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The Cosmology of SR Theory

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The Cosmology of SR Theory

(Super Relativity Theory by Mark Michael Fiorentino)


No Reality model would be complete without an explanation of what happens in the macroscopic world. The sub atomic world eventually has a huge impact on the macroscopic Universe. Although the average person does not realize it the subatomic processes and particle interactions drive all of the physical reality that we experience. The force of Gravity crushing particles together creates the nuclear furnaces of stars, the physical properties of solids, liquids and gases are a direct result of sub atomic processes. Even biological processes are really chemical processes that when analyzed further are really molecular and atomic interactions. Virtually all that we experience in the physical realm is because of what happens in the unseen world of the very, very small.

It is then reasonable to assume that the physics of the very small also drives the entire Universe. I am sure that no one would disagree with that assumption. Virtually every TOE theory in physics also has 1 or more versions of their own that describe the beginning and the end of the Universe.


The SR Theory Model

The SR Theory model is a simple model that states the three primary forces of nature control everything.

The Founding Principles and Core Structure of SR Theory

1. God creates the Physical Universe from the spiritual realm. I believe that the Universe is too perfect and it works to well to not have been created by a Supreme Being. This of course cannot be proved or disproved as it is beyond the capability of physical beings to extend beyond our physical Universe to obtain the proof needed to verify this. We are at the point at which Science crosses over into the Spiritual Realm.

2. The Universe is a self supporting system in which no more direct interaction is required by the Supreme Being to maintain the Universe. The physical laws have been cast and they are IMMUTABLE. This is supported by the fact that we have never observed violations of the laws of physics. For example, planets or stars suddenly appearing or disappearing, nothing travels faster than the speed of light, etc. Everything has a direct cause and effect. Not even God violates the rules he created. He does not in any way directly interfere with how the Universe functions.

3. The Universe has no detectable beginning or end. This statement requires additional explaining as current scientific measurements indicate that there was a beginning to the Universe. The background microwave radiation detected is clear evidence that the Universe in its current incarnation did start about 15 billion years ago. SR Theory does not disagree with the idea that the Universe started at that time. What SR Theory suggests is that the Universe was restarted at that time, and it has been recycling and it will continue to recycle forever. In other words the Universe reincarnates or recycles itself every so many billions years.


The Cycle


I will now take you on a journey through the entire life cycle of the Universe using SR Theory logic and reasoning.


The Beginning

In order to explain the beginning we actually have to talk a little about how we get to the beginning. The Universe must return to a state where the Big Bang can occur. In order for that to happen the Universe must die. I will not go into the details of the ending into the final part of this article. Simply put, the Universe collapses into and becomes a giant black hole. All matter and energy are absorbed and there is nothing but the singularity. It is at this point the trigger is received and the next Big Bang occurs and the whole cycle is restarted. The last statement should have sent a bit of a chill in you when I mentioned the word trigger. I bet you what like to know what triggers a black hole to explode. The triggering mechanism will be discussed in detail in the final section of this article.

The Arguments Supporting the Oscillating Universe

1. The Big Bang did happen. The microwave background noise proves that.

2. All galaxies are moving away from each other just like what would happen in an explosion.

3. Although no one has ever seen one we are certain that Black holes exist and are probably at the center of every galaxy we can detect. We now have all of the ingredients necessary to have an oscillating Universe except for the contraction method. It is important to note at this point that the galaxies are moving away from each other at great speeds. So great in fact that it is uncertain whether the great collapse can reoccur. SR Theory to the rescue!

SR Theory Contraction Part 1

It is not necessary for all the Galaxies and all the matter and energy in between them to fall back into one central location for the Collapse to reoccur. Remember the SR theory explanation for EPR, what was implied in that article is that the ultra tiny singularities, the twin photons are in some way physically connected. In other words they can be both mathematically and physically explained as in direct contact with each other and representing the same point even though they me be separated 3 dimensionally by light years worth of Cartesian distance. In SR Theory all matter is considered to be connected by virtue of the fact that at the center of all matter and energy particles are ultra miniature black holes. Therefore all matter and energy particles are connected. So even though the galaxies are separated, when the last galaxy collapses and the last bits of matter and energy are absorbed, the trigger will then occur.

