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Talk:Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

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Discussion page for Video:A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

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A 1-hour video on various "Free" energy paths and includes at least one of our own New Energy Congress members - Congress:Member:Eric Krieg, as he investigates technologies that could perhaps meet his as yet unclaimed, $10K Perpetual Motion challenge.


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The Coming Energy Revolution

Hugh Campbell wrote on Dec, 28, 2008

:"There were several other devices mentioned in Manning's "The Coming Energy Revolution". The Tewari device for example. We also know of the Bedini device. Why are we not going after the ones we know about vs. the new kids in town? I would also not spend a dime to check out a claim that does not provide video and an explanation of how it works. They also need to be willing to give the technology away. You might have noticed that this concept of giving it away was also mention in the video recently mentioned. The reasoning supports exactly what I have been saying all along in that the current system from the patent office to any Government Agency is there to discover what an inventor knows. This corrupt system will not sit back and let Free Energy happen as it will upset the current power structure. There is nothing they will not do to keep this from happening. I also believe that those that have cracked this nut already understand this reality and have kept quiet. We need to pursue the ones that know the score and not the ones that live in a fairy tale world where they believe that the money people are just waiting to throw them a ticker tape parade! Using this criteria, it will be very easy to see who will be worth working with and who will not. If they insist on money, wash your hands of them and let them go out and see what happens. This is the time for this technology to come out. There are devices out there and it is just a matter of time. Save your time and money for the ones that Get it!

:The reason I know there are many devices out there is that if you think about the early 1900's, airplanes, radio and several other devices were being discovered or invented in several places around the world at the same time and I can assure you that this was no accident! Think about that for a moment, how does it happen that groups of people not having an idea that anyone else is working on the same thing are doing so at the same time around the world? To put it simply, this is divine intervention and inspiration. That is what is happening right now and when you compare the numbers of people involved around the world now with FE devices, it is really staggering as compared to the 1900's. The suppression against a natural progression in understanding and technical evolution can only work against the initial small waves of trailblazers. Over time the numbers increase to the point where there are too many that have the knowledge for these corrupt forces to stop the transition. The sad part is that this transition could have happened 100 years ago."


Hugh Campbell wrote on Dec, 28, 2008

:"You and Eric should go visit the Methernitha group in Linden, Switzerland and see the Testatika. There have been many scientists that have seen the device and believe it is real.

:I personally did not like Eric's explanation of why the wheel did not work. He claimed several possibilities but did not offer a single calculation to prove his explanation. If you are going to claim the laws of physics, you should be prepared to prove your case using those laws with the supporting calculations. If this is how Eric represents himself as a skeptic, then I see no value to what he is doing. It is like the old Government paid debunkers that used to explain UFO phenomen as swamp gas except now we have one in our midst! I have no problems with skeptics because ultimately, there are those that will take advantage of people and that is understood. The only thing is though, if you don't know how it works it might be because the laws you are using don't work. This is really the point here that in reality free energy devices will not be using the current laws of physics so using these laws to judge new devices will not only be useless, it can be damaging to the whole movement.

:The problem with many skeptics is that they cling to the second law of thermodynamics as if it were the ultimate truth. The laws of physics represent our understanding of observed effects and have been found to be useful to predict effects. It does not mean that it represents the true laws of nature. The laws of physics do not make allowances for open loop systems which is what free energy systems really are. I believe that Eric's association with this group would mean that he would want to at least offer to us a more detailed explanation or some basic calculations that show how the sun or the wind did it. If Eric does not have a better explanation than what I heard then I can see how no one will be able to claim the $10K prise he has offered. In the mean time is he helping or hurting?"

Methernitha Group

Mark Dansie wrote Dec. 27, 2008

:"I would love to check the Methernitha group out in Linden. I have no contacts there. I agree with many of your comments re skeptics. My approach would be to eliminate the other possabilities Erik mentioned (win and solar). If those possabilities were eliminated and it still ran then I believe the $10, 000 should be awarded and the device recognised. I also believe the device does not violate any laws of physics. I also can see why Erik is a skeptic. I know myself spending many thousands of dollars supporting inventors or travelling and debunking any devices takes it toll.

:I debunked three more devices this month, one in England , one in Thailand the other in Australia, and it becomes very disheartening. I do have some hope for a device I have been following for 18 months in Australia, I hope to have some good news soon. But dont hold your breath.

:Anyway I will talk to Erik as he knows I have a lot of respect for him, I just dont go public with my findings. I would like to examine all the ways we can eliminate other explanations regarding the wheel.

:Anyway I hope everyone enjoys the film, I thought the members of the NEC would find it entertaining."

Setting Protocols or Processes

Mark Dansie wrote Dec., 27, 2008

:"You might notice it was an Australian` company that produced this documentary. I am not sure when it aired here. I am a big supporter of Erik. I am also a skeptic by default, having seen no evidence that can be independently replicated that no device or system produces overunity. (cold fussion and blacklight power might be the exception). However the gravity wheel does look authentic and promising. I ask Erik if he can report back to the forum if it did self start and did it have any usefull power or torque. I also ask that if he feels it would be feasable to build a tempory structure (like a circus tent) over the device so we can eliminate wind or solar power? What else would need to be done to eliminate any other explanation?

:If gravity and be demonstarted to be used, I would not classify it as overunity but another anergy source such as we view wind and solar.If this wheel can be eventually used to prove that gravity can be harvested then I feel it is a breakthrough. Above all I feel the wheel is a work of art expressing the artists passion, a life work worthy of the attention it is getting. Like all great art works it is a subject of contraversy.

:As far as everything else goes in the film, it was highly entertaining (so Sadam was hiding in the Pyramids). I was asked recently by the forum some of the tests or checks I do when validating new devices and claims. The ultimate one is closed loop. If you can close loop the system, or extract any usefull energy then its a croc. I have a team that investigates claims all over the world, I find nowdays I can eliminate most over the internet and via email. I still feel its worthwhile checking out new claims and devices.

:In most instances the inventors mislead themselves, or only look at data they want too rather than all the evidence. With the help of Erik I am happy to set out a set of protocals or processes that the NEC should follow. Have a great new year."