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Talk:Video:Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve

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Interesting video. I must admit knew all that all ready but presentation was interesting. Note the documentary failed to name the enemy clearly. It fails to distinguish between the results of failed plots the unintended consequences of powerful players clashing and intentional conspiracy. In my opinion great and powerful blunders trump conspiracy every time.

If the fed is taking billions of your tax dollars where are they spending it? There should be a corresponding large unearned expenditure. I don't see it? It should create as much wealth somewhere as is used up in the feds interest.

What are we to do? The documentary has no answers! It leaves us with a hint that the writer is atheist and a clear sign that he is answerless. The question remains now what?

Can we go back to a gold currency? What is required to create a new gold based system. Gary Northand before him Henry Hazlitt<pesn type= and Ludwig Von Mises["></pesn> talked of such a transition. Yet to create a gold based currency you must first have gold. You must have a people that sees the need and votes for the laws. We lack all three.

The wealth of Africa, Asia and the Americas existed in and under their soils for centuries before Weston colonialists took them easily. It takes knowledge, technology, and the rule of law to turn resources into wealth. At Peswiki we see the key is energy and organization. We have to foster the development of both. Wealth is also not wealth without the means to defend it and the means to defend your life. Yet acquiring such means makes you easy target for the antiterrorist laws. We need new political, information and legal tools too.

Energy helps but the greater challenge is not a new kind of power plant or a new energy saving widget the greatest challenge is to come up with new systems of partnership, collaboration and financing to turn ideas into hardware on the shelves, in the field and in our houses. Open source is OK for information only projects but where real resources and equipment must be deployed we need new legal and economic tools. Find those tools and we can rewrite the energy sector and with it become able to build something rich enough to simply say no to the socialists of various kinds: Marxist Fascists humanistic- the bankers socialists of the documentary, that want to rule us all.

Note also the Australian federal reserve is government run (semi independent a Quango) yet it works the same as the US fed. so who gets the wealth there? Our Aussy fed predated the American one by several years. Its hard to find the conspiracy down here. wesleybruce