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Talk:Video:Zeitgeist -- Addendum

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Discussion page for Video:Zeitgeist -- Addendum

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Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Video:Zeitgeist -- Addendum - Latest Zeitgeist movie points to some of the root causes of pervasive social corruption, primarily the fiat money system and the scarcity mentatility required for its support. (PESWiki Oct. 11, 2008)


Zeitgeist - Secret NWO Anti-Christian Infiltraitor - Warning: Do NOT watch Zeitgeist and especially not Zeitgeist Addendum. Spread the word. It mixes just enough truth with it's deceptive and creative double-speak and also mind-control techniques with new world/age venus project double-think. (Oct 16, 2008)

Half excellent research, half naive Utopian Socialism rehash

On Oct. 12, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen wrote:

Once again this producer does outstanding work defining the ills of the central banking system known in the US as the Federal Reserve system and even reports on some excellent usage of new clean energy technologies.

Unfortunately, he has socialist agenda so extreme, he feels he has the right to lie about theological issues and even stretch reality as to energy technology application. I haven't heard communist propaganda like this since the 50's.

In Zeitgeist I, his slipshod research tries to make a theological implication that Christians confused the words "sun" and "son". Excuse me, those words are only homonyms in the English language, not in the native languages he claims. He repeats his vendetta against all religions again in Zeitgeist Addendum by implying they cause all social ills. He blindly blames religious guilt as the reason for all crime. He ignores historical fact that crimes in socialist, as well as abusive capitalist run societies were perpetuated by the LEADERS who were already well-off, not the poor guy on the street trying to find a meal but had no money to pay for it. And just like a typical atheist-communist, he further wants to blame Christianity for all the historical crimes of the past. A little more research on his part would have led him to discover they were caused by the Vatican and their own political hit men called Jesuits or Knights of Malta, not the words and teaching of Jesus Christ. The Vatican is the dregs of the old Roman Empire, and every bit as corrupt, power hungry and profane.

The technology fallacy promoted here again, I last saw at the 1964 NY World's fair, and any episode of the "Jetsons", produced about the same time. That is the juvenile fantasy that robots would be our slaves, enabling mankind to live without responsibilities or guilt, because now robots and technology take care of all the hassles of life.

So unfortunately, Zeitgeist Addendum replaces one hideous crime, Central banking, with a different one, a society with no moral guidelines or any balance system to assure human rights across society to those who do not happen to own the robot factory.

Today's criminally run Central Banking system is built around a debt based economy. That is master/slave, or parasite/host in structure. The banker owns everything until the debtor pays back the last penny of both principal and interest. If banking were to go over to an equity based economy, attached to a stable, perhaps metal based currency, there would be no foreclosures or unjust acquisition of wealth by the elite. And if energy became localized and affordable, there would not be monopoly control which also has led to unjust wealth acquisition.

Ken Rasmussen

Advocates pure central control and socialism

On October 12, 2008 8:24 AM Mountain, Ross Mohan of Arlington, VA, wrote:


The first Zeitgeist movies were informative, hard-hitting and well-done.

The current one advocates pure central control and socialism, and would be the death knell for "alternatives" of any kind, including alternative energy. I think you made a big mistake posting this.

Do you really want to advocate the overturn of free market ideas, of inventors being able to profit from their inventions? This would affect US long before it affected ExxonMobil, etc.

One review, out in the real world:

I don't support their anarchist conclusion either

On Oct. 12, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your concern.

I would call what they are advocating "socialism". It's more anarchistic, and no, I don't support that world view.

I do think they make some great points about the scarcity mentality that is the foundation of today's financial system. That made it worth feature, in my opinion.

To another group today I wrote:

On Sept. 15, 2008, Lyndon Larouche wrote:

: "Now we've come to a new crisis. Now we've come to a condition where we could loose everything. We can loose civilization. Not just a depression, but what is called a 'general breakdown crisis' -- something that has never happened in modern European civilization something that has never happened since the ... Dark Age crisis of the 14th Century.

