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Translation:Cronica:A Magnetic System to Generate Energy at Zero Cost

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The news of the Day General Interest

Author: TELAM

Date of Publication: 07/03/2006 18:20

A scientist of Sea of the Silver invented a magnetic system that produces energy without cost, since some does not use fuel, a technology that would have a cost of 150 dollars and "would allow that a house is supplied of electricity indefinitely".

The invention of Walter Darío Torbay, of 29 years and director Scientific researches and Tecnolo'gicas Independientes (ICYTI), of Sea of the Silver, has the advantage in addition of which as "it does not use any fuel, it practically does not have maintenance and almost it does not contaminate", told to Télam the scientist.

This scientist, who studied in the Industrial School of Sea of the Silver and he perfected himself in Industrial Chemistry in the Silver, works with four collaborators in a humble factory of the marplatense periphery.

The system uses a type of artificial magnet denominated "Neodymium", whose magnetism is of 24,000 Gaussian (Unit of magnetic induction), who could generate a force electrical of 2,500 watts.

The generator uses a principle similar to the one of the magnetic trains, although in these the magnetism is generated in electrical form, whereas the one of Torbay uses the force of attraction of the magnet in rest, reason why the cost of energy generation is null.

The invention, that it patented in the country in August of 2004 and with international patent "in proceeding", is called "magnetic transgenerador" and works by ricochet "taking advantage of the magnetic property equal poles and the deviation of lines of magnetic force", said the investigator.

"a complex mechanical system transforms that locked up magnetic energy into permanent magnets in driving force, electrical or caloric, stable and 100 ecological percents", assured.

Torbay explained that the generator "would last 5,000 years, that are the considered lapse during which a magnet in rest conserves its magnetism".

In the Commission of Scientific researches (CIC) of the Buenosairean government, Conrado González, member of the directory, said to Télam that the invention is consideration of this organism.

First prototype constructed in aluminum, that is one of the metals that less are magnetized, was taken in 2004 to the CIC, where the studies began on the invention.

A new prototype, made with rudimentary materials but that have been serving to show the operation principle, were constructed for three months by Torbay and remain in their factory-laboratory of Sea of the Silver.

The inventor said that he receives much support of the CIC, "but it is not sufficient, for that reason he wanted that he receives the governor to me (Single Felipe '), to request its economic and political endorsement to him"

Torbay assured that "the future economic and commercial of the generator he is very promissory, because after his patentamiento and publication they did not take in arriving the millionaire economic supplies from multinational companies interested in this device"

"Nevertheless, our intention is only to consider the supplies that allow to help us our country, which they allow to create new sources of work and to impel the economic and scientific growth of our region, transforming to Argentina into the world-wide supplier of ecological energy", it said.

"to take shape an economic and scientific support, in very just a short time this technology and its benefits they will be within reach of any Argentinean", assured Torbay.


The generator with cost zero invented by Walter Darío Torbay is in study in the Commission of Scientific researches (CIC) of the Buenosairean government, said the scientist Conrado González, member of its directory.

This lawyer in physics needed to Télam that "the invention is novel and works, but we are checking a series of things, as costs or how long lasts the apparatus".

"the own governor (Single Felipe '), requested to us that we saw if this works, and to where we have advanced, it works", added González.

In the scope of the CIC, "although there are reserves, project is being watched with much east interest and it has been decided to send it to a scientific committee to certify or to analyze porqué of the operation".

González, paraphrasing to Albert Einstein, said respect to its work: "My only virtue is the curiosity. I see the things that happen and treatment to explain them ".

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