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Tools:Review:West Mountain Radio CBA

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West Mountain Radio

Computerized Battery Analyzer (CBA)

Synopsis : Designed for hobbyists, but said to provide near-professional accuracy and performance for a fraction of the cost.

Photo / Sourcing / Price

Image:Computerized battery analyzer powerwerx.gif

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Advertised Features

Quoting from

"Test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry, any number of cells up to 48 volts."

Up to 40 amps or 150 watts, whichever is higher.

Tests the total amount of energy stored in a battery (capacity in AmpHrs)

Software provides automatic sensing of the battery cell count, a safe maximum discharge current and recommends a minimum safe cutoff voltage

Plug-and-play USB interface to the computer.

Software, supplied with the CBA, is easy and intuitive

Graphically displays and charts voltage versus time

Constant current load is controlled both with software and electronically.

Graphs may be displayed, saved and printed.

Multiple graphs of the same battery, or multiple batteries, may be compared or overlaid.

May be printed on a color or black and white printer.

CBA will even measure the temperature of a battery using the 'optional' external temperature probe.

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