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Tool:Wikileaks as a Support for Breakthrough Free Energy Technologies

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"Striking Fear into the Hearts of Everyone with Something to Hide"

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

March 29, 2010

Wikileaks is perhaps the foremost anonymous whistle-blowing internet site in the world -- the "Brown Paper Envelope of the Digital Age".

Inasmuch as many breakthrough free energy technologies have been suppressed, sometimes for more than a century, Wikileaks provides a tool for exposing those involved in such suppression. Bullies thrive only when they can intimidate without fear of retaliation or exposure.

Wikileaks provides a workaround for injunctions inasmuch as they are international, answering to no one particular national government. So Wikileaks provides a method of exposure without putting the exposing source in jeapardy.

As a rough idea of their effectiveness, in three years, Wikileaks has published more scoops than the Washington Post has in thirty.

: "We have become a sort of vanguard of journalism. We take the hardest publishing cases in the world and deal with them." -- Julian Assange of Wikileaks

p.s. Wikileaks has nothing to do with Wikipedia.

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Wikileaks on the Culture Show


"Jacques Peretti looks into Wikileaks, the anonymous whistle-blowing internet site. Features an interview with John Young of Cryptome and Julian Assange of Wikileaks." (YouTube January 29, 2010}

In the News

Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers - To the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States, the Pentagon has added, a tiny online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world would prefer to keep secret. WikiLeaks also published an ... unclassified copy of the “standard operating procedures” at the military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. WikiLeaks said the document revealed methods by which the military prevented prisoners from meeting with the International Red Cross and the use of “extreme psychological stress” as a means of torture. (New York Times March 17, 2010)

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Latest: Directory:Global Warming / Directory:Global Cooling > News:Hacked Climate Research Unit (CRU) Emails - This past weekend, a major fraud was uncovered regarding the politicizing of "global warming" for the purpose of promoting increased world government regulation such as the global carbon tax. The email database of some of the chief climatologists was hacked into and the emails posted on the web for anyone to see. (PESWiki Nov. 24, 2009) (Comments)

Links - Includes many reports from reliable sources on government secrecy.


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