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Touching Bases

I was authorized to attend this event and report on proceedings and manage a booth on behalf of PES Network. Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett

Did you know there is a genre for Solar poetry?

How about a sea surge in solar activity at the manufacturing level in Oregon for 2008 or that by 2012, it will be a larger exporter than logging?

I was so busy talking (and listening) to vendors and other participants, that I didn't get to any of the seminars.

It was delightful to hear some of the folks say "You were exactly what I was looking for here at the Fair!". I apologize for not getting to everyone else's booths and missing all the seminars.

By the way, the weather couldn't have been better Friday and Saturday. Not real hot, not too windy. The mosquitos stayed away until after nightfall and I donated a few drops of blood while talking and listening through the night...