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Talk:PowerPedia:Recuperated Energy

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Converting the mechanical energy of road transporation (e.g. off ramps) into electrical energy.


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The project of the recuperated energy used by means of transport.

I have started this project since 2004, and it is supervised by specialized technicians.

All documents connected with the experiments which we performed are available for our partners.

-The publishment of this article aims for inviting new partners for the sake of developing this invention.

-We do want that this invention will became a public property.


The 'inventor' needs to study physics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed in form. Thus the 'road dam' extracts energy from the vehicle. If however, the 'dam' is placed on a 'down ramp' and the motorist is applyimg the brakes to slow, the extraction of energy will aid fractionally in assisting braking. But, if the motorist does not wish to slow down, or is accelerating, the energy extracted by the 'dam' must be replenished by the engine thus the motorist would be paying for the energy extracted.

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