and manipulative in my opinion. They are trying too hard to "lock" down the technology so that absolutely no one can use it without their permission. What they dont realize is that they are only hurting themselves, because why use patented Magnegas and have to pay royalties when the technology of Star Tech and Plasco does the exact same thing without the gas royalties. It should be enough to sell generators for profit, but they are trying to profit on the use of the gas itself (too far).


I noticed you changed the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] > with the Trinity Motors item I posted. Having visited both sites, I don't see how they are connected. Can you fill me in? --John Q. Public 22:54, 17 Jan 2007 (EST)

: Rush job on my part. I wasn't being careful. You can delete the link out, if I don't get to it first. -- SilverThunder 23:45, 17 Jan 2007 (EST)


I let you know when I have an index page done ... the undertaking is vital tfor free radiant energy, IMO. I was going to ask, mabey this should go into the library: department? Or a Source: .. but maybe Book:Author:BookName:pgNumber would be good ... I'll make up a footer and header template, adding "main index" and main index page, in addition to a "see also" ... I'll also give a brief description of each page in the main index. I do not tknow the ISBN ... but this book was published in 1920 ... so it is in the public domain ... FWIW, The author is dead.

Adding linking to related resources at PESWiki will be the last thing I will do ...

Reddi 21:42, 23 Jan 2007 (EST)

: 'Sounds great. -- SilverThunder 00:08, 24 Jan 2007 (EST)

Sterling: can you please update your news article on BioPerformance ( to reflect the fact that Bioperformance has to pay

$7 million to the state of Texas, not the other way round? There are also many other misleading comments in your article, which I would be pleased to discuss with you. Please see my recent update at

Thanks, Tony


I will contact you asap. I was not on yesterday. i'll send you an email with more info. Reddi

Really Really Bad

Sterling, that N Motion Car Company is really really really bad. The technology has noooooo change if working, its simply a bas idea from a person that has good intentions. This is purely my scientific analysis, and I will not attack someone for trying a positive idea, but the idea is really really really bad. It really shouldn't be in the news. I've contacted the owner of the website, and recommend that it be removed immediately. The company should in no way be compared to Tesla Motors. Sorry for being harh on something that obviously is good intentions, but its just a really really really bad idea. Frankly its probably the worst idea i've ever encountered.

My apologies


First, let me apologize for my actions. I realize that this is not the way to handle this situation. Please feel free to roll back my defacing edits. I will return later with a more concise and targeted message, and one that is not so emotionally charged. I realize my actions were not right, and your message to me helped me to understand. However, do keep in mind that I know substantially more about this company than you might assume. Therefore, I would like to keep the door open and allow you to learn a bit more about the company that you may not know. I'll contact you before proceeding, and you can rest assured that that I will not repeat my mistake again. But please understand that I will be back when I have properly prepared. The truth can set you free.

Just out of curiousity, did you realize the company has been in business for nearly 2-decades without any revenues to speak of? Do you also realize that they have had press-release after press-release touting "breakthrough" technologies? Did you also know that they exist solely by selling stocks? Have you met Neldon Johnson? Are you aware that his published credentials are flawed and he does not even have the education that he reports?

This is important. I am not here just to deface. I realize that does not justify my actions, but it's important that you understand that I am not a digital vandal simply in here to place graffiti all over the place. Your comments to me were appropriate and I assure you that I have understood your message.



Hi, ive been editing Directory:Rotoverter and Directory:Rotoverter:Replications and will keep on adding further replications. if you have any suggestions as to what other type of data to get on the overunity prony-brake tests, and whatnot -- please do let me know. we have divided with the help of evgray/rvreplication listers, the RV system into 4 layers of replication.. and divided those further, because this is not a "one device" type thing, its a "one device, applied". as Hector says:

"There ARE 32 ways of getting OU using RV (that is one) 16 electrical ones in alternator 16 electrical ones in primemover"

i will try and get as much data on the various replications of RV technology as i can - there are more coming in within the week. we have also gotten together a circuit schematic that simply explains how to RV any motor, with the capacitors etc required to be able to do it.

Edit Template: New Page


please edit the New page template, changing "it's" to the correct "its".


Brucelaidlaw 20:32, 15 May 2007 (EDT)

Valone contact?