: "Now we face a situation in which the current President of the United States ... and his administration is in the process of destroying the United States through the process of this financial looting operation run from London and similar places.

: "Do we have the ability today to stand up and to reject this threatening crisis? That's the question you have to ask yourself.". (The Lost Chance of 1989 : The Fall of the Wall time stamp 41:15)

I cite this as a statement from one of the most financially astute and well respected people on the planet.

However, I must disagree with his dire prediction of where this crisis will leave us.

As a planet, we are in a birthing process, from one state of being to another.

We are shedding an old, control-based, greed-based, materialistic-based, scarcity-based mentality, and will be rising to a far more enlightened, individual-responsibility-based, abundance-based, egalitarian-based mentality.

A phoenix will rise from these ashes, and it will not be a socialistic new world order.

Unlike the people of the 14th Century, we know what is possible. We have a taste of a better way. Our children will create something far better than what we have had.

Possible plagiarism

Wesleybruce 23:43, 13 October 2008 (PDT)

The analysis of fractional reserve banking comes from the Web of debt documentary which advocates government fiat currency as opposed to the abolition of money. see Ellen Brown advocates a greenback style currency spent into circulation without interest. That wont work either but its a better idea that digitally disguised socialism, the rule of unelected programmers suggested by the Venus project and Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist seems to have plagiarized Ellen Browns documentary and the other two documentary's. Black sections probably cover places on the cloned/pirated documentaries where the text and commentary contradict the Zeitgeist line.

Ironically a gold currency with full reserve banking and simplified stock and bond rules, essentially Austrian School Economics, would do precisely what the Venus project/Zeitgeist want to do. Every advance in mining technology, transport and economic tools makes gold mining cheaper, cleaner and more productive so gold would keep up with wealth. A gold rush is the closet thing to an open source financial system yet seen anyone can get rich starting with muscles and common sense.

If we had a free moral banking, full reserve banking and investment with the middle men shut out of share and bond issues, we would open up millions of projects including the transport, energy, environment and resource projects we all desire. The only reason we at peswiki can't issue a small share or bond issue for each of our projects is because government bans such small high risk issues. The only reason we can't stick an invest here icon on each web page and web site or do Google type share auction is out of date pre-digital investment laws. I own stock in several virtual companies in second life. No real bank or Wall street firm was needed. Yet governments have been trying to shut down these new virtual stock markets in virtual worlds for a year or so now. (PS because of that interference my virtual portfolio is loosing money.)

None of the stuff that the Venus project/Zeitgeist gets right is their own work. They are however correct we can reduce resources scarcity, Build cities on the seas and in space and build super fast vacuum maglev systems. However I've been involved in all these fields: National space society, Sea Steading Institute, permaculture, magnetic personal rapid transit, for two decades. In all these areas the Venus project is either out of date or just nice graphics with no real engineering behind it. They really are not helping we've never seen them make a workable contribution in any of these fields. They don't show up at conferences as far as I can tell.

We need separate Zeitgeist from the working bits that they mention. A page or section on Personal Rapid Transit such as ET3 and others. Vacuum maglev is to transport what the web is to communications. One section on banking and the fed (and all the other 100+ central banks) including a bit on Austrian School Economics. The Austrian school are the only ones who predicted the mess the banks are in and proposed a solution. Its almost open source banking and currency production so no-one in the government, the corporations or big media likes it or even mentions the Austrian School by name. I also think we need to look at virtual currencies within GNU projects and the conversion process from open source to private company. Even free energy needs a capital base.

Careful Sterling, Lyndon Larouche also has a tenancy to come up with big capital/infrastructure plans and discards capitalism in the attempt to fund them. Socialism with an American face is still socialism. Read up on private bond issues and you'll know how to fund big projects within capitalism. The tools that built the western world are almost all banned today and their users are called Robber Barron's.

Wesleybruce 23:43, 13 October 2008 (PDT)