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Based on the living water book, that i read a few years ago, i got the impression that the klimator was made like an egg that revolved? didnt he put heating wires around it and could thereby choose to operate the device either as a cooling OR a heating machine?

PS. Does the waffeled plates show expanding vortex rings when rotated? DS

Lars P



Dear Lars

I believe what you saw was a device that was used to make mountain quality drinking water. Those pipes that were wrapped around where refrigeration coils. This was to bring the temperature of the water down to 4C. It was an egg as an egg shaped vessel is the most suited for containing liquids. Inside the egg shaped vessel there is an aggitator which alternates in direction of rotation. This aggitator rotates the water clock wise then anti clockwise.

Lars I dont understand your PS. question.

Do you have the book. Maybe you could go over it again. I would be interested to know.



From: "Richard Timko"


Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 08:30:13 -0000

Dear Klimator,

I took a three semester course in Air Conditiong and Refrigeration

in 1988 through the fall of 1989.

I remember studying a paper which dealt with cooling a room or area

with some type of compressed air. It worked on the theory that lots

of compressed air could cool a room by using the super dry air,

which it is when it is compressed. I was not too impressed by this

paper I read However your theory with water is very interesting.

The reason this paper I studied did not interest me is because it

would take lots of energy (electrical and/or Mechanical ) energy to

make this super dry air and also it did not ever become mainstreamed.

I reviewed this paper in 1989 and never heard anything else about it.

Anyone knows if you are hot and sweaty from work, especially in a

controlled ambient temperature, dry compressed air feels just as

good as cold traditional air conditiong blowing on oneself.

I look forward to a reply.


Richard Timko


Dear Richard

Where there is a vacuum there is temperature reduction. It makes sense to use something that makes suction to cool a medium. A vortex is natural suction.

Great now lets harness it.

The cost to compress air into a tank then distribute it throughout a building....

With your lips lightly pressed onto the back of your hand, Blow. Cool?

Now try again this time suck. One should notice a difference.

Keep well.

Do try and buy yourself a copy of Callum Coats - LIVING ENERGIES or Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature ISBN No 0-86315-432-8.

pop into and order away.

Ciao Setori