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Tools:So, You Think You Have Free Energy

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Originally posted at


I wanted to say something that's very important. Please read this

entire letter. I've noticed people here and there on the Internet

essentially posting "I HAVE THE SMOKING GUN!"

I cannot express how

damaging this is becoming to the free energy community. As example,

just recently someone at posted that they now have

proof of free energy and for everyone in the world to email that

proof to TV & radio stations, governments, etc. Unfortunately

anyone who has basic science knowledge would know it's a false claim

after reading that persons post.

I personally know that the debunking community is becoming big and I

have no doubt there are people deliberately trying to destroy the

free energy community. Who's going to listen after years of false

claims? We can only cry wolf so many times.

I think that it's

getting to the point that when the first legitimate self supporting

free energy device is finally given to humanity that it will take

too long to get attention. Yes, it could take too long.

If such a

person posted on the internet the designs to build such a machine,

and nobody takes that person seriously then how long would it take

the undercurrent governments, oil mafia, etc. to quite such a

person? Many people have tried to make a fortune off their free

energy machine.

Unfortunately it takes a long time get a patent,

finding enough funding to build the machines and find a

manufacture. During this process their labs burn down, their

equipment is stolen, they get death threats on their family and

friends, they disappear off the face of the earth, or they die.

IMHO the only hope is to design a self supporting free energy

machine and freely & quickly distribute the exact building

directions with a parts list including the stores names and address

where these parts were bought. Try to buy your parts at the larger

well know stores such as Radio Shack. I would suggest posting to as

many places as possible, write to as many people & scientists as

possible to make it more difficult for anyone to suppress the

device. Physically deliver the letters yourself. Don't rely upon

the government post offices.

I know this sounds paranoid but I'm a

firm believer this information is being deliberately suppressed.

Caution is cheap insurance. For all we know, there may have been

thousands of inventors who posted such true claims but were removed

from society and their posts blocked or immediately deleted.

It's a good thing to post experimental results, but PLEASE make sure

you have one of the following before posting your smoking gun claims:

1. This is by far the most convincing method. The machine is self

running and performs some additional work. A good example is a

machine that runs forever or until it breaks and demonstrates a good

amount of output power (such as a burning light bulb or even simple

friction) relative to the amount of stored energy in the system

(such as a battery). The last thing the science community wants is

to see a machine that consumes a fraction of a watt such as a

spinning wheel and contains nearly a million joules of energy such

as ten 4.2 AH batteries. A bad example is a machine that contains

large batteries but only consumes a fraction of a watt in friction.

That's why I suggest using the smallest batteries as possible. It

is fine if you need to manually swap batteries. Although it's more

convincing if you have a machine that needs no modifications to keep

it running. So a convincing self supporting machine that burns a 10

watt light bulb and clearly shows on the scope that only 1 watt is

being consumed then that's very convincing to the science

community. Or perhaps your machine dissipates 100000 watts on a

large resistor but only consumes 20000 watts. I know Bruce DePalma

had a similar machine that was successfully tested by a scientist.

The reason it did not take off in the science community is because

it required a lot of money to build the machine and Bruce could not

demonstrate the machine at any time. He needed to rent a megawatt

generator which cost a fortune. BTW, three free energy scientists

died in a single month in 1997. Bruce DePalma was one of those

scientists. Lawyers and other authorities in this industry

recommend that if you truly have such a controversial machine and

can prove it to the world, then you better get the information out

A.S.A.P. or sadly enough your days or should I say hours are

numbered. This is no joke my friends.

2. A machine that clearly shows the output power exceeding the

input power. This is a more sensitive area. To do this correctly

you need to clearly show photos or diagrams of the input voltage and

current in addition to the output voltage and current. You must

show the entire input and output signal. Measurements from voltage

and/or current meters are absolutely useless! To accurately

calculate the power one needs to know the entire signal. Email me

if you think you have the smoking gun and need to know how to

correctly calculate power.

There are other methods but I think those are the main methods.

Just remember, the moment you have true proof, the seconds are

clicking. Don't waist or take any chance by chit chatting on the

phone lines or on the internet and do the following:

1. Unplug your internet connection lines. Keep quite!

2. Write a detailed letter about your machine with complete build

instructions and parts list. Try to break your letter in to

sections. You could have a brief and right to the point section and

then a detail long drawn out section. Add as much detail in the

detailed section. Mention everything! Add a request for everyone

to copy the letter and spread the word as quickly as possible.

Mention that you give everyone permission to copy the letter, to

copy and build the device.

3. Make hundreds of xerox copies of your letter.

4. Get your list of addresses of people to send these letters to.

Physically drive your car to all the local address and hand deliver

them (see step 6). Hand deliver to as many people as possible

include friends, family, schools and colleges, stores, malls, TV and

radio stations. Time will be of the essence. The list of addresses

is simply a list of addresses, in order of priority, that you want

to hand deliver and also snail mail your letter to. If you are

serious about free energy and think you may one day have the smoking

gun, then I would create such an address list now. Also write down

a list of email address and web sites you will post at.

5. After spending about a day hand delivering then you should post

and email the letter on the Internet.

6. If you can afford it, then spend a half or full day building as

many machines as possible. Take the machines to colleges and give

each trustful authority one unit. Do not waist any time. Just find

a science teacher(s), demonstrate the machine, hand off the machine

to the most trustful person, and then leave. Remember that your

goal is to demonstrate the machine to as many students and teachers

as possible. What ever you do, don't appear like a mad man and get

yourself in trouble. All colleges have a police station. Don't run

into a class in session and make noise. If the class is in session

then quietly get the teachers attention and BE POLITE! I know this

is all common sense-- it's just a reminder. Go to the next college

or university. Perhaps your local TV station would be better than a

college. Or perhaps the busiest spot in your county such as a mall,

etc. Give the machine to someone who you may trust and leave.

7. Call local TV stations. Tell them you can bring the machine

over and demonstrate it in person. Be persistent! Remember, you

will be immediately marked as a quack. You'll need to overcome

decades of free energy bad reputation. In fact, it might be wise to

just drive to the TV station without calling and show it to them

rather than call on the phone.

Again, being polite, calm, and collective will make the difference

between getting kicked out and successfully demonstrating your

machine on national TV!

Best Wishes!


Dec. 29, 2004


Sterling's response to - Model train "coast" mode (~12W) is a fair comparaison based on my having physically spent hours with each.

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