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Talk:News/2004/09/14/6900043 Cosmic Inventor Assaults Researcher

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The following is the discussion page for News/2004/09/14/6900043 Cosmic Inventor Assaults Researcher story.

More Diplomacy Might have Helped

From: [MH]

To: "Sterling Allan"

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 6:35 PM

Subject: "cosmic" vs. "pragmatic" - locking horns...


"...that after their eyes adjusted they would begin to see the lights."

One might ask innocently after being told this and observing the penetration of light under the edge of the roof, "Do you ever see these light effects when it's dark outside?" Too bad neither one thought of this question at the time... ! (

By way of comparison: I know someone who has an amazing outdoor, above-ground root cellar that nevertheless stays very cool. It's under trees, thus shaded. The walls are solid cement blocks with bonding cement between them. There is six inches of styrofoam on walls and roof. And it's fully dark in there except for light that comes in briefly when the door is opened... -- use that if you want to...)


My comment on the tone of this reported conversation.

It was undoubtedly "hot and heavy" as this man was refusing to see what was there. Doesn't adding the modifier "painfully" to "obvious" kind of rub salt into the interpersonal abrasion? You probably didn't consciously try to antagonize him, but the words would

come across as emotionally loaded to someone who is in deep denial. He was physically violent, but weren't you just a wee bit psychologically rough with him?

Could there have been a more diplomatic way to try to get him to understand this?

For example, do you think it would have worked to set up some way to trace the rays of light coming in from the chinks at edges of the metal roof. Take a rod or other reflective material and follow the light to its source. Or suggest that he do so.

That would be something to save for the end of the visit.

I know if you're an expert on something it's hard to hold off. But letting him discover it for himself might have enabled him to accept what he was seeing. I am thinking of an incident in childhood when I was disturbed by a line of dots of light on the wall after

I went to bed. I didn't know why they were there. My mother showed me that these came from a series of gaps at the end of venetian blinds. And I thought no more

about it.

There is of course no excuse for physical assault.

It's the last line of self-defence for someone who

knows inside he doesn't have a leg to stand on. It's

up to you as the wiser person to figure out where he's

coming from and help him, um, "see the light"! --

without being too condescending about it.

It would be interesting to have feedback from other

visitors and find out how many went away amused by the

light coming in through the gaps at the edge of the

roof, but didn't enlighten Mr. Ward about what they

perceived. You may not be the only person who figured

this out. [...] Not everyone would try to

take a bull by the horns many would see that Ward was

closed-minded about this and just go away and leave

him with his illusions.

Dumb people find clever people really hard to take --

especially if they glory in their superiority. [...]

Let Down

From: [LD]


Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 10:21 AM

Subject: Contact


Sorry to learn of your troubles with Sonne Ward. It is a shame that

someone with what seemed to be a promising technology would turn out


Also...I sense that you are probably heart-broken over your discovery.

However, you have most likely saved many honest folk the grief and

hardship of investing or purchasing or dealing with an unscrupulous


People such as this give the entire Free Energy community a bad name.

My Sympathies.


- - - -

: I wouldn't say "heart-broken," just disappointed. I had hoped that Sonne had some good technology, despite his difficult personality. His shaky science on the cosmic cooler claim struck a huge blow to his credibility in my opinion. -- Sterling

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