I was wondering if you knew how I could ask thomas Valone if there was some reviews of his book "Harnessing Nature's Wheelwork". I know he's part of the NEC. Any comment here or at my talk would be appreciated. Reddi 18:06, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

Limitation of chemical detergents as primary measure over gray water recycling system

Dear Sir,

Instead of using gray water recycling systems to purify the water we pollute, it is better to first ban out our use of chemical detergents. These detergents, we use in dishwashers and washing machines. Therefore, rather than introducing it first and polluting our water and then purifying it afterwards with these gray water recycling systems, it is better ban out these chemical detergents first (and afterwards, gray water purification systems may still be used for any remaining pollution, if required).

For dishwashers, washing machines, ... biological detergents are available to be used in these. They are produced (amongst others) by Ecover, ... (I added this info on wikipedia's dishwasher-article too (

Therefore, is it possible for you to put a introducing text into this Gray Water Recycling -article, explaining this and adressing the community of banning out these chemical detergents ? (

I would do it myself, but I am afraid it would then be removed quickly as I am not in charge here.

Many thanks


Tidal Energy

Thank your for the warm welcome.

TidalEnergy 20:16, 2 Jan 2008 (EST)

Graphics updates

The graphics uploaded earlier this week have been changed to reflect the 95xwhatever standard. Pritchet1 3:58 AM 26 Jan 2008 (Pacific)

Davidson Hill YouTube Removal

Removed the videos from Directory:Davidson Hill Venturi by Tidal Energy Pty Ltd the other day. The links were removed because the YouTube videos had been blocked on their site and were made inactive by them. The other links to the YouTube videos still work.

PESWiki Directory :Electomagnetic

Updated by RP. Please check. Alphabetized and moved items from Free Energy. Removed item from Tasks page.


Update the Liscense

PESWiki needs to update it's license. A dual license, the current one and creative commons.

Reddi 09:51, 28 May 2009 (PDT)

Thank you Sterling


Glad to talk to you. PESWiki is very easy to use. I have added our business to related directory. Thank you very much for your guidance. I will come back frequently.


A little puzzling about editing

Hi Sterling,

I created a page call solar lighting.

But I am not skilled with editing. So I am planning to delete the page. But I can't find the delete button.

Would you please tell me how to deal with this issue.


The Electret Effect

Hi Sterling,

Great you like the work I'm doing on Article:The Electret Effect. It may take a while before I finish it, but I'll let you know when I do. It certainly helps to know it's appreciated.

Lamare 13:02, 21 August 2010 (PDT)

About my post at news inbox

Hi Sterling,

Well, I'm 100% convinced I found the working principle behind the systems built and shown by Gray, Meyer and Puharich. And I do did my homework, so in my vieuw it would be newsworthy to the free energy community to know that the theoretical solution to what they have all been working on so hard all these years is out in the open on the internet now. So, as a qualified Electrical Engineer holding a Masters degree, I am fully convinced the mentioned systems work the way I explain on energetic forum. Now that doesn't mean I have a working prototype or anything, but it does mean that with my work you have everything you need to get these 3 sytems working. See:

So, what I have in mind is that this is to be announced as widely as possible, so the people that can actually make this work know how to do it, and so the powers that were are out of business within no-time and so we finally get peace on this world. Sounds to me, you could help with that. Of course, it's up to you wether or not you choose to do so.


Lamare 00:35, 2 September 2010 (PDT)

About my article

You're right, it isn't finished yet, cause new things keep popping up. But things continue to drop in place. Now I don't only understand how Gray, Puharich and Meyer got their power, I also understand how the WFC should be modelled. It's quite complex, but the information needed to make these kinds of systems works is in there. It's just not a nice story yet. But that will come....

At least engineers that want to work with this stuff have the information they need in one place, even though they have to click a bit around to get to the details.

Unaccounted AC Noise Power in McKubre's Cold Fusion Energy Budget Model

Hi Sterling,

I just got around to watching the CBS News 60 Minutes story in which Scott Pelley interviewed Michael McKubre, Richard Garwin, and others.

I was intrigued by the educational puzzle presented by Garwin's suggestion that McKubre was not measuring the input electrical power correctly.

So I went back and looked. McKubre uses a Kepco constant current power supply and a measurement model that he explains in his EPRI report. He multiplies the average DC voltage by the calibrated value of constant current, to compute the average DC power going into the cell.

He notes that when the cell is bubbling with evolved gases, the ohmic resistance of the cell fluctuates with the bubbles, and the terminal voltage from his power supply fluctuates accordingly, to maintain a constant current as the load resistance varies.

