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Talk:Directory:World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries

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Own Worst Enemy

On March 6, 2008, New Energy Congress advisor, Directory:Chris Patton wrote:

Just came across your [ Directory:World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries ].

Terrific and fair write up of the group...very well done.

Timothy does not have a Doctorate and its exactly that kind of crap that gets them in trouble. I don't know who said he did or that its bestowed on him from some unknown University or religious order. If he just sticks with self taught solar engineer it would carry them a long way.

It's too bad because they have several amazing systems that could be brought to market and I consider it a crime against humanity to sit on dozens of systems that can save the lives of millions. Especially when most of the systems originate from other sources.

He truly is a well intentioned guy who is his own worst enemy. They keep trying to break into the energy market when they can easily break into a toy, sports or education market to pay for R&D on the higher energy systems. You can't keep jumping at a $100,000,000 brass ring that you are not qualified to grab.

You have to be ethical and be willing to give it away if its going to save lives.

They'll blame everyone but themselves again, like they have for years, for not having cash. After a while you begin to believe your own pitch.

Their biggest downfall is that they expect everyone to know that they have the best systems and demand cash up front. It reeks of fraud to any real investor. That may have worked 10 years ago. It becomes an interesting phenomenon instead of a marketable device because you are not invest-able.

Advice to inventors: Your problem is not the investors problem...if you can't afford to show your goods, get a job until you can afford it.

Competition is high and investors are only willing to bet on a safe people that stand up to diligence. They want total transparency these days. Its an unfortunate fact that means inferior technologies will continue to make it to market because they are safe.

You can tell I get charged up about these guys because they really could make a difference and they bankrupted themselves unnecessarily. I really like Timothy and consider him a friend and I know that he's a good guy but they have to turn the business over or they are going to vanish.

My two cents...

They keep asking for more $$

On March 5, 2008, the following comment came from Australia

A mate of ours in the US has met Timothy ThRAPp and donated a large

sum of money in his bank account to see nothing.!

When I say nothing, there was a device there but it was to cost

another $5,000 to have a look in "part" of the black box.

But if you want to see some other tech you have to deposit another

large sum of money first, and when you do there are all sorts of

delays and reasons why its not ready.

I was informed that another guy lost $20,000 to wittiness a flying

saucer that he never ever got to see, due to it had flown to another


But Hey,,, tax free money under a religious organization deposited in

a bank account with no proof or allowed testing, is a great one!


I would fund WITTS, if I had enough money to do it. While it does seem quite a lot for them to ask for 10 million U.S. dollars for building one factory, and for a 10 million U.S. dollars for building a second factory, both manufacturing different quantum energy devices, I would still consider them worth funding, if I had the money. Having spoken with Timothy Thrapp over the phone for 2,5 hours, I am convinced that he is on the side of good, and even tho many might not agree with the way they have chosen to raise funds, I can understand why they would do things their way, and they are allowed to do it. It would behoove us well to donate as much as we can towards WITTS and see what happens. After all, what is the other alternative? The Orion Project? Or The Resonance Project? Or that brand-fangled Zeitgeist / Venus Project? At least with WITTS, we are dealing with people who have engineers and are able to build, right now.

Esa Ruoho, MERLib - April 11 2009

Hidden Wires?

''On February 25, 2010 4:37 PM Mountain, Dale Mueller wrote:

Dear Sterling,

Could Timothy Thrapp, be a fake? Is there a hidden 120 volt, AC power wire?

While watching the three videos that you took of Timothy Thrapp, in March of 2009, something caught my attention. In video #1 - 4:28, and in video #2 - 2:33, we can see the “switch” on the bulb panel, is in “alignment” with the seam, of the “two” - 2”x6” legs of the workbench. These supports are unusually “overbuilt”, for a simple workbench. Is a power wire being feed “up” to the switch, “between” those two legs, or “down” from the Formica top’s leading edge?

In video #3 - 5:21, we see a 2”x4” horizontal shelf support, half way up those “two” - 2”x6” legs. Tape is wrapped around the middle of that 2”x4” shelf support. Is the tape holding up a wire?

Is there a 120 volt power wire being feed, under, or through these supports and legs?

Does the power feed into the back of the bulb panel switch and to the motor, from the back of the plywood panel, “between” the 2 legs and along the bottom of the shelf support, or Formica edge, to a 120 volt AC outlet?

Is there a way you can see the generator again, and have Timothy not have the power panel attached to the workbench, revealing all wires going to the bulb panel?

Could a power cord also be coming up from the floor, (it appears this is an on going, construction site) in the center of the concrete blocks? Have the generator sitting on “metal or plastic sawhorses, and lift up both ends to see if a power cord is hidden there.

Why would anyone sit on this “magic generator” and do nothing with it, for twenty years?

Why do they want to “build” there own factory, “rent” an empty building?

The generator wires are 16 to14 ga. at best, how could this unit generate 40,000 watts, during one test run, and burn out a utility power transformer? His wires and capacitors couldn’t handle that voltage and wattage. What kind of a AC/DC motor would he need to develope 40,000 watts?

On video #3 – 5:52, Timothy states, that “he is going to turn off the inverter part of the circuit”. He was turning off the bulb power switch. There is no way, you can fit a “2200 watt inverter” in those outlet boxes, (the switches themselves, fill half of the boxes.) I feel the bulb panel (“inverter”) switch, brings the 120 volt AC power into the bulbs and motor, the generator and DC motor does nothing, but make noise.