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Talk:Verdict-project verified is legitamate

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Discussion page for Directory:Project Home 2010.

Image:ProjectHome2010 95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Grand Unified Theories / Directory:Anti-Gravity / Directory:Magnet Motors >Directory:Project Home 2010 - The objective of the project is to succeed with an experiment in relativity to prove out the realities of the universe by developing a magnetic propulsion and anti-gravity system, yielding a vehicle that could levitate above the ground on a cushion of self-generated magnetized air. Project to be completed in 2010. (PESWiki Nov. 10, 2008)


Interesting theory of the big bang from Project Home 2011

Continuing to follow the works from Project Home 2011

Their research has come up with an interesting theory that the universe is not a mass that exploded but the opposite, a weak spot within a mass that ripped open as a void inside a mass. It explains why the universe is expanding faster and faster, and eliminates the idea of "dark matter" to explain this. The quantum research in Project Home 2011 supports that matter is simply made of space, and particles are space still compacted, bits of singularity not completely diffused.

Professor1 23:41, 19 November 2011 (PST)

Recent Developments cont.

I saw those guys from Project Home 2011 on the Planet Forward TV show. They were great! I wish John and Matt Mitch much success in the future.

I have been doing more research on Project Home 2011, and since the project completed on January 1, 2011, they have investors working with them on a larger 6-foot platform with their maglev cells mounted around the perimeter.

The unit is still controlled by their polybit computer as they call it. To clear up some confusion about how the polybit computer from Project Home 2011 works, I found out that John Obik and Matt Mitch Urquhart invented a processor that allocates the memory a certain way that divides it up so that each step in a program has it's own section of memory to compute a value, so the system can find all the calculatable values at one time. It is a lot faster, but it is pretty much just a new operating system.

I have been looking into the disgruntled ones behind the smear campaign against the project and why they have a beef with this project to make false claims towards it.

Whoever the prankster is that is trying to defame the project definately has some personal envy toward it or something.

I found some evidence that suggests it could be someone affiliated with an organization that calls themselves 'Hovertech', as the false claims about this project seem to be coming from there. It appears that around 10 years ago, when Project Home 2011 was 22 years old, with 10 years left to go to complete on January 1, 2011, that someone from Hovertech was doing some kind of hoax against the real Project Home 2011.

They impersonated the members, and used a blog website some unknown individual, appearantly associated with Hovertech, created with the project called by some ficticious name, and dates and locations altered. They took the information and images from the real Project Home 11's site which also existed 10 years ago, with the correct information about the project.

The pranksters tried to use the unofficial homemade blog of some fan of the project from 10 years ago,

not created by any affiliate of the real project home 2011, but by some private person with the wrong version of the information on it as their alliby to falsely claim that the real Project Home 2011 had created the phoney site 10 years ago, and had called this project by some other names in the past, which is absolutely not true.

The prankster used on their webpage a similar but not exact name of the real project probably because they knew they could get in trouble if they used the real name of the project which has only been Project Home 2011 since the day it began on June 1, 1979 until it completed when the funding ran out on January 1, 2011. January 1, 2011 was the planned date the project would complete all the while, The project did complete on time, January 1, 2011 with the mass acceleration experiment working as planned.

The members of the organization Project Home 2011 never called their project by any name other than Project Home 2011 since it began in 1979.The name of the project reflects when it was achieved. It was achieved the first day of 2011, which speaks for itself.

The prankster tried to use their false claim against the real Project Home 11, that the real science project Home 2011 had made these blogs as the prankster's reasoning for claiming the real project was a 'hoax'. If the smear campaign is some kind of hoax by Hovertech, it could have something to do with Project Home 11 coming up with a maglev technology, and it could be some kind of negative advertizing campaign against Home 11, for competition reasons.

I am investigating this further. Meanwhile, I keep finding more sources that verify the works of Project Home 2011, and the correct names and dates. I have been getting to the bottom of this, and I am finding plenty of proof of Project Home 2011's work, and cracking the prankster case of who is behind the negative smear campaign.

