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Talk:OS:Milkovic-Berrett Secondary Oscillator Generator

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Comments - Discussion group designed to spur research to accelerate the development of this technology into something practical that could be easily built to produce useful free energy output. The emphasis is on simplicity, both in materials and in construction, using off-the-shelf components easily obtainable anywhere in the world.

Veljko Milkovic

all he has to do is use 2 big syringes and some tubing

to show "overunity" or "perpetual motion". you just

connect the "needle end" of each syringe with tubing

(best to use as big of holes and tubing as possible),

fill one syringe and the tubing with water, and then

use the downward force of the dead weight to press on the

syringe full of water, and then use the force of the

empty syringe expanding (on the other end of the tubing)

to push the pendulum weight. on the upward stroke of

the dead weight, the respective syringe refills itself.

Chad in AK