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Talk:OS:Hall Gravity Wheel B:Replica:Doug Furr

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Discussion page for OS:Hall Gravity Wheel B:Replica:Doug Furr

Douglass K. Furr, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, with PES Network, Inc built a highly precise replica of the second Gravity Wheel built by Scott F. Hall on Aug. 8, 2007.


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I'm still curious about the design that Scott came up with, however, based on the results Doug produced, I'm inclined to believe that Scott's floor has enough of an incline for his two demos to roll along down that incline. Most garage floors are slightly sloped to allow water to run out and not pool.

I will not be encouraging Doug to try the first wheel design by Scott. He has better things to do with his time.

He's a good sport to try things like this, and I appreciate what he has done to replicate paddyboytube's designs.

-- SilverThunder 14:29, 10 Aug 2007 (EDT)

Not quite same size/weight

On Aug. 12, 2007, User:Leonard wrote:

Perhaps the wrong wheel was replicated.

Scott Hall's version used plywood for the wheels and had a narrower track than Doug Furr's example. Doug's is much wider. He also used solid wood. I am not a wood expert, but my hunch is 3/4 in. plywood would be lighter than the solid wood Doug used.

This means less rolling mass. I have experimented with gravity engines. The flywheel effect hinders rotation.

Mod's I'd love to try to Doug's version: narrow the track and replace the wooden dowel weights with solid metal rods--like rebar.

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