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MH370 Exposé on

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:14'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy

There is no tie-in to energy here, but there is to the broader subject of conspiracy, which has also been involved in suppressing the emergence of exotic free energy technologies.

This report at is quite interesting to consider about the Malaysian flight 370 that disappeared.

-- SilverThunder 23:18, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

CIA Murdered Yull Brown

Correction There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] -- Not Murdered

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:14'

Relevance: Directory:Brown's Gas / Directory:Suppression

(Yull Brown: Inventor of Brown's Gas, aka Rhodes Gas, aka HHO, hydroxy -- commonly ducted electrolysis)

This evening I attended the 29th Annual Easter Offering in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. I usually perform in the Sanpete valley choir, along with my parents, but this year I was too busy, so I opted out. The performance went very well, by the way. The piano soloist was one of the best I've heard, ever.

After the performance, a guy from out of state came up to me to thank me for "changing his life" many years ago by the things I was writing. It was before I got involved in exotic free energy, which he's also been involved with. (Also at the event were at least two people involved in church court hearing for my excommunication for "apostasy", because I wouldn't tow the line but wanted to think for myself. [That's one of the things that was empowering to this guy.])

He then pulled me aside to talk to me in private. Afterward, I asked his permission to share what he related to me. He asked me to keep his name out of it and the name of the institution.

He said that years ago, at a time when he had a lot of money, he had been involved in financing Yull Brown and had taken him to a university to introduce his work to the university. Two days later he was contacted by the CIA and grilled for three hours, being told to back off or he would be killed, along with Yull Brown and the professors and even the students involved. They did not want the Brown's gas technology getting out. [They certainly failed on that one, though they've been effective in keeping it out of the mainstream.]

He said the CIA was behind the murder of Yull Brown along with [five or six] others.

The guy who told me this said that he did abandon the pursuit of exotic free energy technologies and in the past few years has been focusing on the spiritual pursuits, because it is going to take more than technology to defeat these people. It is going to take people who know how to effectively call upon and use the power of God. That's been his focus

My reason for sharing this is that 1) the guy seemed very credible, 2) I am not one to keep things quiet, unless there is a compelling reason. I believe that by bringing things out into the open, shining the light of day on it, that a lot of good can be done, and evil tends to flee. 3) It pissus me off that an agency of the U.S. government was directly involved in the suppression of free energy technologies. 4) I like and agree with his point about calling on the power of God to defeat evil.

One thing I do not want to be accomplished by my sharing this is to scare anyone. Fear is the last thing I want to propagate. Perfect love casts out all fear. Bullies only have power through fear. If you have no fear, they have no power.

We are going to win this war. We have destiny on our side. Free energy is all about freedom and freedom is going to win.

- - - -

On my way home, Cheri was telling me how bad things are in North Korea. There, if a person defies the government, not only are they put in prison [or whatever they call it], but their entire family, down to three generations, are likewise incarcerated. This has been a huge deterrent because people don't want to put their extended family in jeopardy. That is so evil. It's hard to imagine things being that bad. But that is where we're headed in America if the goons running the show get their way.

-- SilverThunder 03:34, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

CORRECTION: Yull Brown Not Murdered

I received the following statement from Congress:Advisor:Andrew Michrowski of PACE along with two attachments:

PACE flyer: memebership, origins, aims

Brown's Gas in Healthy Houses

: Dr. Yull Brown died out of diabetes in Sydney Australia in the company of his common-law companion - who maintained during the dying and afterwards very warm relations with PACE, as well as the two Toseski brothers who had worked with him in B.E.S.T. factory on the original BG generators, his MD and a lady from Los Angeles who helped him promote / distribute the NORINCO versions of the BG technology. Yull maintained constant telephone contact with us in Ottawa till the last few days of his life for several years, mainly to ensure that his technology be properly pursued and researched safely (for example, when George Wiseman got involved in testing and then into production and when Atomic Energy of Canada Limited became interested in testing the system for the rapid decontamination of nuclear radiation - see also paper). We also published his work in articles, presentations, conferences, etc.

: Dr. Andrija Puharich died from kidney failure, complicated by an injury from a step indoors at the RJ Reynolds estate (as a scientific research retreat) in North Carolina, basically, as we have been able to determine out of malnutrition from the junk food that his latest & much younger "star-kid" spouse may have been feeding him. During the time he was sharing the estate also with Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William Van Bise. If you are in doubt, consider contacting Dr. Rauscher in Arizona, or his son, in the Netherlands.

: Concerning Stan Meyer, he tended to be an "introvert" - even when he was invited to make presentations at the PACE German-language chapter, during an international gathering in Switzerland. At that event, Prof. Dr. Stefan Marinov was peer-reviewing Some UK colleagues of PACE were offering him what we understand was at $17,000,000 venture capital arrangement that he seemed to be interested in during the same time frame when he existed from his Ohio small town mall restaurant and dropped dead/dying.