I was able to verify the credentials of Project Home 2011 and their staff. Project Home 2011 is mentioned in many notable sources including printed publications from well recognized honor societies,

reference: Project Home 2011 noted- Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 2009, Randall Reilly publishing, 75th volume (2009), p 628

John Obik and Matt Mitch Urquhart graduated college with degrees in Machine Technology and near perfect grade point averages John O. 3.5 and Matt Mitch 3.8. They are also members of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor society. The two scientists in Project Home 2011 are very notable people.

I also found some articles where students at Connecticut Universities are using John Obik's and Matt Mitch Urquhart's equations for ion barriers from Project Home 2011 do do experiments in the Universities physics department.

Project Home 2011 scientific paper abstract

Project Home 2011: Physics and Engineering Research

By: Mrs. Jackie James, Mr. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart, Mr. John Obik

Research colleagues John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart completed a 32-year research project studying physics and had success with matter acceleration operation on January 1, 2011, which proved physics theories.

New computer technology and advances in electrostatic levitation devices were also achieved. The project - a 32-year long, investor-funded scientific research project, Project Home 2011, managed by the Australian company Envirotech E.A. Ltd. - succeeded with a matter acceleration test on January 1, 2011.

Project Home 2011 began in 1979 and was completed January 1, 2011. John and Matt assembled the disc in the vacuum space chamber. The disc in the vacuum ran on a cushion of magnetism, which emitted no material discharge that would burn up the disc. The vacuum had to be completely pure, and the students found the way, using the very magnetism to propel the disc, to also attract material particles from the vacuum. The research yielded a method of levitation for moving objects above the ground, without the friction of ground contact. Incorporated into the Project Home 2011 vehicle are magnetic cells, 8 each side with 16 total, with the edges of the circular coils pointed downward on either side of the vehicle midbody. The same principal applies. A cushion of self-sustained, magnetized air is generated below the Project Home 2011 vehicle, and the vehicle hovers above the ground. This is not anti-gravity. The force of gravity is still there, but the force of repelling magnetism "wedges" the Project Home 2011 vehicle up when activated. The magnetized air below the vehicle immediately tries to escape out from under the vehicle, but new ionized air is constantly self-generated from the e.m.f. emitted from the vehicle's propulsion cells, keeping a constant cushion of magnetic air maintained below the vehicle, so the vehicle hovers. The height of the vehicle's hovering capability is proportionate to the scale of the cell. 3000 amperes per square area of conductive material.

Mrs. Jackie James

Acting Agent, Administrator, Project Home 2011 Enfield, Connecticut, USA

Jackie James is the Acting Agent for the Australian company, Envirotech E.A. LTD, and handled the disbursement of funds that were provided by investors for the scientific research of Project Home 2011. Jackie was responsible for overseeing the project operations and handling the higher education grant awards for the two research colleagues in Project Home 2011 at Springfield College, Massachusetts and Asnuntuck College in Connecticut.

Mr. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart

Engineer A.S. Machine Technology, Research and Development, Project Home 2011 Enfield, Connecticut, USA

Matthew Mitchel Urquhart, one of the research colleagues in Project Home 2011 from the project's inception in 1979 to it's completion in 2011, has an Associates of Science degree in machine technology from Asnuntuck College in Enfield, Connecticut with a GPA of 3.8, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa international honor society, and inducted into Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities national honor society in 2009. Matthew Mitchel co-designed the apparatus for accelerating solid mass in a vacuum chamber to astronomical speeds and studying the results. Matthew Mitchel also co-designed an electrostatic maglev device while researching a means of propulsion of mass in a vacuum by using magnetism. This maglev device only works in an atmosphere, and can levitate the device over one foot above ordinary ground surface and water. This device was also demonstrated on public television. The equations in electromagnetic properties for this new technology developed in Project Home 2011 were published and students at a Connecticut University physics department are using these equations to conduct experiments. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart programmed and set up CNC robotic machinery for making mechanical parts for the machinery in the Project Home 2011 lab. Matthew Mitchel is now interested in patenting and marketing the technology developed in Project Home 2011 with his colleague.

