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Tools:Get Involved with Exotic Free Energy

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Suggestions for How to Get Involved with the Roll-out of Exotic Free Energy


By Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan and Directory:Hank Mills

Pure Energy Systems News

January 21, 2012

The world needs free energy.

By "free energy" we are referring to devices (not free, but cheaper than conventional energy sources, ideally) that harness the wheelwork of nature that provides unlimited power everywhere.

On the conventional end of the spectrum, Solar is "free" Wind is "free", Geothermal is "free", Ocean Wave energy is "free".

And on the unconventional or "Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies" end of the spectrum, Zero Point Energy is free, waste to energy is free (as long as there are humans, there will be waste1234 one man's trash is another man's treasure). And there's cold fusion, electromagnetic overunity, aetheric, water as fuel, magnet motors, gravity motors, etc.

The only difference between "exotic" and "conventional" free energy is in the minds of humanity, who have been trained to reject the exotic because it could actually make fossil fuels obsolete as well as replace need for a central power structure to control the people.

We need to show the "powers that be" on earth that we are sick of being slaves and dumbed down to accept the idea that exotic free energy is impossible. We need to show the "powers that be" in heaven that we deserve these technologies and that we are not going to further destroy the earth with the empowerment they will provide. 

Supporting free energy is 'an act of peaceful revolutionary resistance' to the New World Order tyranny unfolding: 

Help mitigate the economic collapse they are trying to thrust on us. The rise of free energy will create both affordable, distributed (e.g. off-grid) power as well as jobs and hope in dark times.

Help mitigate wars for oil.

Provide tools for comfortable survival if/when things fall apart.

Provide tools for recovery as the Phoenix rises from the ashes -- Power to the People.

What you Can Do

There are lots of ways to get involved with free energy, and help end the era of fossil fuels that pollute the Earth and empower a central authority who can use energy to control the masses. Regardless of your background, education, or income level, there are many ways for you to help push for an energy revolution. Don't you think its time to end the Directory:Suppression of Free Energy? We think we've achieve escape velocity, and that there is nothing the powers that be can do to stop these things from coming forth. With your help, we can make it so.

Short List

# Bookmark and

# Subscribe to our newsletter, RSS feed

# Embed the Free Energy News widget on your site.

# Add a "We Support the New Energy Movement" banner on your site, linking to

# Watch the Directory:Thrive Movement documentary.

# Donate to PES Network to help us in our news, directory, and networking services.

# Offer your professional skills to the industry, either on a pro bono basis, or getting involved as an entrepreneur.

# Be an early adopter, purchasing the first versions as they become available.

# Have fun. The pursuit of free energy technologies can be quite a hoot. Plenty of action and drama and entertainment value.

Longer List of Options / Ideas

# Remain Alert -- It is important to be aware of the latest developments and updates in the realm of free energy. PESN is a good site for updates, but there are other good sites and forums as well. Don't forget to....

# Bone up. Become educated about the field and the many promising technologies emerging. PESWiki has many resources to help in that regard.

# Use your discretion. It is not easy to figure out which technologies are real, which are bogus, and which are fraudulent.

# Bookmark your favorite sites and check them regularly. We recommend the home page at

# Subscribe to free energy related Directory:Newsletters, Directory:Magazines, Directory:Email Discussion Groups, Directory:Forums.

# Subscribe to our newsletter, RSS feed

# Listen to free energy related interviews such as those on

# Watch great overview/philosophy videos such as Directory:Thrive Movement.

# Speak Up -- When you read an interesting update about an exotic or "free energy" technology, do not remain silent. Tell others about what you have read. For example, make a post on an online forum, email your friends, post it to Facebook, or make a phone call. Help the most interesting developments spread virally. Here are some additional ideas...

# Post a link from your website.

# Correct people when they say ridiculous/archetypal stuff against free energy, enlightening them about the truth of these promising technologies.

# Write articles about free energy topics for us, for your blog, for a magazine, for your local newspaper.

# Embed the Free Energy News widget on your site.

# Add a "We Support the New Energy Movement" banner on your site, linking to 

# Add a link to breaking news in the signature of your emails.

# Work on your favorite news sites, actors, musicians, politicians, to help them become aware of and supportive of free energy.

# Post interesting news to Twitter. 

# Hit the "like" button on news stories and videos on these topics.

# Ask your utilities - particularly if you own shares - when they're going to start moving to clean cheap Carbon-Free Fusion power, now that its available...

# Create YouTube Directory:Videos featuring free energy topics: replications, humor, music videos, opinion, theoretical dissertations on how stuff works, compilations, clever stuff.

# Link from your Facebook updates.

# Send links to your favorite alternative (or even mainstream) news sources to encourage them to link to it or even cover it themselves.

