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Talk:OS:Scott F. Hall's Electrostatic Magnet Motor from Kitchen Stuff

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Replication Attepts Failed

On Aug 3, 2007, Gerard wrote:

Well I did a quick replication using a beer can - did not work,

then tried a stack of sardine cans-no luck either.

Could be that my toothpick bearing was too square.

I will try other combinations.

I hope this is not a practical joke!

Hidden Fan

On Aug. 3, 2007, JD wrote:

Go ahead and make one, then when it doesn't work, try putting a fan

about 4 feet away at low speed and badabing!! it rotates.. Sorry if i

ruined it for everybody...

AA Battery Right There

On Aug. 4, 2007, Pierre wrote:

Nobody seems to be seeing the obvious AA battery with black tape wrapped around one end. This is somebody's joke! And a good one too. It's just a simple electric motor for which there are dozens of designs on the web. If anyone cares, I can find a link to one.

Cute. But what's really interesting is how all the free energy "believers" miss seeing the obvious! The builder must be laughing hard.

Reply : "I don't see the battery Pierre's saying is so obvious. There's not enough room for one inside the black spring clip." -- SilverThunder 19:07, 4 Aug 2007 (EDT)

Hoax or Not?

On Aug. 5, 2007, Michael Couch wrote:

If the can contains a battery or the clip hides a AA or AAA, what is the mechanism driving the device? I see no coil, or even wire for that matter.

However, like some magic tricks that rely on the magicians blowing on the trick, that could easily be the motor here. The absence of Scott from this forum and debate is probably a significant clue.

As for Alternative Energy Researchers being gullable thee is probably a fine line between gullable and open minded. It may not be that easy to pick the right place to draw that line. If it were obvious, it wouldn't be enticing to investigate.

The Directory:Joe Cell once seemed a complete hoax to me, until Bill Williams ran his truck on one. Then, faces with the fact that it worked, I was able to figure out some possible mechanisms that might allow it to work. This is often the way that Science "works". People DO what Science would indicate can't be done, then Sci ence figures out how it works. Like the "Lifter" phenomena.

Right now, I just don't know what to think of this device. The dog food can acting as a battery on some kind of coilless motor is one possibility. A Hans Coler type magnetic current motor configuration is another, but the most obvious method would be inventor's breath on the toothpicks.

So, until Scott shows us more, forinstance, an shot of this device working with no possible wind source or, gives us detailed magnet specifications including polarity and exact positioning of magnets so replication can be assured of precision this one stays in my probable hoax box. Keeping in mind, though, that the Lifter has no apparent motor apparatus..

Cat Food Can Variant

On Aug. 6, 2007, Steve C wrote:

Probably off having a little tete a tete with some men in a black


If the can of dogfood was opened, it would be easy to fit a fan

blowing thourgh a pinhole inside. I'd like to believe, but until

someone else does it... Now where did I put those fridge magnets. I

intend to steal the idea, but do it using a tin of CAT FOOD so as to

stay legal.

An interesting fact is the similarity between this device and

the "Grebennikov" CSE spinning pyramid made out of


So many people out there actually experimenting, we're bound to get

something soon....