Mr. John Obik

Engineer A.S. Machine Technology, Research and Development, Project Home 2011 Manchester, Connecticut, USA

John Obik, one of the research colleagues in Project Home 2011 from the project's inception in 1979 to it's completion in 2011, has an Associates of Science degree in machine technology with a GPA of 3.5. John co-designed the apparatus for accelerating solid mass in a vacuum chamber to astronomical speeds and studying the results. John also co-designed the polybit computer processor, which is a different method of computer processing which treats the entire memory as one sector, thus allowing the computer to process every line of a program simultaneously by accessing areas of memory simultaneously and as a result is able to solve a problem in one step. John Obik worked with CNC robotic machinery to manufacture the mechanical parts for the machinery in the Project Home 2011 lab. John is now interested in patenting and marketing the technology developed in Project Home 2011.


Ref: Y12P0037

Professor1 04:27, 19 October 2011 (PDT)

Message from a representative of the college

July 2011

The students mentioned on this page are part of a group of engineering students at Asnuntuck College and working in an extracurricular project called Project Home 2011. The engineering project is studying physics and engineering, but the descriptions on this page are not at all an accurate description of what the project is. No members of this project ever claimed this.

Someone has been using the likenesses of the students in the engineering project to spam on various forums to defame the students and the project.

The students and the college do not have anything to do with this internet spamming.

This page is part of some kind of attempt to use misrepresent these students, the college, and the engineering project they are in which is called Project Home 2011. They started a discussion to defame the students and the project, then used this page to link to their slander.

College students being defamed

There are a group of students in an engineering project through the college mentioned, but all this about them making all these discoveries was not reported by the students or the college.

Yes there was someone trying to defame this project on blogs and boards I see

It seems to be the same person that has some envy toward Project Home 2011 to try to put their work down. Just a fanatic.

I found this reply back to the defamer who was trying to claim false rumors about this project. Someone named Union Jack told the defamer off with these verified facts about the project they researched themselves:

Quote from UnionJack on BTTF:

"I verified the following:

1) Project Home 2011 was a private scientific research think tank for 2 selected students to work as a 2-man team to do the work

and were chosen as the result of a competition an Australian organization sponsored.

2) The organization was not a company. It was an organization that investors created for the purpose of preventing money from stifling the talents and abilities of gifted youth that otherwise would go unrecognized because of economic circumstances. By pulling out all the financial stops within reason, these 2 students could be allowed to invent without restriction. That was the principal of the organization. The mission of this organization was to test a theory in physics, of which they did achieve the goal of the project on the last day of the project on January 1, 2011. 1/1/2011 was their deadline and the test of the machinery they designed and built was an all or nothing event and their machine did what it was supposed to do. The project was a success. The seemingly elusiveness of the funding organization that created Project Home 2011 is because it was a small wealthy group that chose to pool some of their assets together to do this. It was like a private filanthropist organization that did exist along with the 2 students and the things they did is all true. I even spoke with people who went to college with them, and teachers there that verified John and Matt were in a research project called Project Home 2011 that they were picked for the scholorship for.

3) Project Home 2011 was in active operation for 32 years from 1979 to 2011. Not 10 years.

4) The name of the project was always 'Project Home 2011' and nothing else through it's entire duration from 1979 to 2011. I did see the unreliable sources such as blogs and message boards where clowns were trying to call this project by other names and twisting the information about what it was.

5) I have verified this was a real scientific research project where the two mentioned students, John and Matt were indeed employed at for 3 decades and made their living doing their work there, paid on a research grant through the Australian organization which called themselves by the name of 'Envirotech E.A. LTD'.

This information was verified as true from Colleges in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, honor societies, Connecticut Universities, tax records, press information, and students and faculty at colleges these students from Project Home 2011 attended who knew the 2 students of the project personally and vouched that they were indeed studying this said technology and were doing the work on a research grant they were awarded with to do this work. The website for this project has information that are leads to seperate sources that verify the project is the afore mentioned, and the e-mail contact given produced replies with more private information that when checked, proved out that this project and the information about it is what is claimed on their website at

Representatives of the actual project stated that they never had a website for the project until the project was nearing completion and the first official site for the real project was not made until late 2010. They said they would be willing to notarize any statement to that effect. They also said they were aware of other people making their own sites years ago referencing the news of the project that was published in newspapers in the early 2000s when the newspaper articles were published at the time, but the website owners added their own things to the information, like changing names and dates. The representative I talked to pointed out that just the simple fact they did not use the project's real name, there is no association with the real project. They gave the analogy that many brand names of things are spoofed by comedians that can do so legally because they do not use the real name but instead some variation of it. Members of this project have given a couple of seminars in 2012 demonstrating what was invented in the project in front of a live small audience in public places like mall parking lots and shopping centers, which I personally witnessed. "

