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Tools for measuring rpm (revolutions per minute) of a rotating device

Easiest Solutions

Bicycle Speedometer

You can also use a digital bicycle speedometer and do the math for the

diameter of your wheel.

Mark Hayton

When magnets are involved

When you have magnets involved in your rotating device, a magnet-based tachometer will most likely not work because the magnets in your system will drown out the magnet of the tachometer (e.g. in a bicycle speedometer).

Optical Tachometer kits

There are Optical Tachometer kits for $28, you might be able to get them

cheaper if you look around, or there may be a circuit diagram that it posted

to build it from scratch.

Here is the link to a kit..

Also I bought an optical tachometer on eBay for $50, so that is a source as


Mark Hayton

Laser Tachometer

I recently purchased a Laser Tach for $49 from Marlin P Jones. I like it very , Tel 541-848-8236


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Hand held photo reflective tachometer uses LASER beam. 5 digit LCD display measures RPM from 2.5-99,999. Resolution: .1RPM /2.5-999, 1RPM/above 1000. ... Requires reflective area on a non reflective surface. $49.00


| 15161 TE


Hand held photo reflective tachometer. 5 digit LCD display measures RPM from 5-99,999 with auto range select. Resolution: .1RPM