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Posted by User:Techstuf on Nov. 17, 2006:

I agree whole heartedly. It seems reasonable to assume that, given the many scams 'fleecing the flock' as it were, truly well heeled prospective investors would give most attention to the aforementioned researchers, at the leading edge of their field. That Bearden and company hasn't brought a working technology to fruition via a massive infusion of capital, says much about his character and his unwillingness to take monies from 'mom and pop' would be supporters....and alludes to the probability that such research hasn't garnered results. What isn't being said, at least not nearly enough, is the unending intrigues that such researchers endure. Speaking from experience, I can relate that my own research was fraught with, what for most, would be considered unbelievable experiences at the hands of an unscrupulous group who would stop at nothing to ensure that their 'representative' and their representative ALONE....would be allowed to bring such technology forward.

What is the purpose of this? One can perhaps think of many. Suffice it to say that the timing of Bearden/Johnson's release of information indicates the 'lateness of the hour' so to speak. I know one thing....If I were a highly compromised secret society controlling much of the globe....I wouldn't wan't any 'maverick's' stealing my show. I would choose someone to control, to 'educate', to share such information with in order to bring about a 'new order' a worldwide personality cult.....based on a kind of zealous neo 'theocracy' the world hasn't before witnessed, nor will again.

Make no mistake gentlemen....the source of true Free Energy is coming. And is right on schedule. It will not be late.

And it is NOT a false savior sharing a 'new/old technology' to bedazzle lost sheep.

Which do you electricity or the source of the following kind of energy?

Yahshua's disciples are standing up all over the world. And they bring with them a much greater energy than is contained in any of man's contrivances. The energy of the Holy Spirit of God.

It alone will free those enslaved peoples of the world willing to humble themselves and follow Yahshua, Jesus Christ....and Him alone!


RE: Eric Krieg's comment

Eric stated:

"I want to remind people with the patience to follow free energy claims that the field is full of out right frauds, people who make a living promoting misinformation and plenty of innocent people who think they have FE . . . . but are just simply wrong.

GWE turned out to be one big fraud just as the skeptics predicted, by the way. [1] ( We need to be open to real proof from something real that could appear while being honest about the fact that there are people who promise something right around the corner . . . for decade after decade."

Wow, the Craddock Oil connection is interesting. And considering what is at stake for various power regimes around the world, all the intrigues surrounding FE researchers becomes more understandable. It is my understanding that, rather than allow the ever growing threat of independent propagation of simple FE solutions, TPTB have been 'grooming' perhaps several individuals as potential representatives for integration of such science into the mainstream. To a growing number of us, it has become obvious that the current sociopolitical and economical dichotomies are flapping wings of the same ravenous raptor....which is being readied for 'apparent' replacement.

The staging and logistics for what is coming (and indeed is looming large in the living room) are earmarked everywhere....especially in the social engineering that passes for entertainment these days. The 'mark of the beast' is in full swing and most people are fast asleep to 'Neo-Rome's' obvious coercions. Much less it's hidden ones.

The movie 'V' is for vendetta for instance....classic psych job. Even the 'elect' would be fooled if it were possible. That is how 'slick' these con artists are. The technologies under their employ are, to most, formidable. Their expertise at managing the 'goyim' (we cattle, in layman's terms) has been honed over many generations.

With the number of willing minions swelling like never before, they are chomping at the bit to light the powder kegs they've put carefully in place, through the use of various sister organizations such as 'freemasonry' and other pseudo secret societies.

To naively focus on FE as a real and viable mode of positive change is to miss the big picture....the evidence is considerable that IF and when such is allowed, it will serve as a vehicle for those hidden 'masters'. Masters who are so used to the darkness that they deathly fear the light....and therefore send duped and expendable minions to face the light for them.

Again and for the last time, Free Energy's most productive role is as a misdirection in more ways than one. Only those blessed mercifully with strong hearts and stomachs will see it's place in the big picture....the only role it can serve this side of God's advancing Kingdom is as a usurper of faith. The true Messiah has no need for such a pitiful envoy as a manmade machine.

"The end cannot come without a great falling away first". "For in that day, many will give up the faith saying, my Master is delaying."

Man cannot serve two masters....

A truly wise man, upon 'discovering' a working FE principle would do well to give it much prayerful consideration before allowing himself to be seduced by Solomon was seduced by the secrets shared with him. There is not a man alive who, upon being shown such a portent, will not come to know that the powers of good and evil are very real and at work to decide the fate of himself and many others.

How can one expect to stage a genuine revolution comprised largely of 'actors' bought and paid for with mammon and false promises? To some it's simply a numbers game.....and it's high time for the 'goyim' such as they are to wake up, stand up, and be counted one way or the other.

Yahweh bless us all this day! Some with your right hand, some with your left hand.

Lift the scales from the eyes of what remain of the hopeful, though battered blind ones.

In Yahshua, Jesus Christ,