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Discussion page for PowerPedia:Testatika

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Includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Alleged free energy machine harnesses energy from the aether. Also known as the Swiss M-L converter or Thesta-Distatica.

The Methernita community does not want this technology publicised,

for it fears that it would be used for weaponnery.

All publication on the web on it have errors. But if you put

all together, plus the data in the book

"Occult Ether Physic" and especially "Free Energy Surprise" from William Lyne and

think carefully about the "Linden experiments",

you may get the correct picture, and understand how it works.

More importantly, you shall understand the philosophy of love and peace

proposed by the angels who talked to Peter Baumann at methernita or

other new age christic organisation. Our Brothers from Space

have also other fantastic technology including space travel,

anti-aging, and the ability to resurrect deads. Telepathie is one

of their technology, too.

Ask them, praying, humbly, with the help of God, to reveal to you the secret of the

Testatika. They may do it, after some initiations and checks of your

sincerity and engagement to world peace.




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