Recent developments

On July 28, 2011, Bit Twiddler wrote

After some extensive discussions on a thread at the JREF Forums (and parallel discussions on other forums) it appears that a user named "BillBall" has conceded that this entire project is some form of hoax. It appears he, during the discussion, has taken down the related Facebook pages, the "official" site at, and the Youtube video at

Some more info

Clearly "BillBall" or "Twiddles" as he calles himself here is the same person with an interest in this project to campaign to make the false claims about it. Twiddles has been a troll on other boards under other screen names doing the same thing.

Update on the work

I am one of the investors that is a part of the team working on improving the technology from Project Home 2011 after the project ended and disbanded last January 1, 2011.

I saw the publications of the project and what they had achieved and made some phone calls to the colleges the researchers were studying at and finally found them. Since then they are on Facebook and are easy to connect with. After seeing the maglev technology in person I became involved as a financial supporter of the post-project work. What these 2 guys have done can be something pretty revolutionary and can be a solution to some of the world's problems. Some of the comments by skeptics on this page are shameful.

Right now, 6 months after the project completed, I have been working alongside the 2 researchers, John and Matt, on an improved maglev to possibly put together something with this technology that can be packaged for practical use.

Right now they have a 6 foot by 5 foot chassis with several superconductor cells that use Bose Einstein Condensate in Boron fiber composite reinforsed and insulated polycarbonate in a sealed vessel with stainless steel conductors.

We are seeing how much weight we can make this hovering chassis lift, and how high. The system runs using their multi-layer polybit computer prossesor.


July 17, 2011

Pardon the confusion.

Our secretary transcribed our replies before they were sent. The project was indeed 31 years long. Both students were born in 1966. They attended High School and College together beginning in 2004 which could be what made them seem younger, as they were at that stage of their lives in the 2000s. The 2 students did not go to high school when they would have in the 1980s in order to be in the project, Project Home 2011. Asnuntuck College in Enfield is linked with the Enfield High Schools so that High School students can attend college while they are still in High School, and graduate college from the same school, as John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart did in 2009.

You may be interested in knowing that the project was successfuly accomplished at the end of 2010 as planned, at midnight January 1, 2011. It was one glorious demonstration and we are now going over the data the PH11V recorded during it.

We are staying in touch with the 2 members to work on possibly patenting and marketing some technology from Project Home 2011 in the future. Both John and Matt are now recouperating from January 1, 2011, and will be getting their very first employments in the private sector using their degrees now, and will work independently to put together a miniature working device using magnetics and gravity working together that Project Home 2011 came up with, that proves perpetual motion is possible using those 2 forces together as gravity controls the cycling and the usable power from the power of the magnet. (and the magnet's power comes from quantum forces and the energy within matter). Their task is to improve this device (method-c Project Home 2011 magnetic propulsion) to get a practical amount of power from it.

The project has succeeded on January 1, 2011. It was more appropriate for the project name to be Project Home 2011, as it was accomplished within 2011, and not 2010. Now that the project has succeeded, it is assured that the name of the project as Project Home 2011 is permanent in perpetuity.

If this page could be re-named to reflect what the final name of the project ended up being is Project Home 2011. The replacement graphics are on the project's site at

We may have a working power generating device to show some time in the future. John and Matt are also looking at a similar device for amplifying solar power using gravity with a rotor.

Jackie James

Envirotech EA LTD

Acting Agent

Somehow the information was lost in transcription

The correct information is at the project's website at

It was confusing to some of our clients the mistakes in the article, the dates, ages, and the location of the landing site which is Manchester, CT.

The funding for the fiscal 2010 year which is the last year of the project runs out at the end of 2010, therefore the precise date of the project is now known and set for the first day of 2011, and the project is known as Project Home 2011.

Also, as the information continued to come in, we thought the updated information would be welcomed, such as the stationing date which was set for late 2010 is now known with an exact date, October 14, 2010, (photos of it are on the Project Home 2011 website), to begin setting up to do the project in the beginning of 2011.