: The same fate was met by our founding Vice-President circa 1975 after a meal at the Parliamentary restaurant, a law professor from the University of Ottawa (who wrote our charter and who articulated our definition of "clean energy" that still make excellent sense, and probably will do so, for many generations yet to come), and we are not claiming foul play!

: By the way, we truly appreciate the goodwork of Hydrogen Garage the late Dr. Prof. Emeritus O'M. Bockris (PACE life member) - "father of electrochemistry" once published that essentially should the world opt for a solar-hydrogen economy, Brown's Gas was the best system (out of over a thousand that he and his expert colleagues peer-review and analyzed, starting at Flinders University in Australia, from where he was able to convince the government of New South Wales, Australia that it was safe to let Yull Brown manufacture these generators. Recently the European Union has authorized the sale & manufacture of BG generators. In Canada, we are still experiencing official resistance from government agencies even though we have built what is probably the world's largest unit - about 100,000 litres of BG/hour for research purposes.

: We hope that these news are helpful.

: Andrew Michrowski

That was written in response to this email from Brother Andrew of

: Hey Sterling,

: James Robey interviewed Canadian Scientist Andrew Michrowski twice- 2007-03-21/22

: Andrew mentioned that they took out Yull Brown in 98, 3 months later they got Stan. Andrew was hired by the Oil Corps to follow

: Stan and Yull and Andrija Puharich (1918-1995)


: I know this for a fact. They tried to do away with Boyce as well. You know that story.


: Water is FREE. They hate that idea. LOL Some day energy will be FREE for ALL TO US! No more utilities bills that will be a thing of the past.

: When will this happen Bob? He replies " When the Cabal is gone". When push comes to shove!!

: Bro A

- - - -

Following up from that, he wrote:

: Andrew M. was a hired scientist, to check out the water car technology and report back to the Oil Corp Sumit in Venzula back in 1998. After his speech at that summit, he said he watched the Oil excutives panic, they all thought they would lose their jobs over night. A few weeks later Stan was posioned and 3 months after that Yull was murdered. Yull used to wear a pistol and holster to work in his lab. He had shots fired at his home.

: Andrew said he was terrified on what he had found and was truly sorry for he had no idea it would lead to murder, is what I got out of it. He never worked for the oil coprs eer again. A few years prior he was friend with Andjrai and his great bug bloody motorhome, 40' long and it ran on water, from his own patent. Andrew thought something was fishy with Andrija's passing in 1995

: GO listen to the 2 interviews, he is quite the charcter.

: Andrew


: From: Andrew Michrowski

: Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 10:58 AM

: Regarding the "oil" people - after my speech on behalf of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, at the United Nations, I was approached by several national delegates from missions to the United Nations - one of them was from the Republic of Venezuela, who were probably probing our facts and perspectives since I was (indirectly from the content of my discourse) pointing out that it would be INAPPROPRIATE for Venezuela to exploit any further their Oil & Gas resources (vast amounts of tar sands, possibly as much if not more than Canada's) and instead focus on clean energy technology. If you wish to read the contents of my paper, I could scan it for you.

: In several stakeholder gatherings administered by the Government of Canada (for example, National Energy Board, Science Council of Canada, National Roundtable for the Environment, Innovation Canada), we were counter-weighed to the Petroleum industry we were even sued by the Canadian petroleum industry since 1977 - but the Senator Chesley W. Carter, M.Sc. managed to offset their aggressiveness towards us.

: Andrew Michrowski

-- SilverThunder 19:19, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

New $99 Neurophone crowdfunder about to launch
Image:Neurophone 300.jpg
Image:NewNeurophone perks 300.jpg
Image:Patrick-flanagan stream 300.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:14'

Relevance: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Gillis Patrick Flanagan

I imaging most of you have heard of the Neurophone that Patrick Flanagan came up with decades ago when he was about 13 years old -- about 15 years after Tesla died. The neurophone connects to the head to transmit into the brain. It's said to help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and to increase intelligence (something we could use in the day of the corrupt powers that be trying to dumb us down so we will be proper slaves).

Until now, the device has been either unavailable or quite expensive, at around $800, but now it looks like they'll be able to get the price down to $99.

To do that, they're going to be launching a crowdfunder. Their website is where they have posted a couple of the campaign videos.

But first they want to garner 5,000 volunteers. As I clicked through to to join up, I could see in the messages that they've had some highly successful membership drives with 1100 coming in in just one day. Now they are at 5,315 members, so I guess they're pretty close to being ready to launch.


(YouTube March 20, 2014)


(YouTube October 30, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 00:16, 14 April 2014 (UTC)