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Talk:Perpetually Rotating Bar Magnet Arrangement

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Discussion page for Perpetually Rotating Bar Magnet Arrangement.

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Using magnets in a pattern where symmetry is slightly disjointed. Magnets naturally find a place to rest somewhere where the system is in balance. This system/arrangement deliberately has no balance point..


Looking for Donation of Magnets

Can you donate magnets, do you know anyone who can? - Magnets are expensive but I'm sure in the interest of Free Energy some could be donated to a prototype? I think a school, college, shop or such must have a hundred bar magnets they can give away or lend to a good cause. - Or do you know where to source cheap, yet decent, magnets?

Better still, as I have no workshop access, would someone be interested in Prototyping this idea? I could offer plans and further design ideas.

Phonicboom 10:34, 10 Jan 2008 (EST)

Announced to OverUnity forum

Posted to the Overunity forum. -- SilverThunder 20:06, 11 Jan 2008 (EST)