It will be demonstration of what we have worked on to end the project. More information should become available about that in the future. Our magnetic power systems will also be demonstrated in 2011.

Jackie James

Envirotech EA LTD

Acting Agent

Company name not listed because it is not a commercial business

Envirotech E.A. LTD is a private investor funded company for research projects that develop innovative technology for alternative energy research. It is not a commercial business and will not appear in the 'yellow pages'. Some of the comments here from others are of their own personal opinion without getting all the facts, or seeing the technology from Project Home 2011 with their own eyes, and some were only guessing as to how the work could have been hoaxed. Many flights to the states and staying at the Springfield, Massachusetts Sheriden Hotel to see the 2 research students, and plenty of official and notarized record documents to U.S. Social Security, and Springfield College, regarding facts about the project and the 2 students are records of proof of the existance of the company. Project Home 2011 worked independantly on the technology and completes the work successfuly in 2011 in Vernon Connecticut.

With regards to the posted archive links

There are articles some people have created in the archive links from third party sources who have done a story on Project Home 2011 in 2001 and 2002 using information and photos from the actual Project Home 2011 website, mixed in with other information that does not portain to Project Home 2011 whatsoever, for example, Project Home 2011 has never had anything to do with any place called "Sherry Park", which is evidently where the author is from, anything portaining to "Q-2000" which is evidently the author's website which their article about Project Home 2011 was included on, and Project Home 2011 has never had a colleague in it by the name of "William".

I can assure you that this technology is real

On March 22, 2009, J.J. of Envirotech E.A. LTD wrote (via YouTube contact)

It's nice to hear from you. I can assure you that this technology is real and there are no tricks. The video could include more if not for YouTube having a 1-Gig max size. We may be able to shoot more footage as time allows. With 2011 getting close we have been very busy, and the PH11V is currently being used for work on the project. This work is currently unpatented so we have to be careful with that at this point. The 2 students have devoted 11 years of their lives to it. The 2 students were 12 in 1999 and Matthew completed high school via GED by special arrangement with the board of education in 1999 at age 12 taking high school honors classes at Asnuntuck College in Enfield Connecticut. Also in 1999 both students attended a Saturday class at a science center in Avon Connecticut. The 2 students are now 22 (2009) and are preparing to transfer to the state university this fall. This work has been continuously underway since 1999.

The 1:20 scale model is the exact scale working replica of the full size vehicle we have in the Project Home 2011 lab. All of the propulsion power is 1:20 scale that of the full size vehicle (Mass x acceleration = Newtons of force) The levitation is controlled by finding the vectors that make the net force = 0 and the vectors are positioned by the EMF focal point positioning which is how the vehicle steers. The wheels are only gliding wheels when in 'line' mode. The vehicle can transverse while in 'Lev' mode. The tow line cable attached to the front is for work we are using the vehicle for in Project Home 2011. The video did have a soundtrack to it, but it was a song by ZZ Top and we were worried about copyright laws on YouTube regarding the use of the song.

The field is generated below the vehicle therefore anything that enters the field becomes part of the field. It is not like a barrier that objects cannot penetrate. The demonstration over water surface shows levitation over water where the water becomes part of the field. The focal points lock magnetic moments in the mediums that vector from ground to vehicle at the programmed height. The 1:20 scale model has working control panels inside the control compartments that are interfaced by radio control through the polycarbonate body. The language of the computers are raw machine language so the laptops also have software to adapt the keys to the machine commands.

Company Name
(personal opinion)

On March 22, 2009 pm, Max Zornada wrote:

You recently featured an article called "Project Home 2011 Video Shows Levitating Magnet-Propelled Vehicle". In this article it was claimed that it is sponsored by an Australian

organisation called Envirotech E.A. LTD.

It may be of interest to know that such commercial organisation or business

bearing this name exists in Australia.

You can go to where you can

search for every business name and/or organisation that currently exists

or has existed in the past in Australia and you will find no Envirotech

E.A. LTD. In addition, the designation of LTD implying a company

delimited by shares is incorrect for Australia. In Australia, such

companies are required to append the terms Pty Ltd. to their name.

This suggests that their claim to be an Australian company and

very likely everything presented in the video is likely as well.