SR Theory Contraction Part 2

Earlier in this article I mentioned that the galaxies are expanding and in fact appear to be accelerating away from each other. SR Theory says that the Universe will eventually collapse. It also predicts a way to detect whether the Universe is expanding or collapsing. According to SR Theory if the Universe is collapsing the speed of light will be slowing down. See this article. Is Light Slowing Down? . SR Theory says that the Universal Constants like the speed of light are not constants but in reality have the values that are determined by current state of space. If space is expanding the speed of light will be increasing. If space is contracting then the speed of light will be slowing. What mainstream science says is that the Universe is expanding and the only reason that mainstream science has for this is dark energy which is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and has strong negative pressure. SR Theory says that the Universe is collapsing. What we are seeing is the result of the outer most galaxies being pulled toward super massive black holes that are beyond the outer most galaxies. What we are seeing is the tidal effect caused by the gravitational pull on these galaxies. The most distant galaxies are the closest to the black holes and are accelerating towards the super massive Black Holes. This gives the illusion of an expanding universe but in fact it is collapsing.

The Cosmic Trigger

To my knowledge no physical explanation has ever been given for what caused the Big Bang in the first place. SR Theory has a simple and elegant explanation for why the Big Bang occurred and why it will continue to happen forever and ever. In order to understand the cause of the explosion you must understand what SR theory says about the internal structure of matter and energy. I will briefly explain it here but I encourage you to read the other articles on this website that explain this idea in more detail. Please read What are Matter and Energy? and What is a Photon? for more information on the structure and composition of matter and energy. What SR theory says about matter is that generally speaking all particles that make up the core or nucleus of atoms have either a neutral or positive charge. On the exterior region of the atom are the negatively charged components, electrons and photons. The opposite charge attraction between these 2 components help form atoms and the various oscillating patterns that are the atoms.

These atomic structures never completely collapse. Atoms are bistable multivibrators that are sustainable structures. The exception occurs when there is a great deal of matter in a region and when there is a sufficient enough quantity in close enough proximity. When this occurs matter will collapse to a state we call a singularity (Black Hole). No one knows for sure what the structure of matter is when this state transformation occurs. The rules for SR Theory state that matter and energy cannot be destroyed so I suspect that all of the matter and energy that are absorbed into the Singularity still retain their internal structure. This is a very important point. If this is true then we have a way to create the explosion. If matter and energy retain their internal structure and are not destroyed then there is still a great deal of repulsive force between particles within a Black Hole. SR theory states that there are 2 possible scenarios that could cause a singularity to explode.

Scenario 1

If there is a disproportionate amount of charged particles absorbed into a Black Hole the charge particles will create a superheated core within the Black Hole. Within the black hole beneath the event horizon is a second event horizon which I call the Thermal Event Horizon. In this region all of the matter and energy is highly compressed and the temperature is extremely hot. All the matter and energy is colliding at close range and radiating intensely. Since all of this is going on below the gravitational event horizon it is undetectable. When enough charge is present the core of the Black Hole will achieve a super heated state do to avalanche effect of the internal collisions of energetic particles within the core. This state change will then cause an expansion of the Thermal Event Horizon. When the Thermal Event Horizon expands beyond the Gravitational Event Horizon Black hole will explode.

Scenario 2

In this scenario the trigger is not caused by a disproportionate amount of charge being absorbed by a Black Hole. The mechanism is very similar otherwise. Theoretically speaking there is point at which a Black Hole can grow no larger. In this scenario as the Singularity increases in size it also increases the internal pressure on all of the particles within the core. The core achieves a plasma state in which the radiation is so great it begins to expand the Thermal Event Horizon. Eventually the singularity becomes so large the Thermal Event Core expands beyond the Gravitational Event Horizon and the Singularity explodes. Apparently in our Universe one of 2 things must be true according to SR Theory. There is enough negatively charged particles to cause the black hole to explode or there is sufficient mass to build a Super Giant that will explode.

The Summary


Gravity will eventually create collapsing galaxies throughout the Universe. Once all of the Galaxies collapse and the last bits of charged particles are absorbed the core will again become unstable and the Universe will explode from a central point and the entire cycle will restart all over again. So in this Model there is no beginning and no end the Universe is unbounded and at the same time finite. If you think about it has to be this way. There can never have been a time when there was truly nothing. If there was such a state of existence then matter and energy could have never been created. You cannot create a something from a nothing. The Universe, like God has always been here and it will always be here, forever without end.


(by Mark Fiorentino)


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