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Tools:Translation Services

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Energy technology inventors, marketers, investors, etc., all potentially have need to translate in their communications with people of other languages.

This index is designed to refer those translations services that are outstanding.

Translation Services


Google Translation and Foreign Search

AltaVista's translation service - enter URL or text. - translate one word at a time.

Paid, Preferred

List your recommendations based on actual use and experience here. - Implements "translation and localization technology in its translation services, saving the client on translation costs while improving quality." Offers "best in-country translation available in the translation industry today."

: (Endorsement: I met these guys at an expo. They seem pretty good. -- Sterling)

Ability Top Translations - International translation agency, offering website translation, texts translation, software localization, and globalization consultancy services, in more than 400 language couples. Affordable prices and superior customer support.

: (Endorsement: I have been a customer and I'm satisfied by their service. -- ettore)

Paid, No Rating

Translation agencies with which we have no experience and hence can make no recommendation. - Offer a free tool, and have paid services available as well.

Lingo24 Language Translations - "Much more than a traditional translation agency, Lingo24 provides a comprehensive range of foreign language services to blue chip clients throughout the world."

Chinese Translation - "Local Eyes China provides the very highest quality translation and localisation services from English into Chinese. Local Eyes works both for end users and multi-language translation vendors globally"

Translation Services - "Translation company EVS Translations offers professional translation, interpreting and localisation services into over 40 languages. Request your quote online."

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