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Talk:OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor

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Discussion page for OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor

Image:Mecsdgp magnet motor anim 95x95.gif
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor - A new video has been posted showing a small rotor with square magnets around the perimeter. It starts to turn and then accelerates (supposedly up to 6000 rpm) as a "reactor bar" is brought closer to it. Most likely just an air nozzle making it turn. (PESWiki Dec. 18, 2009)

More Proof is Needed

On Jan. 13, 2010 There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] wrote

I agree with some of the assessments of the presentation of this motor in the video. To me, if I had a working prototype of a real magnetic motor to present to the world, instead of dubbing in cheezy drum beat music, I would be talking and describing how it works - makeup of the stator, rotor, magnets and their positioning together with providing technical data as to exactly how it is built. My personal opinion is that there was an air stream powering the rotor, not the stator magnets themselves (if they were indeed magnets!?) and that the audio stream was added to provide cover - but that is yet to be proven. If this motor is legitimate, let the inventor re-post such a video providing this proof. (I just don't understand why anyone would want to fake something as important as this if that is what is happening - I just don't get it).


Like servo motor

On Dec. 21, 2009 User:Akvenugopal wrote

What the inventor calls the bearing looks like a servo motor used in olden days of HDD drive of computers. That silvery white inner most part has a tiny ball bearing in the center. Instead of wire connection, two tabs are provided which will press on the contact points on the printed circuit board on which the motor is mounted. If required I can take photographs and post it here. Why the inventor should use a motor as the central mounting point is mystifying. Offcourse, I may be wrong in my asessment. But please give it a thought.

(There are quite a few comments posted with the videos.)

YouTube Account Closed

The author is close his account on youtube with any videos of motor.

The last information was cypher with arrange of magnets (on rotor and stator i hope):

707-28 1009-9-6 420/6

1434-30/1 322@7

1819=4-5 95+3=18






See also

OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor

and one user of Youtube with nick bb152005, who could (as he said) build small replica of this motor.

11 Oct. 2011

There is the new video (23 Aug. 2011).


But you see the old version of rotor without metal shield.