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Talk:OS:Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor

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Discussion page for OS:Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor

Image:Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor 95x95.jpg

Peter Lindemann has been coaching a forum in replicating a modified off-the-shelf motor, adding a Bedini-like circuit for improved efficiency, smoother running, and possible over-unity performance.



[OT] Quality of video

On Sept. 28, 2007, User:Niente wrote:

I think that Mr. Aaron Murakami should learn how to shoot a movie. Unfortunately (and accidentally(!)) shaking shots and extreme zooming are common to free energy videos... (I don't think it's too casual).

In my opinion it's quite easy to make a decent clip, you just need to have a steady hand (or a standard electronic stabilizer, present in all modern cams), and some common sense. I'm not an expert cameraman, but I never made a so ugly video!