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Top 10

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Top 10 Free Energy

A Community-Built 'Free Energy' FAVORITES Listing Sponsored by Pure Energy Systems

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Technologies, organizations and inventors that reflect the most interesting, significant, groundbreaking developments in the field of cutting edge alternative energy technology, especially of the "PowerPedia:Free energy" variety.


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Overall Favorite Sites News and Directory - "Nobody in any country seems to have so active a covering and – as far we have seen – reliable service on the field as you do. Thanks, it has been helpful for us and for many others." -- Director, (June 19, 2003)

#Main Page - This present website, which allows users to help build both directory/encyclopedia and project pages to accompany various open source energy projects. - Great news source for mainstream alternative energy developments worldwide. A group of alternative energy enthusiasts who want to spread the message that "It's EASY to make your own power FROM SCRATCH!"

Top Ten

This list is far from complete. A better listing for technologies is the Top 100 list by New Energy Congress (NEC).

Image:NewEnergyCongress 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD - A working draft document by the New Energy Congress, listing the top 100 clean energy technologies. You need not be a member of the Congress to participate in populating and sequencing this document. The ranking should be based on the criteria adopted by NEC.

See also

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - computer generated list by stats.


Top10 Devices Now in the Market Place for Home Application

A listing of the best systems now available for purchase that are clean, renewable, practical.

Help us populate this list.

#Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc. - thorough site on why & how. Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump

#Best Directory:Home Generation:Geometric Designs of a home for economy (integrating southern exposure, thermal mass and insulation, angle and length of eves, trombe wall, solarium, berm insulation).

#Best Directory:Home Generation:Root Cellar design.

#Most cost-effective, reliable home Directory:Home Generation:Solar PV system.

#Best Directory:Home Generation:Gray Water Recycling system.

#Most cost-effective, reliable Directory:Home Generation:Hot Water system.

#Most cost-effective, reliable Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine system.

#Most cost-effective, reliable Directory:Home Generation:Fuel Cell generator.

#Most cost-effective, reliable Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump design and equipment.

#Most cost effective, reliable power plant from sea wave

#Most cost effective, relaible desalination apparatus.


: - Directory:Home Generation - Devices now available for self-generation of power for home or small businesses.

: - Directory:Fuel Efficiency - List of technologies to enhance fuel efficiency of vehicles.

Top10 Devices/Technologies Closest to Market

This section has been developed and expanded into a Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD listing, by the New Energy Congress.

Top10 Organizations

This list needs to be revised. It was orinigally based on only non-conventional criteria, which is not fair. Any organization that is moving us effectively toward clean, renewable, dependeable, inexpensive energy should qualify and the giants in the fields of solar, wind, and other conventional approaches should take first place here.

#See note above.

#New Energy Congress - reviews and rates energy technologies

#New Energy Movement - promoting cutting-edge clean energy

#EarthTech International, Inc. - A privately funded research organization investigating various aspects of the Zero-Point Field, as well as evaluating "over-unity" energy devices. Specialize in performing accurate power-balance measurements using calorimetry.

#Pure Energy Systems - Mission of this non-profit organization is to open source alternative energy technologies to demonstrate them openly to the world and enable the people of the world to build their own home-power generating plants using off the shelf technologies. Includes encyclopedia, news, academy, store.

#Space Energy Access System (SEAS) Power - Steven Greer has assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to identify, develop, and bring viable FE technologies to market. (see also) - Peter Lindemann's group has tested hundreds of technologies, replicated scores. Are developing viable technology. A very safe investment.

#Institute for New Energy - conference proceedings papers links.

#Integrity Research Institute - Tom Valone's non-profit corporation to establish integrity in scientific research, primarily regarding the physics of energy, especially ZPE. - Don Adsitt's index to numerous efficiency, over-unity, and free energy devices. New claims, experimenter's store, kits and parts.

See also:

- > Organizations

Top10 Inventors

#PowerPedia:Nikola Tesla (see There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2])

#PowerPedia:Thomas Henry Moray (see There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3])

#PowerPedia:John Searl

#PowerPedia:Russell Bourke - Inventor of a continuous cycle engine.

#PowerPedia:John Bedini

#PowerPedia:Viktor Schauberger (see There was an error working with the wiki: Code[4])

#PowerPedia:Timothy Thrapp (World Improvement Technologies)http://FreeEnergy.GreaterThings.comDirectory/WITs/

#PowerPedia:Harold Aspden (See GTFE)

#PowerPedia:Tom Bearden (see also)

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Runners up

PowerPedia:Paul Pantone (See GTFE)

PowerPedia:Peter Lindemann

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PowerPedia:Eugene Mallove (see There was an error working with the wiki: Code[7]) (see also memorium)

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many other great inventors

Top10 Discussion Groups

Where real science is discussed and progress is made.

#JLN Labs Jean Louis Naudin's hands-on R&D discussion.

#Free-Energy (subscription) - Stefan Hartmann's discussion group.

#NuEnergy - Bruce Perreault's work group.

#KeelyNet Free Energy - Jerry Decker's discussion group.

#Free_Energy - Eric Kreig's discussion group (tends to be a bit heavy on skepticism).