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Talk:News:FTC Case Against Dennis Lee's Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell

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{{This is great news that they were exhonerated. BUT! I purchased the system last year, found it extremely difficult to install and to get it working, but mangaed to get a 40% saving with my car. My intention at the time was to become a dealer, but its so hard to convince people that this works, especially when the success rate is so low. Only a few hundred have testified that this has worked in comparison to the hundreds of thousands that were sold! Its goin to take time for them to perfect the system, but now they are allowed to do so. I just hate all the bull that goes with this, it either works or it doesn't, also the 30 day money back guarantee is just not long enough, well for me it wasn't! Took me 2 months to get it tuned right! That been said, I do hope the PICC comes out soon and we can really make a saving. Peace out!


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