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Tasks:Pages to Migrate

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A list of pages that need to be moved from over to

This is not yet a comprehensive listing.

Task Description

# Move all bullets from the page that do not yet exist at the PESWiki page.

# Include images

# Omit any items that are obsolete

# Organize things better at PESWiki in the process, using similar but improved headings at PESWiki

# Remove the memo on the PESWiki page that notes the task to move contents from the page over to the PESWiki page.

# When you are done, let Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan know so he can

#create a forward prescription at the page

#redirect the links from the navigation columns at FreeEnergyNews, PESN, PureEnergySystems and PESWiki

# If the update is substantial, post a link to the page from PESWiki home and News pages, announcing the page upgrade.

PS: If the PESWiki page has become large, it may be good to subdivide it, moving some sections to a page of their own. Major topics may even deserve a footer of their own, so each page shares the same footer, listing the various sub-topic links.

Pages to Move

see also left-hand navigation column at