# Contact academics at a local university to have them look into the new science.

# Contact your government representatives to let them know.

# If you are in the film industry, find ways to slip information about free energy into a film you're working on.

# If you're in the publishing business, find ways to slip information about free energy into the books or magazines you publish. Commission writers to write on this subject.

# Don't let yourself get caught up in the "dog pile" phenomenon in which people start ragging on someone, and a vicious cycle ensues, in which skepticism becomes stronger and stronger, faith is annihilated, and the victim is pummeled to the dust. It is entirely political and has nothing to do with science.

# Replicate/Build -- If the there is an exotic or free energy technology that you have the equipment to replicate and test in a safe manner, do so. If you cannot replicate a technology by yourself, seek out others you could work with. Replication is a hallmark of science and will bring additional credibility to a new approach that might otherwise be seen as "junk science".

# You may prove the technology works, which would be the first step towards getting it into the marketplace.

# You may even be able to establish a relationship with the inventor, and be personally involved with the development of technology.

# Participate in or even start a new OS.

# Visit our PESWiki:Tools page as a resource.

# Get involved with a new energy company to help engineer the technology for improved performance.

# Donate -- If you are financially able to do so, consider contributing monetarily towards the advancement of exotic energy.

# Fund a replication project.

# Help a researcher make a trip to investigate a technology

# Support your favorite exotic energy websites with a donation, etc. 

# Donate to PES Network to help us in our news, directory, and networking services.

# Pro-Bono Professional Services -- Of course there are ways to donate that do not require sending money.

# Help us maintain, expand this PESWiki website. (We had to disable the auto-join capability due to spam. Just drop us an email and we can add you manually.)

# Offer free consulting.

# If you are a lawyer, offer free legal council.

# If you are a web guru offer free internet website design services. 

# If you are a graphic artist, offer free rendition services.

# If you are a videographer, offer to help produce a convincing video to post to YouTube.

# Offer to help create a business plan.

# Offer free accounting service.

# Be an Early Adopter -- If you learn about a revolutionary energy technology that is being offered for sale, do research on the technology (making sure it is legitimate), and consider purchasing a unit. By doing so...

# You will be helping the technology get into the marketplace faster than it would so otherwise.

# You will be able to report to others if the product worked or not.

# You will be able to provide a testimonial that will help convince others to purchase the product.

# You will be able to reap the benefits of using the technology before anyone else. For example, lower energy costs.

# You will be able to demonstrate the product to friends, family, neighbors, and others. Then they can reap the benefits as well.

# Entrepreneur -- There are many career opportunities available in the free energy sector. Follow your destiny, if this is where you feel drawn.

# Find an inventor that resonates with you and vice versa and help take his technology to market.

# Establish a business vetting Free Energy technologies.

# Establish a business selling Free Energy related gizmos.

# Embed affiliate links on your website for Free Energy books and other materials.

# Start a business providing incubator services to upcoming technologies.

# Establish a business that will serve as the certification agency for Free Energy technologies, similar to UL, but without its bureaucracy and corruption.

# Finance -- Find a technology to support.

# Establish a fund to support free energy technology advancement.

# Invest

# Establish a grant for free energy technologies.

# Establish a loan service for early stage research and development.

# Help a rising technology group learn the steps required to go from concept to market penetration.

# See Directory:Investment Resources

# Expose -- If you have proof of a free energy related fraud, then take action to stop it. Frauds and scams make the entire free energy field look bad. They also waste funds that could be spent on legitimate technologies. After you have done the research to be sure a technology is a fraud...

# Don't keep the info to yourself, spread it far and wide.

# Warn potential investors.

# Contact media outlets such as ours ( and

# Visit our Directory:Buyer Beware page to become familiar with known scams and when you see advertisements for bogus plans, inform the webmaster.

# Also along the lines of "exposing", don't forget to get involved in exposing the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] that oppose not just free energy, but freedom in all its forms, seeking to establish a world dictatorship and destroying all that is good on the planet.

# Have Fun! -- Things don't always have to be serious. Lighten up from time to time!

# Visit our Directory:Humor page.

# Join relevant Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. pages and socialize/network with others.

# Visit our Community:Social page to see relevant links.

# Get involved with or form a local Community:Tesla Society.

# Attend Directory:Annual Free Energy Conferences.

# Watch some great Free Energy Directory:Movies and Videos, starting with our "Directory:Videos:Best" collection. (Feel free to recommend others for that list.)

Chime in

If you have PESWiki editorship access, feel free to add to the above list. (We had to disable the auto-join capability due to spam. Just drop us an email and we can add you manually.)

Feel free to post comments down below, so we can add them in as well, if appropriate.

In the News

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