Most Likely Illusion

On March 21, 2009 pm, a reader wrote:

Be really careful with this one. I'm a video producer, videographer, editor etc. but mostly I am a fan of magic tricks. This toy is suspended, most likely by a support rod, as the famous magic trick of levitating a woman and passing a hoop over her. The rod is bent just right to be hidden in each of the separate shots. Notice the camera moves VERY little and never circles the device. That's because it would reveal the support rod. There are several separate shots of it floating, springy like. That's the torsion on the rod from hand pressure or air movement. It's done nicely, but google something like "floating lady magic trick" and see if details and diagrams don't come up. If you have no luck at that, tell me and I'll find you a diagram. Remember the antigravity "speeder" that Luke Skywalker "drove" around? If you'll look closely, it, too, had that springy effect. It was mounted on a support arm and connected to a truck off camera. A few other effects were used to make it look real. Same effect as here. The hoverboard in Back To The Future also used a similar method. Good luck.

Same Story 10 Years Ago

On March 21, 2009 am, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

I received a phone call today from a person who wishes to remain anonymous, who claims to have been involved with this (now called) Project Home 2011 ten years ago. They were hitting him up for some funding at that time, in part to help the boys get their college education. He said that at that time, the two guys were allegedly in their late teens. The photos they showed him then were of what looks like the very same device shown above, even in the same type of setting: out in a wooded area, with leaves on the ground but no snow. He said that in watching the above video and claims that it was as if he was transported back ten years -- same story, same device, same guys.

If his account is credible, it cast doubt on the above claimed accomplishment from an integrity point of view. The boys were not twelve in 1999, they were in their late teens -- early college age. Perhaps they have dusted off what they had going and are now making another run at it. But why would they need to?

Device Description from Team Member

On Feb. 26, 2008, Jim Decker wrote:

The 2 students are attending state college in Connecticut under a research grant from their sponsors in Australia. They are on to something with regards to alternative energy sources using magnetism and gravity as two static forces working together. They have done extensive work with vectors on it. A few companies in the area know about the project and what they are working on. There is an industrial supply company that knows the 2 students well.

As the information describes, the apparatus for the acceleration experiment is a large centrifuge chamber and the vehicle will move along a steel track on the floor above the spinning mass and take readings during the experiment. The 1:20 scale model is tested to speak for the lifesize vehicle as it is less expensive to modify a model.

The Project Home 2011 polybit computer processor works with an addressing structure that simulates neurocircuitry in a multi-layer simultaneous processing method. First, the single commands retrieve data from relevant addresses which are treated as 'factors' in an equation.

The command being the equation. The pices of data as factors are accessed simultaneously and put together all at once to create the product of the command which is the solution to the command. On another processing level occouring simultaneous to the construction of the solutions to each individual command being assembled in one step, are the assembled commands with their solutions also being treated as addresses which are assembled simultaneously to create the solution to the entire program of commands. With the solved commands being retrieved from their sections of memory, they produce the solution to the program with each command treated as factors in the equation. The computer does process all the factors in one step simply by treating all the commands and tasks of each command as the factors in an equation.

The solution to the program is found in one step. The speed of this computer dwarfs conventional processors of todays age. Programs that control hardware in such a way that events the hardware performs must be done sequentially still are processed in one step but with variables. As soon as the hardware completes it's function and the next operation is to begin, then the value of the variable reaches the value that allows the math to continue. The sequential operations are conducted in one processing step simply by the time delay of the computer 'counting' during the one step. The human mind is processing information this way all the time by retrieving information simultaneously from various areas of memory and putting the parts together in one step to produce a solution to what the relationship of all the pieces of information is.

Computer Tech. Makes No Sense
(personal opinion)

On Jan. 11, 2009, Robert Benson wrote:

While I don't have the background to comment on the physics and engineering aspects to this post, I DO have sufficient background (30+ years as a computer professional) to comment on the computer technology which is described here. What they describe (a single step program!) makes no sense, and the addressing structure they mention is inoperable. Is it even remotely possible that there is some merit in this? Frankly, no.

Project Home 2011's polybit computer makes perfect sense

They are experimenting with building their own quantum computer. What they describe is the use of entangled particles, with their descriprions of exponential processing speed and ability to run every line of a program in one step simultaneously. Project Home 2011 was research in quantum mechanics, which is how their electrostatic maglev system using ion barriers was devised.