In his model, McKubre ignores any AC noise power arising from the slew rate of his constant current power supply. If you take into account the finite slew rate, you find there is a small amount of AC noise power going into the cell that McKubre leaves out of his energy budget model.

I worked out a model for this missing AC noise power. If the fluctuation in the the ohmic resistance is given by R±r (modeled either as a square wave or as a sinusoid), then there is an AC power component of PAC ? ?²PDC, where ? = r/R. This means that a 20% fluctuation in R (? = 0.2) corresponds to an additional AC power of approximately 4% over and above the DC power. I ran this model past Kirk Shanahan and Dieter Britz, and I would be happy to run it past anyone else who knows how to do the math. It amounts to multiplying two triangle waves and integrating them. The quadratic term in the analytical model is the source of the AC noise power.

Moulton 15:28, 13 January 2011 (PST)


Dear SilverThunder thanks for reply. this is the very first time I expose one of my projects(more than 90 patents), so there is no website. But I will be glad to answer to any question.

Thanks again.

--C-RPE 00:24, 14 April 2011 (PDT)

Free Energy Now Show Suggestions

Your Free Energy Now show suggestions - that I wrote up here.

Thanks for any useful comments that you could provide in these matters. Oldspammer 05:22, 23 January 2011 (PST)


Hello, I have started adding to Directory:Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology as well as adding other content related to Flynn. I would like to assist others in replication attempts and would like to know if you have any recommendations on other points of contact or discussion? I also have PDF versions of several patents and wanted to know if you would like me to add it, and if so how can I upload it?

boobtube713 17:45, 24 July 2011 (PDT)

Response from Sterling

... I could upload the pdf files to, and you could link to them there but if the files are available on a patent website, you might as well link there.

Best wishes.-- SilverThunder 10:46, 25 July 2011 (PDT)


Thank you for responding so quickly. The full text of the patents are available at the USPTO website however, this may not include the images in the patent, you may not be(I was not) able to view the images, so it would be to the benefit of others if I(you) could upload the PDFs I have. I am in the process of adding the images I have one by one, but that is a very time consuming process.

Thanksboobtube713 01:03, 26 July 2011 (PDT)

Response from Sterling

There are other Patent services that do give pdf links

-- SilverThunder 10:30, 26 July 2011 (PDT)


Hello again Mr. Allan, I have added a lot of content and just wanted you to have a look at it so I can be sure I'm following PESwiki standards/styles. Also anymore advice you have is appreciated.

Thanks againboobtube713 00:06, 9 August 2011 (PDT)

Editing other users' comments

Hi there,

I keep finding that my comments on the discussion page at are repeatedly being edited by another user (Professor1) in a way which substantially changes their meaning and redirects external links.

Are there any restrictions on this sort of behaviour on PESWiki?

Thanks in advance,

Bit Twiddler 12:56, 7 August 2011 (PDT)

Response from Sterling

I'll give him a warning. If he keeps it up, I'll put a temporary block on his posting ability.

You know each page has a history tab, which enables you to find the exact text at any given time, to make it easier to restore.

-- SilverThunder 03:26, 8 August 2011 (PDT)

Thanks, I appreciate your efforts.

Bit Twiddler

Thank you

§ : - )

--Francesco 14:40, 31 October 2011 (PDT)

- - - -


--Francesco 07:52, 7 November 2011 (PST)

- - - -

menu dropped below the content


The menu on the left starts after the content. It is all the way pushed down on firefox and on chrome.

Most often this is caused by sidebar width + content width being more than 100% of the page width. This is most often caused by something in the side bar that forces it to be bigger than it's specified width. This is something you've added only recently, a month ago it was working fine.

Someone should do something.

Gaby de Wilde 20:03, 11 December 2011 (PST)

This is what it looks like:


Gaby de Wilde 22:22, 16 December 2011 (PST)

Bad web link on page contains a bad link to the free energy now web site near the bottom of the page under the heading "Energy News Resources."

The bad web link is given as rather than


and so is missing an "e" in the middle of the spelling. When I clicked the erroneous link using my ISP, the link gives a display of a "parked domain" with a bunch of related links & a search engine form.

Thanks for any update that corrects this mistake. Oldspammer 20:31, 19 August 2012 (PDT)

- - - -

Fixed. Thx.

-- SilverThunder 20:49, 19 August 2012 (PDT)