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Translation:Diariodecuyo:They generate energy free

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Diariodeduo San Juan, Argentina Sept. 20, 2004

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They generate energy free

Scientists patented a device with which - according to them electricity would be obtained to use during 50 years, without interruptions.


Although it seems a good libreto of science film fiction, is not it. To obtain that the energy flows gratuitously and that in addition is not polluting, is what Argentine scientists and investigators say to have made specific.

This discovery - that already it was patented consists of a complex device that would manage to transform magnetic energy into stable mechanical energy ", free and nonpolluting ". The mechanical energy, as well, could be used like electrical energy and heat, in agreement with the investigation.

Walter DarĂ­o Torbay, electronic and investigating technician of the project, informed that the device will allow "to generate energy free electrical, without cost some, contaminating, no type of fuel and absolutely without maintenance".

In agreement with the investigation, the magnetic device would generate electricity "by approximately 50 years without interruptions and free because it only uses magnetic energy", Torbay said.

That energy could be used, according to the investigator, "for automobiles, airplanes, boats, submarines, to illuminate cities and heating".

In opinion of the equipment of it patented the discovery, the magneto that would generate the energy "changes all the well-known as far as energy forms" because "it generates energy stable, free, does not contaminate the medio.ambiente, does not need maintenance, lasts in the time, the power source is not degraded and works as much in mainland, the air, under the air or in the deep space".

The device - consisting of a generator of permanent movement by means of magnets it uses like only power plant the provided one by the magnets that compose them.

This is made by ricochet "by means of the advantage of the magnetic property of equal poles, the deviation of the lines of magnetic force and a complex mechanical system able to control the acceleration, the speed, the sense and the power", explained Torbay. Torbay indicated in addition that the device is quiet "to have a very low friction".

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