Professor1 23:41, 19 November 2011 (PST)

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]=== Ho ===

(personal opinion)

--Penny Gruber 06:57, 11 January 2009 (PST)

It is a very tongue in cheek hoax. A web page on a free hosting site tells us that an Australian environmental consulting company has decided to pursue perpetual motion by putting two twelve year olds through high school and college. As they complete their college work these two lucky students are to complete an experiment in "matter acceleration" to light speeds. They tell us they are going to achieve these speeds not with a particle accelerator, but with a device riding on skate board wheels. Hello?

Project Home 2011 Replies to PES Inquiry

''On November 19, 2008, Jackie James, from Project Home 2011 wrote:

Thank you for your interest in our work. We are glad to hear that someone gave out our e-mail contact to a worthy site.

We hope to obtain more photography of the lab and it's devices soon. The Project Home 2011 Vehicle was just built in early 2008 and is still going through some tests.

The boys are now exploring possible ways to achieve perpetual motion. Mathematiclay it can be done using 2 static forces, which alone cannot produce energy, but working together they can. Using regular permanent magnets and gravity working together is what they are now working on now, and testing of the equipment remains ongoing as well. They haven't achieved anything with that yet.

We hope to reach "phase 3", the final phase of the project, which is where everything is built and being tested. Improvements with the computer programs are being found and implemented.

John Obik and Matthew M. Urquhart have Certificates in Machine Technology (2006) and are inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International honor society (2006). They will graduate from Asnuntuck Community College in Connecticut with Associates degrees in Technological studies in June of 2009. From there, they are accepted to UConn for Fall 2010- just before the completion of Project Home 2011 in 2011.

In 2004, They had a prototype robot around 2-1/2 feet long levitate 3 feet above ground surface as they overloaded the current to see what would happen and it burned up and fell.

One of the pictures on the site shows the testing field at the lab with a black burned spot on the ground where this happened in 2004.

Since then there have been many improvements built into the actual PH11V built in 2008, and the mathematical calculations of 6 months to one year charge life coincide as they have field tested the vehicle in 2008 in levitation and ground travel. This summer they ran it in a brook and underwater and it worked well. Also no control compartments leaked.

The output energy is more like a pneumatic measurement of pressure, as the vehicle is using the air as leverage, and just sitting on the magnetic field in the air. The same repulse turned sideways ejects the vehicle away linearly for horizontal thrust. The field production is like an opposite and equal push between the vehicle and the air behind it. Not to be confused with a magnet following another magnet, which would not do anything.

The microwave charge excites the atoms in the stainless steel coils in the propulsion unit located in the rear of the vehicle, energizing them. The computer flip-flops the anode and cathode of the coil, counting the electrons in the KiloAmpers and switching the polarity as soon as they all ground. The electricity is never used, only the magnetic field it produces, therefore the current remains consistantly. The slight resistance in the cells does drain the electrical energy eventualy over a few months of use.

John and Matt want to measure the fields in levitation with Gauss meters and Ammmeters.

The information about the work is public domain. We are careful not to reveal too much about how the computer program works, as that is the heart of the technology. The hardware is relatively simple. Independant testing would be something more likely to be done after Project Home 2011 completes in 2011, and with the project over, patenting and searching for companies that can produce any possible products, etc. would involve their testing and improvement knowledge.

Jackie James

Project Home 2011 representitive

Envirotech E.A. LTD acting agent

See also

Directory:Project Home 2010

- Directory







Company name not listed because it is not a commercial business

Envirotech E.A. LTD is a private investor funded company for research projects that develop innovative technology for alternative energy research. It is not a commercial business and will not appear in the 'yellow pages'.

Some of the comments here from others are of their own personal opinion without getting all the facts, or seeing the technology from Project Home 2011 with their own eyes, and some were only guessing as to how the work could have been.

Many flights to the states and staying at the Springfield, Massachusetts Sheriden Hotel to see the 2 research students, and plenty of official and notarized record documents to U.S. Social Security, and Springfield College, regarding facts about the project and the 2 students are records of proof of the existance of the company.

Project Home 2011 worked independantly on the technology and has just completed the work successfuly in 2011 in Vernon Connecticut.